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    Gaming, Dreaming about Slick.
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    R7 2700x@4.2ghz all core 1.39v
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    MSI x470 M7 Gaming
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    16gb G-Skill TridentZ @3466mhz CL14
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    Asus GTX 1080ti Strix OC SLI @ 1950mhz (Boost)
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    Lian-Li 011 Dynamic White
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    2TB Intel 660p NVME
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    Corsair HX1000i
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    Acer Predator Z1 144p@165hz 27inch + AOC U2868PQU 27" 4k @60hz
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    Corsair H100i GTX
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    Corsair K70
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    Corsair M65 RGB
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    Razer Kraken v2 7.1
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    Windows 10

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  1. @firereverieThanks for the advice! I saw Jays video with that drill bit and it was impressive! I'll take a look and see about bending the tubes. I'll probably just buy in excess so I can do a few practice bends. And yeah the water fittings, cable management I suspect would ruin it because id want clear tubes and fluid to take advantage of them but then youve got wires everywhere!
  2. I expect to be grabbing a 3000 series top end when it comes out as a quick and easy upgrade so it'll be fine I suspect. Though the cpu is almost never a bottleneck at settings and in games I play so I'm not too concerned about bottlenecks happening, thats only gunna be a thing for games the outliers that have unreasonable cpu usage. ?
  3. Hey friends! I got a LianLi 011Dynamic a couple of weeks ago and decided to go for the money shot and add a second card. (Strix 1080ti) but now the top boi gets way too hot. Oh no! An excuse to water cool my system! ? Well it's my first time doing a custom loop and you won't convince me to use soft tubing so can anyone give me any advice going into it. I'm going to make sure I'm well informed before I buy anything. Going to get that fancy front panel Lian Li reservoir while im at it! I'm not new to Pc building at all but this is my first time going custom
  4. People also disregard context and make assumptions because they dont have that context. As if the comparison is 2700x vs 8700k or 2700x vs 9900k. Whereas in nearly all cases an upgrade comes down to a budget. My context was upgrading from a 4 thread i5 to either AMD or Intels high end platform. One option would have cost me nearly £200-300 more for the kind of quality component I wanted and it sure as heck wasnt £200-300 more performance. ? Its sad though that I have to justify my build decisions to trolls who call people trolls without any idea about the build and prove f
  5. Im sure it is always better to have a single card but to replace two 1080ti's with a single 2080ti? And as for folding, maybe if my GPU werent sitting at 90c at load haha but thats what im hoping to solve today. Watercooling my existing hardware vs buying a new GPU.
  6. Hey LTT fans! I've got two Strix 1080ti's in SLI but oh my does the top boi choke now that theres a second card under there! I've had to dial back my boost from 2000ish down to 1900ish and my power limit down back to 105 to prevent it cooking my house and cats.We're hitting 90c unless I put the fans in jet engine mode. The question is, should I sink a grand into a full hardline loop to go with my LianLi 011 dynamic or should I replace the GPUs with an AIO 2080ti which would solve the breathing room issue in one go? I wanted an excuse to do a hardline loop anyway but on t
  7. So it's pretty much Sketchup then! Yes I know I'm in way over my head.
  8. Greetings fellow humans. I've got a build coming up in which money isn't really an issue so I want to do something special with the case. Can anyone recommend any 3d modeling software that is user friendly which I can use to draft up some ideas for cases, or side panels? Ideally that outputs files and data which can be used by a business that operates CNC machinery or does engravings etc. I have no prior experience with software like this which is why I'm looking for something not too difficult to use. -Eve
  9. Lol regardless I'm glad we have a bustling conversation going on. I'm actually looking at modding and getting custom case panels CNC'd or engraved for a unique build. Monitor wise yeah I'd love 240hz sure but I have two 4k displays at current so it would be a downgrade switching to 1080p and its not something I'm looking at doing, in particular because I'm very happy for the GPUs to be the bottleneck rather than the CPUs. That tech is progressing a lot more slowly. Yeah I'm one of these weirdos that prefers a lower frame-rate to dealing with Aliasing or low pixel counts. 4k144hz i
  10. I'll take a look at those sites and see what the price difference is. Particularly those expandable AIOs u didn't know such a thing existed!
  11. Thanks I'll check that Gamers Nexus video now and see if the performance loss is more than the 2 or 3 percent that I thought it would be based on something else I saw.
  12. I agree with the other points and certainly I do like the Asus Strix brand GPUs. I have to ask though, why would I be stupid to "only" have 16gb on this build I can barely count maybe 6/8 games off the top of my head which I play that use more than 8 with chrome open, never-mind 16. I mean I'm not going to get 32gb over 16gb in a gaming only build if I'm just going to sit with 20gb free at almost all times. Surely It would be stupid to buy more than 16gb? I don't understand your rationale. Silicone lottery? Is that a site where people sell binned CPUs? That I have to che
  13. I might have to agree. They are pretty nice looking and it would fit the rest of the build which at the moment seems to be almost entirely Corsair.
  14. Waddup dudes! Within 3 months I'll be getting a quite substantial amount of money. I've decided to set aside £10,000 (>$13000 usd) as a maximum expenditure on a new PC explicitly for gaming. Although seeing as that falls well above the amount needed for a max spec PC, I don't expect to spend that much. So no silly additions just to fulfill the budget quota if it doesn't add to the experience! So yeah for all intents and purposes budget is secondary as long as I dont go for anything stupid that has no gaming benefit (PCIE SSD's etc) PC Part Picker Link This is a baseline that I
  15. Lol check my specs. i5-4670k. 1080ti. I believe it is utilizing the GPU to its full potential. Im hitting expected FPS targets from online benchmarks anyway. I do play in 4k however so the CPU isnt putting out many frames. If I was playing at 144hz the story would be different. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule. CPU bound games do exist.