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    AMD 1100T
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    Gigabyte 990FX UD3
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    Mushkin 16Gb 1600 mhz
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    XFX Double D FX-787A-CDBC
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    HAF 932
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    1xCorsair Neutron 120 GB, 1x WD Black 640 Gb, 2x WD velociraptor 70 Gb
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    Logitech G9x
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    Asus Xonair Xense
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  1. Thanks for mentioning qutebrowser. I had never heard of it before and it looks interesting from a project standpoint. I will be watching the developement of it going forward. Have you been following the Vivaldi browser much? I was a big fan of Opera back in the day so I jumped on Vivaldi as soon as I heard about it. It's now my favorite browser.
  2. Don't forget Vivaldi in the Browser list. It's now my favorite browser and it keeps getting better.
  3. Ares was a pinnacle product back when AMD was the only company doing two dies on one PCB. I was hoping that meant we were going to see a new line of GPUs coming from AMD that would be like Threadripper and combine two dies with the infinity fabric. That would be awesome to see a new pinnacle like that and why not bring back Ares to celibate. But no, we were just getting the same old cards with new stickers because AMD users don't like nice things right?
  4. We knew this would happen and I bet people are talking to AMD but if there are no written contracts like it implies I don't see how they can pin anything on Nvidia until the damage is already done. Intel got in trouble because some emails were seized so unless we have it in writing it will take even longer than the 10+ years for Intel to finally start paying for their evil deeds.
  5. Arez is a name that they have used in the past for a super high end graphics card from AMD. It was a sub brand to ROG like Strix but they only used it for a few Crossfire cards. The fact that you didn't know this shows just how difficult AMD's position is. Everybody knows Strix and ROG but Arez is new and consumers will not be as open to buying it.
  6. Well they have Nvidia GPUs in them so it must be ok for them to be called gaming laptops but the Kaby Lake G based laptops probably won't be. Let's wait and see what Dell calls those laptops?
  7. I smell a troll. Please show me the Gsync display that is cheaper than an equivalent Freesync panel? I would like to buy it.
  8. Just with a few checks I can confirm that Asrock has at least two sets of ECC ram in the QVL for the Taichi. It is not supported officially by AMD but I don't see how this makes a difference when the board partners are willing to support it. These are the same dies as what we are seeing in the Epyc server chips so it's not a silicon/ hardware issue but rather BIOS/micro code. I grantee the board partners do know quite a lot about the inner working of their own BIOS/UEFI. At this point it's just semantics. Weather or not the end user is confident in the board partner is all it comes down to. Gigabyte and Asrock have gone so far as to list ECC support in their product spec lists and QVL so that's good enough for me. If I ran in to an issue I would be talking with them and not AMD any ways.
  9. Like I said some motherboard vendors will have ECC ram on their HCL. AMD is just saying that they are not pushing the board makers to support it. My statement still stands all Ryzen chips can use ECC given it's paired with the correct board.
  10. All Ryzen CPUs support ECC memory. It's up to the motherboard vendor if they wish to support it and even then you could probably still use ECC. http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/75030-ecc-memory-amds-ryzen-deep-dive.html
  11. I didn't know that nitrogen oxide was so corrosive? How many ppm would it take to achieve this out come do you think?
  12. Why because they didn't cram in as many meaningless names like Intel? The Intel slide had duplicates and was full of names that had nothing to do with "ecosystem" unless you define it in the broadest possible sense.
  13. I'm waiting patiently. We have seen this before and we know what will happen. It's just a matter of time before we get $170 RX 580s.
  14. Maybe this means Astro will be the gaming brand and then logitech will be the good looking cousin. I feel like lodgitech missed out on a larger market by making their headsets so ugly.
  15. Oh yea I forgot about PCIe encapsulation. Hmm this makes me interested in Ryzen with integrated graphics. If it comes with a stack of HBM on die that would be epic.... aw man now we can't use that word like we used to.