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  1. The thing is, there is no way to control the way AI is going to be implemented into warfare. All the surface-level stuff with pentagon doesnt really matter, what concerns me is special branches of DAPRA working on advanced weaponry, they literally have 0 oversight or ethical restrictions until the reasearch is turned into a tangiable weapon. Same goes for my country, kinda terrifies me a bit, considering that russian military-industrial complex manages to produce about 30-50% of output of american counterparts on 0,1x budget. Cant wait for drone swarms with ai targeting and threat assesment
  2. I wonder if they themselves belive all that bullshit about ethics, human rights etc. I mean, talk about hypocrisy
  3. It looks like a shitty razr, no proper outer screen kinda sucks, just bending an s10 in half is also a weird decision, at least motorla is as thick as a regular phone, not 2x geez, there is even a selfie camera there, which kills half the purpose of a folding phone... Wtf were samsung thinking, is this shit just a rushed response to the razr? Coz ux wise it seems half-baked just from the look of it
  4. I almost shat myself when i read that the tray is gone... Thank god this is only mobile. Kinda makes me wonder with all this sandbox fuckery why is surface neo running an intel chip instead of qualcomm one, compatability should be way less of an issue. Kinda leads me to a thought that this shit is coming to pc sooner or later and i cant help myself being a bit aprehensive about this. Also, what are the security implications of running everything in a container? On the surface it seems a more secure option since the container got limited access to the OS itself, but there is bound t
  5. Thats largerly because changing anything else leads to a high chance of breaking existing custom maps. WC3 ladder is cool and stuff but custom games is where its at. Dota 2 customs are not really close, feel weird, esp the feature complete ports. Funny custom map inception
  6. Marketing anti-aliasing as retina was another great thing old steve did. Take a galaxy s6 and and iphone xr and open a text document, the difference is staggering. On s6, with a smaller screen, its no problem reading an a4 size text document unzoomed, on the xr though not so much
  7. Time to necrobump! So looks like Elon won the case, so the pedo guy being called a pedo guy while prolly not being a pedo guy, according to the court, has not been defamed according to the defenition. So, my dear pedo friends, who do you think should be the guy to call elon a pedo on twitter? I hope the emperor graces us with some supreme trolling https://www.theverge.com/2019/12/6/20998821/elon-musk-wins-loses-twitter-defamation-trial-testimony-caver-vernon-unsworth-cave-rescue
  8. The founder has a really cool bio though, Chief of Assasination is a mythic rare past job, i wish i had cv like that
  9. TG, while great, is not a non-profit. Its made by the creator of vkontakte (CIS facebook) after his business, lets say, was aquired by the mail.ru group. At the moment monetisation is meager but they are aiming at releasing a coin to serve as a in-app currency, ive had an invitation to join early buy-in ~1,5 years ago, but the idea seems kinda meh. They were denied by the FTC a few months ago since their coin didnt comply to some standarts, now they are reworking it. To speak to Durovs integrity, they offered refunds at 0,7/1, i think, but almost none of the investors took it, so there is at l
  10. im seriously tempted to throw away 1,5 grand for a cool toy...
  11. We need graphics cards with female pci-e and an external powerbrick for the most jank "modular" pc
  12. Drone delivery makes sense for time sensetive cargo considering congestion. In a while, perhaps when the route automation is at a level you need 1 operator per 10/20/30 drones, it will make alot more sense for anything that can be feasibly lifted and delivered by them since the cut on the fuel and personell costs would be immense (im basing this on electicity prices of Russia though with 3 tarification periods and power being dirt cheap for business at night)
  13. KFC dating app is next with coupons for chicken on the 1st date... KFC love hotels though... oh japan