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  1. One site may have a cheaper price. For example, newegg has some hardware way cheaper than it is on amazon.
  2. If the next cod is not Modern Warfare 4, I will take back everything I said about consoles and give up PC gaming. (infinity ward please fucking help me)

  3. 2 gamers 1 pc not the best title but yes it is possible.
  4. tl;dr its the most unoptimized shit since arkham knight
  5. World at War's max FOV is 160. kek

  6. 1. I checked, it is 55gb according to my steam. 2. don't buy this for pc.
  7. The P-06 is the secret to making kids mad

  8. silver 2 its fucking lit boys

  9. Thanks Turtle Bitch. Your headphones' USB falls out of my pc all the time but this time the USB port came with it.

  10. Why is Rainbow 6: siege $60 when all the other Rainbow 6 titles are under 30 lol

    1. minibois


      because dev obv dont earn enough $$$$

    2. FaZe Booce

      FaZe Booce

      Roasted ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11. I think he says things that he should keep to himself but I think it's good that he isn't scared to say something. I guess now I'm an islamophobic and a racist for saying that.
  12. they both are. edit: I'm late as fuck lol