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  1. *poke poke poke*

  2. Hey! You alive there?

    1. Techstorm970


      *hears choking sounds coming from the darkness*

  3. windows xp media center at the very least. Anything from there up you can use an IR remote or wireless remote to change things. There was even a special one made for xp media center......... Windows 10 has tooooooooo many problems for me to endorse. I will be migrating to Linux for a more stable solution.....
  4. Windows 7 will not run on that system as the hardware is "Ahem" proprietary APPLE. That system is not shown to be able to run any Microsoft OS. Here is a link to the bootcamp OS page: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT205016 At the bottom there is a chart.............
  5. zanthros

    Remotely Wipe a Drive

    Of course it is possible. What level of access do you have to the target drive? Is the "remote drive on a network that you manage or have access to or is this a pc on the web that you have to get into? if it is the latter then you need to go and study and read up and understand for several years to get up to speed. good luck!
  6. Can't help em if they don't listen.............
  7. This is the solution. I would also, just for safety's sake unplug the other two drives that you have attached to the motherboard.
  8. Get yourself a cheap USB wireless adapter that has drivers for xp and try it. A laptop of that age may have issues with the Ethernet and the wireless network adapters. I have seen this many times in older laptops. This is a quick cheap test and fix.
  9. Here is your manual. Read the part about "reset CMOS" M7995v1.3.zip
  10. Possibly, amazon requires that the item be returned in the original packaging. This is what is stated in their return policy. Good Luck!
  11. You may want to use the corsair PSU power calculator to verify that you actually have enough power with all of the hardware you have in the system. Remember that you should have at least 15% more power available than what is needed. Example: the minimum that you NEED is 400 watts, then your PSU should be at least 460 Watts.
  12. Did you try the data recovery option?
  13. Boot into safe mode and uninstall your video drivers. Something in the video drivers is causing the problem. When you are able to boot into normal boot mode, download and re- install the correct drivers for your video device.
  14. This is bearing spin down noise. It may be due to lack excessive clearance in the bearings in the drive. Although not failing at the moment, it may have a shorter life expectancy due to the excessive clearances. IMHO I would see if it could be RMA' Ed as they always go at the most inopportune time.