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  1. okay thanks! and thanks to you others for your time
  2. i use corsair link and it shows the same thing. i have also tested other temp monitroing softwares and they show the same thing sorry for bad spelling im swedish
  3. why is my system temp so high and how do i fix it
  4. hi i need help when i turn my pc on it shows the windows logo ect but then from no ware it switches to a blue screen and it says a problem has occurred bla bla bla SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (dxgmms2.sys) and then it starts counting in % but when it gets to 100% nothing happens... its just stuck forever! i have tried to google it but all i find is videos where the blue screen happens while the pc is booted up and running. my blue screen occurres PLZ help me <3
  5. i just swalowd a shit load of paracetamol tablets fuck this shit good bye
  6. if i save up to 2500 dollars will it be good?
  7. haha yeah i know but in swedish it's calld röj or something like that
  8. im just gonna have it for like 4 months untill i have like 2500 dollars to build a better one. and give my old one to my lilbrother
  9. its parts that i got for free and very cheap im poor and thats all i have. when i get a job im gonna get a real PC