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  1. Solved myself. For you in 2032 with the same error: Suspected the power supply, Brought another PC alongside, with a working PSU, and ran the cables from it to the faulty PC, which happily turned on with the new PSU. Shame, I had a good PSU until it broke, but at least I know where the problem is.
  2. And clearly that's not in the spirit of the challenge, so there could just be a rule that you must use the most up to date drivers/some standard settings/etc.
  3. Video idea: Scrapyard wars, but you aren't after the BEST performance, you're after the WORST. e.g. winner is whoever can run some game (like Rise of the tomb raider) at the lowest FPS, but it has to run.
  4. PC wouldn't boot up before, so I switched out the CPU and motherboard from an older PC whose PSU was fried. (Accidentally set it to 120V while connected to 240V power) No other known faults with the mobo-doner PC. The main PC has no lights coming on, no anything, except that it has 4 fans. 2 start, one doesn't, and one wiggles back and forth. I have tried shorting the power-button input on the DH61BE Intel motherboard (old, LGA1155 I think, for a 2nd Gen i7, though at the moment it has a 2nd gen i5 that I'll replace with the i7 if I can get the computer to work) but this did nothin
  5. Had this issue for a while, but if bootmanager is missing it is possible to boot to the OS anyway. I had a windows 7 install that did that, I just needed to have the windows installer disk in the dvd drive. (Turns out other bootable disks did it) I would get the prompt 'any key to boot from cd' but if I didn't push it I'd boot from the OS anyway. Eventually tried to fix it by wiping and reinstalling, I have no idea if this will happen to others and I have no idea why it happened to me, but I could not get Windows 7 to reinstall. So just back up the drive before you try wiping, whic
  6. I can rule out memory failure. I've tested every combination of my two RAM sticks and two slots. All had the same error.
  7. I wondered that too, but wouldn't it make other operating systems fail too? Windows Vista works absolutely flawlessly, if only it was still supported. Linux installs as well, and I've tried removing the sticks of RAM. Not too thoroughly, perhaps I'll try again.
  8. "Windows cannot install required drivers. The file may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error Code 0x80070570" This has happened every time I have tried to install Windows 7. (I know it is out of date and I will be told to change to another OS) I really don't understand why my computer would keep giving me this error. Other operating systems install without issue. I have tried Linux Mint 19.3 and Manjaro, which installed without problems. (Yet gave me plenty of other headaches.) Windows Vista installe
  9. I've got Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (not activated and it's not genuine; I have the key I just can't be bothered to activate it) and when I tally up the memory used by all my running processes (including other users' processes) it sums to a bit less than 3GB. But windows says it is using 6.8 GB, about 4GB more than the processes. When I turn Rise of the Tomb Raider to maximum settings it will soak up RAM loading until it gets to 11.1GB total usage (my whole system, not just the game) but then crashes and both the game and Windows give me errors of running out of memory. But I have 16GB of RAM, w
  10. Thanks, I can't try this now, but what you say makes sense and I will try it when I can. Thanks.
  11. I have a Logitech G233, and the microphone does not work. It is recognised by windows and other programs, but it doesn't record any noise. If I plug it directly into the computer instead of plugging it into the headset which is plugged into the computer, (all 3.5mm jacks, I'm using the PC splitter) then it works. I've read the set-up guide provided in the box and done that, I've tried both positions of the mic switch on the cable. Running Windows 7 64bit, but since the headphones block the signal I don't think that matters.
  12. Thanks, uninstalling the device and plugging it in again worked.
  13. I have a pair of Logitech H540 headphones, and they do not work due to drivers. I have tried on two different Windows 7 PCs, doesn't work. USB not recognized in one, no driver in the other. (The no driver computer was working perfectly with it yesterday by the way, I have rebooted.) But when I tried on a Windows Vista PC, it works perfectly all of a sudden. How can I either copy the Vista driver to 7, or download a driver? The manufacturer website says no drivers are needed, it uses default windows drivers. Neither win 7 PC has the latest updates, neither checks for updates, (I kno
  14. I've got two computers I need connected to the internet, and if I plug then together via USB then how can I share the internet connection one of them has? I cannot use ethernet because the internet connection I already have uses ethernet. Both PCs run Windows 7.
  15. Because I want the account for google. I do use a different server for email. Proton-mail, because it is encrypted and is under strict swiss privacy laws.