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    Asus Rog Strix z390-f Gaming
  • RAM
    G.Skill Trident z 3600mhz CL 16 32gb
  • GPU
    Asus strix 1080Ti
  • Case
    Corsair crystal 470X
  • Storage
    Samsun 970 PRO Nvme 1TB, 2x WD blue 1tb
  • PSU
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    Acer 27" LED Predator XB273KP
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. it might be a bit too big for ye old dishwasher
  2. changing back to my old samsung 60hz 4k non Gsync monitor has a better chance of giving me a image, but it was on that monitor the issue first came to be, either the PC boots and gives me post screen immidietly or nothing happens and the light stays on.
  3. yea, thats what i thought, but changing the whole PC around the GPU fixed it, so it seems like an oddball problem if it were the case, and why would reseating a RAM stick (any doesnt matter wich one i pick) fixes it temporarily
  4. so, i've had issues for a while with my PC booting but not giving me any image, VGA light is on and the only way to fix it is to power off, flip off the switch, take out a ramstick, and put it right back in where it was. this solves the issue for 1-3 days at most usually. i've ran memtest, intels CPU diagnostic, i've checked all the disks, ive ran all stresstests imaginable, OCCT furball aida64 etc etc. i updated the DP drivers for my GPU and that fixed it for some time (2-3 weeks), i've already RMAd the entire PC (except the GPU) once, that also fixed it for a few months but it came back
  5. i took a fresh dishcloth (one of those weird foam ones that are stiff as a board until they get wet) and some multiclean kitchen cleaner and swabbed away, seemed to have worked.
  6. i've got a fulldesk mousepad, its been unmoved for atleast 4 years and its getting a bit sticky/grimy, is there any good way to deepclean it without moving all my speakers PC monitor etc etc? could soaking it and vacuuming it work?
  7. oh yea, i should mention that i've done that, i've ran intels CPU test, aida64, OCCT, furball etc, no issues with crashes, volmgr161 only happens in certain games and usually on youtube, even if i reseat the ram in the same slots the issue goes away, its weird
  8. so, i've had an issue with my PC for a while, getting event ID 161 volmgr alot, i replaced my old PSU and it seemed to fix the issues, then 2 months later it started happening again, i then moved my ram from A1 B1 to A2 B2, and it worked great for another 2 months, now i need to swap them back and forth every 2-3 days otherwise my PC wont actually give me a post screen, the PC posts, it goes to windows but it just doesnt give me videofeed and the white VGA lamp is lit up on the MB (z390-f Gaming strix), i tried flashing bios, thought that would help but alas it did not, also, when i switch the
  9. yea thing is, everything except the PSU and HDDs are new, this issue occured and i replaced the new stuff, it went away and now its back
  10. i tried OCCT, no issues, Memtest86 0 errors, Intel CPU diagnostics, full pass, furball no issues, playing WoW i crash withing 5 minutes of high load content, but not if i play at 1080p low settings. edit: also aida64 no issues
  11. it still crashes under load, but i cant recreate it with stresstests, only games, a friend of mine told me my CPU was getting fucked with its powerdraw right before crashes, i cant read these things though eventview.evtx
  12. i didnt have this issue until i reset my bios settings to optimized defaults to try and make my system more stable (cuz it crashes with error id 161 under gameplay heavy load)
  13. one of my fans only lights up in like 1/100 boots, the GPU doesnt seem to get power fast enough to give me a bootscreen before my MB gives out the VGA error for no display output (although the screen will turn on 20 sec after i hit windows log in screen. spec i-9900k asus rog z390-f Gaming Samsung pro 970 nvme 2x wd 1tb drives (6 years old) g.skill 2x8 3600mhz trident z 1080ti ROG strix Corsair AX860i (6 years old) CM masterliquid ML360R with 3x corsair LL120 RBGs 2 x Corsair LL120 RBGs case fans
  14. so 2 years back i bought a new PC in parts except a new powersupply and E and D drive, i started getting event id 161 so i replaced all the new parts and the error went away, now it has started happening again, can this error be caused by my PSU not being able to supply the correct power? i tried gaming with everything set to 1080p Low instead of 4k high/ultra and that seems to work fine, havent had a single crash since yesterday, usually i crash atleast every 5 minutes almost (as long as its high load content spec i-9900k asus rog z390-f Gaming Samsung pro 970 nvme 2x wd 1tb