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  1. NelizMastr

    ESXi trial ending

    I prefer not to use CLI if I don't have to. I'm used to ESXi and XenServer which allow full configuration via their WebUI or dedicated management client.
  2. NelizMastr

    ESXi trial ending

    Ah I forgot about Xen, I thought he meant XenServer, which was free until last year.
  3. NelizMastr

    ESXi trial ending

    Xen is no longer free, XCP-ng is the free fork of it now The free version is hidden somewhat. You need to browse for it specifically. https://my.vmware.com/en/web/vmware/evalcenter?p=free-esxi6
  4. NelizMastr

    dell optiplex mt gpu... this is gonna be fun

    I guess you're basically limited to running a GT1030 and call it a day, unless you want to transplant the parts if possible to another case.
  5. NelizMastr

    Which CPU?

    Reminds me of back in january 2013 when I upgraded from a Athlon II X4 640 to an i5-2500K. That was an insane performance improvement with my HD7770 crossfire setup. The i5 ran comfortably at 4.7GHz all day long. That said, I'm pretty happy with my 2700X now. It's a beast.
  6. NelizMastr

    Which CPU?

    FX didn't make AMD more known, not in a good way anyway. It wasn't competitive in the slightest and board manufacturers responded to that by making inferior quality boards, excluding the top end 990FX boards. The poor board quality showed in how many FX8xxx chips caused heavy throttling or burning of boards. I think AMD was best known through their performance leadership during the Athlon and Athlon 64 days (~'99-2006) and when they became the bang for the buck kings in the Phenom II era (2008-2011). The period 2011-2016 was basically rock bottom. Now that AMD is competitive again, I jumped on the bandwagon in 2017 with the R7 1700, and upgraded to the 2700X when it came out. Lovely stuff.
  7. Do you have certain profile folders redirected to OneDrive perhaps? It certainly looks that way. I'm guessing it tries to create a folder in My Documents to store files but runs into the redirection which apparently contains characters it can't deal with.
  8. I also wouldn't install software directly to OneDrive, that's an unsupported configuration. Install to Program Files.
  9. NelizMastr

    What do you do? When...

    Lay down, try not to cry, then cry a lot.
  10. NelizMastr

    Dual channel vs single Channel

    That's margin of error stuff. You can't do one benchmark run and draw your conclusions. Also, it would've been better to just get another 16GB stick. Test with some more benchmarks, run the tests at least 3-5 times and compare.
  11. Well, it might not be an out of memory error but an unstable/defective memory issue. Run memtest86 overnight (not windows memory test mind you, that's as big of a turd as most things Microsoft has crapped out since 2012 ) and report back.
  12. NelizMastr

    Mystery CPU

    Looks like it, yeah. Only way to know for sure is to delid it, although I suppose it's possible there's a dummy die there.
  13. NelizMastr

    new to nas

    The raspberry pi is too weak to be a NAS, unless you enjoy things going very slowly. Its CPU is often too weak to even fully saturate the slow 100Mbps ethernet link. A used OEM business PC is the way to go as they all have gigabit ethernet pretty much. Also, don't do this. You don't want to open ports for SMB to the internet. FTP(S) or SFTP would be fine with an SSL certificate, but not SMB. If you need direct access to the files, use a VPN instead, like L2TP/IPSec, SSTP or OpenVPN and connect to the share that way. It will be slow outside your network, but it'll work.
  14. NelizMastr

    Windows 10 Full Freeze

    No problem overclocking stability is a tough nut to crack sometimes. Takes a lot of tweaking to get it right.
  15. NelizMastr


  16. NelizMastr


    If you have a Ryzen 2000 series CPU you need a BIOS update before the PC will POST. For that, you need a Ryzen 1st gen CPU.
  17. NelizMastr

    Windows activation problem

    Contact Kinguin support as well. They're quite helpful, even if you don't buy the protection plan.
  18. NelizMastr

    Windows 10 Full Freeze

    Have you removed the overclock yet? That should be the place to start, regardless of whether Linux works.
  19. NelizMastr

    just a quick win 10 upgrade ??

    Correct. The boot drive is essentially wiped. It shouldn't touch other drives unless programs are forcefully installed there.
  20. NelizMastr

    My computer gets super hot, what should I do?

    Nothing you can really do about it but repaste or go liquid metal (not recommended). The ULV quad cores simply run hot.
  21. Sure, there will be compatible drivers, but maybe not the latest and greatest. Current Nvidia drivers for instance, won't run on anything older than 1703 iirc.
  22. LTSC2019 will work fine with that RTX card, yes. The major downside is long term driver support. While you get the full 10 years of updates, graphics driver support typically ends about 1-2 years after a given Windows version goes out of support for the non-LTSC users, such as the typical gamer.
  23. NelizMastr

    2007-2008 Desktop upgrade

    You can build new, yes, but you might get better value by going with a used Office PC, like the Dell Optiplex 3010, 3020, 9010 or 9020 or HP Prodesk 400G1/G2. They are all easy to upgrade and can be had for $100-150 depending on the market. That'll net you anything from a Pentium to an i5, 4-8GB of RAM. Just add a SSD and you're set.
  24. NelizMastr

    Lenovo ThinkPad E590. A good choice?

    If it exists there are reviews of it. RAM is upgradable, storage also. No such thing as ROM, aside from the BIOS (which is arguably not really a ROM as it can be reprogrammed (EEPROM)).
  25. NelizMastr

    I just realized!!!

    The issue with X79 and X99 is similar to X58: the boards. It's not worth it to get a $50 6-core if the board is still $200-300. X79 has already more or less bottomed out with chips like the E5-2670 being around $70-80 for 8c/16t but very poor gaming performance for the most part.