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  1. Hey. I am not entirely knowledged on M.2 and NVMe yet so I am glad if you could solve something for me. According to the board Block-Diagram (MSI B350 PC Mate), the CPU is interacting with the PCIe card and the M.2 interface seperately, correct ¿ It would interface differently when a PCH chip is in between the M.2 and PCIe ?
  2. I was asking regarding Pcie compatibility, not whether the board has a slot (I wouldnt be buying one if it doesnt). I was asking regarding PCIe Lane compatibility. I dont want to get hookey pookey pizza on my focus find out that my board only allows x4 instead of x16 lanes while m.2 is in use.
  3. Hey I wanted to get an SN750 (deal), though I can't really find on the B350 Pc mate Manual. On Page 26, the Table is about PCIe comp. not M.2 SSDs. I swear I hate this mainboard with every day passing. Bought it years ago, now I can't even reset CMOS bat. without having to unplug the GPU. The front facing Sata plugs are completely useless (prev. Post) if you dare to use x16 PCIe (slot 2) since the cards bottom length will obstruct any available space to the sata slots. Garbage crap mainboard, I got what I paid for years ago and notice the constraints only when I upgraded over the y
  4. Money laundering at it's finest. NFTs are the biggest joke of the century, I hope they'll teach everyone a good expensive lesson, just like those useless jpegs. It'll make the dotcom crash look like a small-time-mistake. Don't buy into it, don't read into this non-sense and for once, the entire crypto community actually wants the SEC to jump-in....At least those who actually care aboout the coins, not green charts. This bs, just like those scams, make the entire community look worse than it already is.
  5. Here are some images (Cable plugged in, graphics card laying on top of it / the clip hasn't snapped in yet and probably can't, I dont wanna try it): Image the cable is hidden for a second. Couldn't we simply use a 90 degree low profile extender that stretches the height simply along the x-axis/width instead ? Theoretically desoldering the connector is possible, practially out of question.
  6. It's hitting the plastic of the card. I would certainly not wanna modify the card in any way, understandably. 30 euros/dollars for a PCI adapter is way to much, almost more than the SSD. I am thinking about a SATA to USB adapter.
  7. Now I understand what you mean. I tried that the first time since the connector will fall into the slot down. Sadly the card falls nicely into the slot but the thing (clip) doesn't snap.
  8. Those don't seem very low profile, as a matter of fact, they look a lot like my current cable and the top head is just too big. What would work is an extremely low profile 90-degree extender.
  9. By reseat you mean put it in the bottom slots? Then the bottom side of the card is in conflict with the flat side connectors.
  10. As noted in the post those 2 ports are used for the 2 drives. I thought I could just add the last drive on the sata port (red box). I had to remove the CMOS Battery after a faulty overclock, so it's not very infrequent.
  11. Hey, today I tried to connect the ssd to the b350 pc mate mainboard (worst board), sadly the ASUS RTX 2060 OC Advanced GPU doesn't fit into the slot with the SATA connector attached to the 90-angle port (as seen in the image). What can I do? The flat 2 SATA slots don't interfere with the bottom side of the card. Would a SATA splitter cause massive performance impacts? What options do I have? (to reiterate, I have 3 drives, 2 are connected to the flat slots and the third one is supposed to be connected to the right angle one). I swear, I hate this board more than ta
  12. Does using 2x 1.35V Ram sticks and 2x 1.2V Sticks cause issues? So far the board just uses 1.2V across all sticks.
  13. I just wanted to ask really quick, I overclock automatically as much as possible / XMP etc... I suppose overclocking RAM's voltage will def. cause a brick at some point. Will simply changing the DDR4 Frequency (2400, 2667, 2700... etc...) cause any damage? Here's my idea w. expierence: I suppose when you overclock a 2400Mhz RAM Stick(s) to 3200MHz via a simple Frequency change, the system will either refuse to boot / cmos clear / unstable system (at lower/realistic values).
  14. I will test both of your recommendations within the next days and mark it as the solution. Thanks.
  15. Totally agree, I have them running at 2933MHz right now. Just wanna see if it's relatively possible. I wouldn't mind unplugging sticks once a year when I really need that higher speed > RAM capacity