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  1. Best GPU for my i7-4770 and 1440p gaming

    You'll be able to enjoy it for longer though I switched to a 1440p monitor which my 1060 6GB didn't like that much in some games.
  2. Laptop Comparison

    Depends on what you're going to do. The Alienware is more portable, so when you have to actually move the laptop, that's the better choice. When you'll be at home at your desk 99% of the time and need the extra cores in the Ryzen CPU, the Asus is the one to go for.
  3. 4k triple monitor issue?

    How is the Cintiq connected? Ideally, you should use displayport.
  4. Router crashes | every 60 minutes!

    Have you considered using your own router for wireless and such and disabling wifi on your ISP modem/router? It's not uncommon for cheapo wireless routers to simply crash under sustained load as they run out of memory. This usually isn't an issue over ethernet.
  5. Is the armor 580 8gb any good?

    I had the Armor 480. Decent card. Not that quiet, but performed well in terms of thermals and frames.
  6. amd virtual super resolution

    Resolution doesn't limit refresh rate per definition. The higher the resolution, the less likely you'll be to take advantage of the higher refresh rate, though.
  7. Case insensitive on ZSH?

    Exactly why is this a problem? The only case insensitive system on the planet is Windows (and that's not even 100% true).
  8. Did you delid the CPU? If not, then there's the reason. It doesn't matter which cooler you use, eventually you'll need to delid to keep temps down.
  9. sapphire HD6950 2GB GDDR5 15 euros?

    Unlock it to a HD6970 with a BIOS flash and you've gotten a decent deal. Should perform on par with a HD7850 which is in turn between the GT1030 and GTX1050.
  10. will my gpu fit?

    Yep, remove the drive cage that interferes with the graphics card and you're fine. If you need the drive cages, then too bad.
  11. 1. It's not a special version of Windows. It's full blown Windows 10 like on an Intel or AMD chip. It just has an emulation layer for x86 software. 2. That's the same thing. When referring to running something "in software" that means it's all handled by the CPU. And yes, that's how it works. 3. As long as they support the ARM instruction set, probably. 4. Granted there are drivers for Windows 10 for those devices and the SOC can handle it, probably.
  12. Old OS

    It doesn't contain operating systems, just drivers for them. Kinda says that on the label.
  13. My RX 580 is running at PCIe 3.0 x8 instead of x16

    Yours runs at 1.1 x8 mode, though. I'd check your UEFI because 1.1 x8 will bottleneck a 480. Could be your older driver too.
  14. If I remember correctly, you can only use up to 4GB modules on this platform, probably double sided low density too. ECC UDIMM might be possible, but not registered. Some newer boards might support low density 8GB modules okay, though.
  15. Learning the Ropes

    VMs in FreeNAS are pretty limited, at the moment. You really don't get many options. I'd personally run FreeNAS and the VMs on a hypervisor like ESXi, Proxmox or Hyper-V. They're easier to manage which ultimately saves time and frustration. Remote access is fun in theory, but you'll need to carefully look at the security side of things. Don't go for a PPTP VPN for instance, and use strong passwords. Also don't forward more ports than strictly needed