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  1. CPU bottlenecking New GPU

    I can confirm that the 4460 is a bottleneck @ 1080p with a 1060 in some games. CPU heavy games like Battlefield 1 show a massive gain in performance with an 8T CPU.
  2. Starter homelab and nas

    Get the server first so you can see which orientation the drives need to be in. Some el cheapo adapters don't align properly.
  3. 2011 Mac harddrive upgrade?

    Ah, so it's a MacBook Pro 2011. Gotcha. They have SATA3 in the HDD bay iirc. Just get any SATA SSD and it'll run fine. Also upgrade RAM to 8GB.
  4. You're missing a few temperature sensors there. CPUTIN isn't enough to go on. Is HWMonitor up to date? You could try Aida64 or Coretemp to get readings per core. They should be there to be honest. Works fine on my R7 1700.
  5. Starter homelab and nas

    Seems like a good deal. DDR3 ECC RAM is pretty cheap to upgrade too. One thing to keep in mind, not many servers support LFF drives (3,5") so make sure yours has LFF drive cages. SFF 2,5" drives are the standard and have been since that R510 was new.
  6. Pc

    That's a 1000 quid build, not 500
  7. Just the basic office apps can be substituted by any of the above. The only issue would be Outlook, and especially if you use Exchange Online or shared mailboxes. Those won't work on Thunderbird or the likes. You legit need to setup a proxy for the extra mailboxes to sync back over IMAP and whatnot.
  8. Nvidia Announces Titan V (Volta!)

    That's because a lot of people don't know what a professional is. They just want their minecraft to run at 300fps LOL
  9. Need help!

    60FPS in CSGO? or 60FPS in the latest and greatest and future (2/3 years) AAA games? I'm assuming the latter. The issue is that the best gaming option is Coffee Lake, and the best value is the i5-8400, which can't be paired with a H or B chipset board yet, making the overall price higher than necessary. Ryzen+ is also around the corner with promised improvements, so yeah... you're better off just waiting 2-3 months or bite the bullet on a 8700K.
  10. Nvidia Announces Titan V (Volta!)

    Nvidia hasn't confirmed there will be gaming cards based on Volta at all, so chances are they'll skip over Volta until AMD's Navi hits the shelves.
  11. what should i upgrade to

    Full system specs please. A 1080Ti is fun but if you're only running an i3 or an older i5 then it's going to be impossible to recommend. After 147 posts, I'd think you know not to post oneliners and expect adequate help.
  12. Older Windows on new laptops?

    Windows 7 doesn't have USB3 or 3.1 support built-in. You need to slipstream USB drivers into the installer or at least have the INF files handy. These days, USB2 ports are no longer available on the latest laptops. Just install 10 and be done with it. If you wanted 7, you should've gone for a business grade laptop.
  13. Which CPU needed for a 4K NAS Server + Gaming Server?

    The difference is cores, the pentium has 2, the i3 has 4, so it scales better.
  14. What British Cars/Vehicles Would You Buy?

    yes, and the driver's door that opens up with the trim still attached to the car.
  15. What British Cars/Vehicles Would You Buy?

    Or the Dolly Sprint with the unsanded floorboard trim. Or the leaky Rover SD1.