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    As academic, provide source/proof and I believe you.
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    Parainen, Finland
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    I'm geology student trying to get masters done in near future. I've been playing around computers since 2002 when we got new machine to replace old P2. My knowledge comes from reading tech magazines and from personal experience. Currently not able to game as much as previously. Daily games are Hearthstone (PC) and Heroes: Charge (Android)
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    Intel i7 4770K 4.0GHz 1.15V
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Z87X-D3H
  • RAM
    8GB G.Skill RipjawX 2133MHz Blue, 8GB Kingston HyperX Fury 1600MHz Black
  • GPU
    Nvidia GTX 780 (reference)
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define R4, black, no window
  • Storage
    Samsung 840 EVO 500gb, WD Black 2Tb, Samsung F3 1Tb
  • PSU
    SilverStone Strider 550W 80+ Gold
  • Display(s)
    Samsung SyncMaster P2450, Samsung SyncMaster 205BW
  • Cooling
    Noctua NH-U14S dual A15s, FD Silent Series R2&R3 in, Bitfenix Spectre Pro out, Speedfan
  • Keyboard
    Ducky Shine 3 TKL White LED MX Brown
  • Mouse
    SteelSeries Rival 300
  • Sound
    FiiO E10K, Sennheiser HD-555, Sony XB-20
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit FI

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  1. LoGiCalDrm

    You can't unsee it once you see it

    First result with search https://linustechtips.com/main/search/?&q=Linus touching pants&search_and_or=or Don't take my criticism too personally. It's just too common that people today don't search before posting. Resulting we getting same basic questions asked all the time.
  2. LoGiCalDrm

    Setting up my new PC

    Yeah. I would use motherboard's site for those drivers before looking for RealTek's site for example. Mobo provides drivers that are tested on their boards while RealTek gives generic for the chips. They should be same, but finding correct driver from RealTek's site is much harder.
  3. LoGiCalDrm

    Budget PC for AI

    Yeah, because every on LMG including Linus knows about those things. /s I feel like they could touch the subject in terms of talking about which components suit that kind of work the best. They could even make series, but doing full builds, but explaining why its better to have more cores to X solutions or why you don't need more than 16gigs for gaming, but you really do for Y style of work. They do that when they take highest end hardware, but their style of making videos is still more entertainment than anything else. So info they give is lacking and often inaccurate. Overall, not the place where I would get my info when purpose building something else than pure RGB gaming rig.
  4. LoGiCalDrm

    You can't unsee it once you see it

    This has been asked and noted so many times before I think its should be disclaimer in every of their videos. Its wireless keyboard and controls their teleprompter setup (laptop and mirror). He's pressing to go to next slide of the script he's reading. Audio/mics are using same settings all the time. They just power those on and check battery status before shooting. This has actually also been said few times, last during WAN show when they had more people than what WAN mic setup could handle. They talked about mics being setup for X show (TQ IIRC) and thus setting them again for WAN show would be more hassle than worth it.
  5. LoGiCalDrm

    Need help with airflow configuration & fan set up

    The big thing is that you can add and change things later. So go with easy setup for now, and change it if you aren't satisfied with results. 2 in, 1 out is enough for cooling, so if you need more intake, that would mean you have hot GPU.
  6. LoGiCalDrm

    Fans running at full speed even with PWM fan splitter

    Gigabyte is not the best with fan controls, and your board seems to be following that trend. It lack ability to select fan control method. So you need to do some testing, but i would recommend having CPU and PWM fans using Silent preset and sucking it with 3pin fan. Gigabyte presets only work with PWM fans.
  7. Why do you have that plastic in front? Thats one thing that will limit airflow. Apart from that, your GPU will need cooling too. As you have PSU shroud and no sidepanel vents, front is only place where cool air can come to GPU. So only intake for front fans.
  8. LoGiCalDrm

    Cpu cooler arctic freezer 7 pro

    Looking at reviews, I think stock might be even better. Arctic is worse than TX3...
  9. LoGiCalDrm

    1151 CPU cooler - Slim, exhaust, quiet

    Well, you can put fan other way around. But it will be better for CPU temps if cooler has fresh intake (vents) right next to it and you'd have case fan somewhere else to handle exhaust. The linked one will be hot besides being loud. Just look at how poor its heatsink part is. So I think even having down-draft cooler and inverted fan (blowing away from CPU instead of towards it) is still better than that. And there are multiple options. C7, Noctua, Dark Rock TF, CM Gemini2 etc.
  10. LoGiCalDrm

    Thermal Paste? Does it matter wich one you choose?

    For CPU its 3-7C temp difference between generic paste and premium one (Arctic, Noctua, IC, Cryonaut etc.). For GPU you need to pic non-conductive paste. I don't know if there have been any tests between generic and premium with GPUs.
  11. LoGiCalDrm

    No where to plug in case fans

    The other two options are getting hub which is like a splitter but uses external SATA power. Or getting bit advanced controller which is more expensive and uses some software to setup fan curves. Your mobo probably would support Speedfan, but having all fans on single CPU header doesn't really give advantages.
  12. LoGiCalDrm

    Hackintosh without mac.

    Talk about hardware and stuff like that is allowed. Talk about obtaining images without owning Mac isn't. Thats pure piracy as Apple doesn't have those images available freely like Microsoft does.
  13. LoGiCalDrm

    can i downgrade from windows 10 pro to windows 7 professional?

    Usually thats marketed for business machines. And they require you to use manufacturers recovery media to do it (compatibility and driver reasons). The way it works is that if it has downgrade rights, Win10 key would work for Win7. Thats how it was between Vista and XP, the last downgrade I've done.
  14. LoGiCalDrm

    Gaming / Voice capture software help

    It depends what you want to do with it. If you use OBS (or any other free software), you get game and voice audios mixed as single track. If you need to handle those separetly, then you should use something else to give you out that extra audio track. Or pay for extra features of XSplit etc.
  15. And if you are wanting to go around some payment block, we can't help with that.