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    I'm geology student trying to get masters done in near future. I've been playing around computers since 2002 when we got new machine to replace old P2. My knowledge comes from reading tech magazines and from personal experience. Currently not able to game as much as previously. Daily games are Hearthstone (PC) and Heroes: Charge (Android)
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  1. Still missing few. Just in WAN Show they mentioned one who isn't in there. One should cross reference that with (almost) latest Honest Answers:
  2. Like I said in quoted post, Each fan should have just 1-3 lines of text, title included. Everything like reviews should be in spoilers. Atm its like 20 lines for just F12. Something like this: Plus also add few FAQs at the beginning. Maybe look how Audio tier and PSU tier lists are made.
  3. All parts are tested by manufacturer before they are packed. Nobody does anything to parts between packing and you opening package. There's always change that shipping, handling or other random events could do something. Or there is some issue which isn't detected when testing. Parts sold by stores are repaired or from returns are tested by store before reselling them. Most stores give also reduced warranty for those. Maybe mobo or CPU, maybe RAM. I personally havne't had any DOA yet. I've had few parts dying within 1st month. Including PSU, GPU, few keyboards, laptop, few phones etc. You shouldn't worry too much about that. DOA or any other mechanical issue is under warranty. If store doesn't take it back, manufacturer will. There might be some extra hassle with shipping and you would need to wait maybe 2 weeks more for replacement or repaired part. But nothing to really worry about.
  4. First thing this "list" needs is UI overhaul. Just fan name and official product page (could be linked) should be visible. Everything else in spoilers. As for tiers and fans. These can be bit hard. Since which fan is better depends so much on price, use case and personal preferences (like color/LEDs). Take example with Bitfenix Spectre/Pro, which could be imo mid-tier, but I know @WoodenMarker wouldn't give them even that high rating.
  5. If its settings folder for some software, you need to close that software or even reinstall it. Then there are folders containing files which Windows claims some software is using. Only way to deal with those is to boot into Safe Mode.
  6. Weird. I have them with S5 and Firefox.
  7. Atm you need to have browser running in background. But they do work.
  8. I don't see the need for splitting Hobby Electronics. It doesn't get flooded with topics anyway atm.
  9. So deciphering your text. You have unzipped BIOS files to USB and tried from BIOS update utility -> It doesn't see BIOS file? Does that mean it sees the stick ok? With Live Update, are you trying with downloaded file or downloading over internet?
  10. Ever heard about sarcasm or joking? Or status updates (since this would fit fine there.)
  11. If you are calculating how much OS and software's should use your RAM, you are bit off track. Like I said earlier, there are software which refuse to work without pagefile or with too small pagefile. I think its bad coding, but you can't do much about it. Other than stop using those software. I'm not expert here, but I think devs have decided that pagefile isn't used as much as RAM, so they can dump there stuff which isn't needed as often as stuff put in RAM. So now when there isn't pagefile, they just can't dump that data anywhere. And things aren't coded so that they would notice huge amount of free RAM or give you option to choose which to use. As for HDD being overused. Unless you are already pinning it to 100% of use while recording (which I seriously doubt since I've seen only AV's do that), you wont notice anything from software accessing you 8-12gigs pagefile. But in the end this is your choice. Like @H0R53 posted, you can remove warnings. You can also continue whining about this, we/you can't change it since its up to devs. Or you can just enable pagefile and see how much it impacts to your performance overall.
  12. Its not about Windows warnings, but software actually crashing and refusing to work without pagefile. If one has HDD, why not spare some 8-12gigs from it for pagefile. With only SSDs, maybe not then. Though just getting small HDD for pagefile could be one solution also.
  13. For whole country and that long shouldn't be possible. Even in this little country which is maybe half of most Canadian provinces, ISPs have zones. One city or whole zone can go down, but I don't remember any operator having whole country wide cutoff. There have been few slowdowns which have been country wide.
  14. Temps? Imo you shouldn't need more intake unless you GPU is being too hot.
  15. fans

    ^ Most modern mobo's can control 3pin fans. Not as accurate as PWM. And like PWM, only from certain headers or with certain software. If your mobo's own software doesn't allow good control for 3pins (Yes, I'm looking at you Gigabyte), there's always Speedfan. Hard to setup, but works like a charm.