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  1. oh i see oops the lasts reply was quite my bad
  2. it mostly for the meanwhile till i send it back to the manufacture to fix it and if they do need replace the drive well i will have a back up back it up
  3. no is that ok to use to back up its cheap or do i need a regular HD
  4. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/seagate-backup-plus-slim-1tb-external-usb-3-0-2-0-portable-hard-drive-black/3138005.p?skuId=3138005 is this ok?
  5. its an asus gl502vt i got on may of last year(2016) when it just came out
  6. should i turn it off or leave it on?
  7. Dude I'm nervous man I have everything on that laptop all my videos all my homeworks ,although thanks for the feedback ill fix it.
  8. Hello, recently my computer froze and when I turn it on the desktop item turned white and nothing in the task bar has nothing. It was working fine and then i left turned it off came back turn it on then this happen. sometime the mouse pointer would appear but sometimes it would disappear i contacted the manufacture to fix the problem but they told to send it in for repair . and try to reset the computer with keep my file but will it delete my download folder? i know it it will delete my app but my question is this any one know who can help me? also it lags behind or freezes for 5 min + last
  9. The razer blade 14 please Becuase im tired of using a amd single core cpu and a 5400rpm 250tb laptop I need a quadcore and the speed of the ssd on that beast.
  10. last questions can you install game on a seprate portable hardrive?
  11. can i delete some of the blot ware u believe is the correct term
  12. I was looking through some gaming laptops and saw a laptop that Have 256 ssd gb and was wondering how much gb will I have with the os and envy other programs preinstalled? Please and thank you