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  1. Hey guys so im thinking about buying one of the black ops 1 dlcs for pc i am thinking about getting the map pack with call of the dead but im worried if i would get much lower fps because of the snow and right now i have a low end laptop i get anywhere from 30-60 fps on kino but when the nova crawlers explode on higher rounds and theres lots of zombies the fps dips from anywhere from 40 down to 10 and i have played the custom map albtraume and that had snow and it runs pretty bad i dont know if its just the map or not but i only get around 25 fps on average and it dips would i be able to run c
  2. is it just me because im trying to get my fortnite account back but the website is now not loading its not responding can anybody else check if its working for them? EDIT: they are back up
  3. i took down some site i forgot the name of it were you create websites by myself in like 4 minutes and that was just by using the ping of death
  4. im already banned so i dont really care lmao
  5. aye bro since youve been a help ill shout out ya yt
  6. if wors comes to worse i will get all my friends and i to ddos them worth a shot
  7. is this it?https://www.epicgames.com/site/en-US/about
  8. well how do i find the number or could u tell me what it is please
  9. if they dont unban me will they at least refund?