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    Kingston, Ontario
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    Malaysian studying in Canada for undergraduate at Queen's University. Have been interested in hardware since 12.
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  1. username: gliliumho https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy
  2. Maybe they should implement a network system between self-driving cars then manage the cars to allow those who're in a hurry(late for work) to go first or something.
  3. HTC designed these phones to block bullet.
  4. Link to the post? I'll upvote the comment despite the fact that I hate Facebook and feel betrayed by Oculus.
  5. If I have to choose one, I'd choose toy channel but I don't mind a mixed channel. You guys don't have to make like 5 videos per week. Maybe 1-2 videos per week and only choose the absolute gold that you guys REALLY wanna share or want us to know about. ALSO, I love the Bug-A-Salt video. I like the informal/friendly video that's not to formatted/scripted. It makes me feel like it's an actual review by a human being instead of a formal written review.
  6. Refer anything bad or he dislike as a "steaming pile of poo".
  7. gliliumho

    $70 GTX 680

    For those who don't know, Aliexpress is kinda like a website that people bulk order from. As pointed out by @Scheer, I confused it with Alibaba. No bulk order from Aliexpress
  8. For those who don't know what the title means, here's the story back in 2010. The CEO of Nokia said making an Android phone is like "peeing in their pants" for the warmth during winter. Source: http://www.engadget.com/2010/09/21/ce-oh-no-he-didnt-anssi-vanjoki-says-using-android-is-like-pe/
  9. THIS. What's even worse is, NVIDIA and AMD aren't going to earn more from the inflated prices. Only retailers like NCIX and Newegg are doing to earn more from that.
  10. This. This is kind of the message more people from the first world countries should understand to understand how fortunate we are to be doing what we do now. Not everyone get to can afford 3xTITAN but at least we're doing A LOT better than some people from third world countries. I'm in for automated manufacturing but that doesn't mean it's okay to fire people off or leave them unemployed.
  11. $14 is relatively higher than many countries' minimum wage. They might not be able to afford latest gears like us but at least they can feed their family and send their kids to school or even university if they save up the money for it.
  12. Did he threaten you with a USB stick?
  13. I think you're right since reading from all the other posts, 270 is a rebrand. Should be the 260 instead. I know it's one of those with newer architecture. Edited my post so I don't mislead others.