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  1. I'm not sure but it seems a x1 slot at the top is the norm for most popular z77 motherboards in PCPartpicker. I actually haven't opened a single link from here: https://pcpartpicker.com/products/motherboard/#c=52&sort=-rating&page=1 that has a x16 slot at the top--not that I've gone through all of them.
  2. It's pretty common for the second slot to be x16 and the first a x1.
  3. Keeping the stock case fans as is and having the rad at the top for exhaust would work. Why are you looking to get the Kraken in particular? The pricing is pretty high for a 140mm rad.
  4. Most good alternatives are out of stock. If there isn't another store you're looking at, the H5 Ultimate is still a good option.
  5. It can be mounted with the optional NM-I3 mounting kit from noctua upon request. I was mainly using it as the closest comparison to the NH-D14.
  6. The most visible fans through the window are the top and rear. Put your led fans there.
  7. Use the stock paste. Change it if your temps get dramatically worse. If you want an improvement, get a better cooler.
  8. The NH-D14 is a bit old by now and is surpassed by newer coolers. It's acoustics are not as smooth compared to smaller coolers with a single fan like the NH-U12S and NH-U14S due to the 120/140mm mismatching fans. It's bulkier than other slimmer options and the fan clips are relatively difficult to attach.
  9. What are your specs?
  10. What speed are you running the R3's at? Do you have a 120mm in mind for the rear exhaust? If you like Redux colors, a NF-S12B would be good.
  11. Oh, I used a poor choice of words. I was asking about why you were replacing your fans. What sort of improvement are you looking for?
  12. What's considered a static pressure fan is arbitrary and depend on other fans available. All fans have some static pressure and airflow and designs optimized for static pressure will often sacrifice airflow and vice-versa. The optimal fan is one with as much airflow as possible and enough static pressure for where it's being used. What are your specs?
  13. Getting a top tier air cooler is generally not the best value. Any reason why you're looking at Cryorig in particular? Can you link us to where you're shopping?
  14. I don't see an answer in the OP.
  15. If it's under warranty, you can get a fan replacement from Cryorig. They might also have 140mm mounts available if you ask.