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  1. Eh, it's good marketing on Corsair's part. It's about as smart as putting 'Gaming' in the product name. NF-P12's are fairly balanced if not leaning a bit towards static pressure. The Accelero coolers also have wide fin spacing which benefit more from airflow than static pressure.
  2. Those are crap. Specs cannot be reliably compared between different manufacturers. There's no regulation on how fan specs are measured. For the most part, they are bull. Ignore them and look at benchmark and in-depth reviews instead. AF120's are better than SP120's in most cases that aren't highly restrictive like a rad. That being said, Corsair AF/SP fans tend to hold a premium over other similar or better performing fans. What's the reason behind replacing the case fans? You need to quote a post or tag a member or else they won't get a notification you replied to them.
  3. All fans have some degree of static pressure and airflow. Whether a fan leans more towards static pressure and airflow is relative to other fans available. Are you shopping in the US? What case are you using and where are you using the fans? There aren't many good 2-4 packs and there's more variety when buying single fans.
  4. What controller and motherboard are you using? Where header if your fan plugged into?
  5. What fan speeds are you running at idle? You have quite a bit of headroom for temps.
  6. That's fine.
  7. Positive airflow only helps decrease dust accumulation if the intakes are filtered. If the case in question is in the photo, that's probably not the case.
  8. Unless you're head over heels for the aesthetic, no. There are coolers that are cheaper and just as quiet. What are the load temps for your stock cooler? Have you tried lowering fan speeds?
  9. What cpu do you have? What are your load temps? Have you tried lowering fan speeds?
  10. NF-F12's are better for push than pull. That being said, it seems like you're misusing the word push/pull as intake/exhaust. Push/pull is mainly used to describe the direction of the fan relative to a restriction like rad or heatsink. The NF-F12's would probably be best suited as front intake and the stock fan as rear exhaust.
  11. As @LoGiCalDrm described, the splitter splits a 12v pwm signal for 4pin fans. 2-3pin fans connected will run at 100%. If you want to run the fans at a lower speed, the cha_fan headers are 'quiet' headers which supply 5v which is effectively ~40% fan speed.
  12. Have you tried undervolting?
  13. The clips are for fans with 120mm mounting holes. SP120/140's aren't as good and you should be optimally using fans of the same size. Where are you shopping/located? The clips can be annoying but are very doable once you get used to the process. The Redux fans use a frame that don't have the indentations for the rubber corners.
  14. It can be used but isn't optimal since it doesn't support 4pin pwm. You need to quote a post or tag a member when replying or else they won't get a notification that you replied to them.
  15. Why not stick with the stock cooler?