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  1. Best case fan/cpu fan

    What are your specs? Budget? Green LED's aren't very common so the selection is pretty small--even less for for 4pin pwm fans.
  2. Best cpu cooler under 130$?

    A Kraken or H110i 280mm would probably be your best bet. Why are you looking at AIO's as opposed to a traditional heatsink?
  3. 212 eco can twist if forced

    It doesn't make much of a difference in performance but the way it's designed means manufacturing is cheaper.
  4. need help

    What is the model name of the system you're referring to? There should be a sticker label. What do you need the fan for?
  5. CPU Cooler / Case Measures

    It'll fit fine. CPU Cooler clearance is usually overestimated on the cooler end and underestimated for the case.
  6. Best cpu cooler under 130$?

    What cpu are you cooling?
  7. Recommended Fans?

    Where are you shopping/located and what parts are you putting in your system?
  8. Hyper 212 on ASRock AB350 Pro4 (ram clearance?)

    There's low profile DDR4. LPX is just standard profile which all standard coolers are designed for.
  9. Psu for a fan ???!!

    What are you using the fan for?
  10. ML fans any good?

    What kind of air cooler are you thinking of changing to? You might as well plan out the cooling together. GP-12's or PW2's would be good. https://www.komplett.no/product/836972/datautstyr/pc-komponenter/vifterkjoelingvannkjoeling/vifter/fractal-design-dynamic-gp-12-120mm-vifte# https://www.komplett.no/product/918601/datautstyr/pc-komponenter/vifterkjoelingvannkjoeling/vifter/be-quiet-pure-wings-2-pwm-120mm-vifte#
  11. CPU Cooler Clearance - MSI x370 Gaming Pro Carbon

    I'm personally using a NH-D15 and I'd recommend it over the other two since it's quieter than the R1 and easier to install than the DRP3. What kind of voltage do you need for 4ghz?
  12. ML fans any good?

    Why? Are they too loud or don't perform well enough?
  13. Noctua NH-D15 v Liquid Cooler

    The H110i and NH-D15 perform pretty similarly. https://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/7320/corsair-hydro-h110i-gtx-high-performance-liquid-cpu-cooler-review/index7.html http://www.relaxedtech.com/reviews/noctua/nh-d15-versus-closed-loop-liquid-coolers/2
  14. CPU Cooler Clearance - MSI x370 Gaming Pro Carbon

    ^ Where are you shopping/located? A slimmer cooler could provide enough performance while completely clearing the ram.
  15. Bad placement for my computers parts fans?

    Nothing to worry about. It usually doesn't make that much of a difference. Moved to Air Cooling.