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  1. CPU heat goes really high for no reason

    I thought the general consensus was that the 7700k ran hotter than the 4790k at stock. From personal experience, I've noticed higher temp spikes with the 7700k when using an i5/i7 copper slug cooler. I'm having trouble finding any comparisons though since comparing cpu temps across generations isn't the most popular discussion. Do you have any data on 4790k vs 7700k temps?
  2. New CPU cooler and case fans

    You should try sending them the receipt/invoice and explaining that you're unable to read the rpm from the motherboard unlike other fans. If that's not enough, I'd suggest leaving it as is if your temps are fine.
  3. New CPU cooler and case fans

    Some rubber mounts/washers for the hdd's could help. https://www.amazon.com/ORICO-Aluminum-Internal-Mounting-Absorption/dp/B005OJFASY/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1511171282&sr=8-3&keywords=rubber+hdd There are other more DIY options that tend to work even better. Some examples here: In your position, I'd personally remove the hdd cage for foam molds but I'm a bit more picky about noise than most. This is how my drives are currently sitting in my Define S.
  4. CPU heat goes really high for no reason

    It should be just enough unless the OP is unlucky with a high voltage chip. @Vaielab Have you checked to make sure that Multi-core enhancement is turned off in the motherboard settings? It's effectively and auto-oc and result in higher temps than stock. It's not enough. The 7700k doesn't come with a stock cooler and throttles due to temps when using the copper slug cooler that comes with i5/i7's.
  5. New CPU cooler and case fans

    That's a pretty common issue. New drives or a better mounting solution may help with that. What case are you using and where are the drives mounted?
  6. Cpu cooler for i7-6850k

    What cooler are you currently using? Where are you shopping/located? Budget? What ram and case are you using?
  7. The output voltage is 5v - 11v +/- 2% so ~40% for the minimum when using 12v fans.
  8. What you have in mind sounds good.
  9. New CPU cooler and case fans

    A PR Slim would definitely be quieter. That being said, the stock cooler is often far from loud with a good fan curve and proper case airflow.
  10. loss of control

    Fan control is generally up to the header you plug it into and not the fan unless otherwise specified. If you're plugging the fan into your motherboard, you should be controlling it through your motherboard settings.
  11. New CPU cooler and case fans

    In that case, I'd suggest contacting Intel for a replacement.
  12. How to clean an air cooler

    I wash heatsinks in water when I want to be thorough. Just make sure that it's fully dried before re-installation. If you're feeling lazy, compressed air or blowing through the fins works just fine.
  13. NZXT Phantom 410 Case fan

    Cases normally have as many fan mounts as possible for flexibility and you don't need to populate them all--the same goes anything else like storage drives or 5.25" bays. The included 2 should be enough for most systems already.
  14. Need help, Asus bios Q fan control

    You need to change it to DC mode to control 3pin fans. In that case, have you tried lowering the speed of the rear fan?
  15. ASRock support is terrible.

    Are you reading 100% rpm from software or are you looking/listening how fast the fans sound? Both iPPC fans and Corsair AIO fans tend to be rated at high rpm and might give the wrong impression on how fast they're running. If it's both, it's probably a faulty board. In that case, opening a case through email or ASRock's website should be all you need for an RMA.