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  1. Control 3 pin fans

    They're just plugged into the psu with an adapter.
  2. Control 3 pin fans

    It's set to auto detect pwm / dc by default.
  3. Control 3 pin fans

    It's on the motherboard website and manual. How fan headers are wired varies between boards and have different fan control options. You can usually find this info in your motherboard manual.
  4. Control 3 pin fans

    The motherboard fan headers support both pwm and dc modes for 2, 3, and 4pin fans.
  5. CPU Cooler Performance Tier List

    What are the system specs? If the fan on the heatsink isn't facing the same direction as the rest of the airflow in the system, it will perform worse than it otherwise could.
  6. Control 3 pin fans

    The adapter connects the fans to the psu for power and not the motherboard. If you want to control the fans via the motherboard, plug the fans into the fan headers on the motherboard. Moved to Air Cooling.
  7. Best way to power 9 ML120 Fans?

    Yes, splitters work fine but rpm is only read from one of the fans on the splitter and the same signal is sent to fans on a splitter.
  8. Best fan config in 011 dynamic

    3 on the bottom would be much better. It's best to keep fans and airflow in the same direction whenever possible.
  9. Best fan config in 011 dynamic

    There's an Edit button on your posts. What cooler were you going to use? Do you already have some fans or do you need recommendations for new fans?
  10. Best fan config in 011 dynamic

    What are your specs? The case is designed to be bottom intake and top exhaust so it probably makes sense to stick to that.
  11. bottom of cooler possibly uneven, temps rising over time

    What are your specs and how is your airflow laid out? What motherboard settings are you using? Did you tighten the screws gradually as opposed to one side before the other?
  12. bottom of cooler possibly uneven, temps rising over time

    It's normal for heatsink bases to be convex for better mounting pressure. Make sure that the cooler is evenly mounted and that you're gradually tightening the screws instead of one side before the other.
  13. How to adjust treble for HD668B?

    Online reviews suggest that those earpads end up softening the bass and leaving most of the treble.
  14. Either would be good: Themis: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/Wb4gXL/raijintek-cpu-cooler-0p105255 Chrono Guard: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/vWtWGX/reeven-rc-0902-555-cfm-sleeve-bearing-cpu-cooler-rc-0902