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  1. i7-4770k heat issues

    The adhesive you have or bit of super glue at the corners works. If you didn't have anything on hand, the IHS retention arm / bracket is enough to keep it in place before installing the cooler. The pressure from the retention mechanism and cooler is plenty for setting whatever adhesive you plan to use. It isn't very important to get the IHS exactly centered so you can do it by eye.
  2. G4650 cooler

    1 rear exhaust and 1 front intake.
  3. airflow vs air balance vs air pressure

    Yes, the NF-A14 works well but it probably won't improve performance much unless the original fans were inadequate to begin with. You can see an example of what I mean here: You already asked the question about the H7QL at the beginning of the thread. Replacing the original fan with the MasterFan Pro Airflow would probably result in worse performance.
  4. airflow vs air balance vs air pressure

    The importance of static pressure increases with the amount of obstruction. The stock intake fans are fine already. If you want to maintain positive airflow, just run your intakes at a higher rpm than your exhausts.
  5. Voltage fan control still worth it (fan hub/adapter)?

    It'd be more general-purpose if it could control both 3pin and 4pin pwm fans. With variable voltage, you could control either type of fan. With pwm, you won't be able to control 2-3pin non-pwm fans unless you're not relying on the 4th pin and pwm ic on pwm fans.
  6. How can NH-U14S TR4-SP3 have less fins than NH-D15?

    How TDP is determined varies depending on several factors. One of these factors is the socket the cooler is being used for since it's mainly a guideline for cooler selection / recommendation. TDP is often not an accurate representation of performance.
  7. Noctua NH-U14S on i7-7700k

    Yes, the NH-U14S is excellent. What are your temps when gaming? Are you planning to oc?
  8. NH-D15 is overkill for ''i7 7700'' non K?

    There are generally quieter and cheaper coolers still. Where are you shopping / located? What case and ram are you using?
  9. Front case fans not working after kraken x62 install

    Does swapping any of the fans on the hub make any difference to which fan is receiving 2w? Do the fans work when plugged into the motherboard? If you haven't checked out any of CAM's fan settings, you should do so in case any of the fan headers are set to a particularly low fan curve.
  10. Which Case?

    It comes in both TG and Dark TG. https://www.fractal-design.com/home/product/cases/meshify/meshify-c-tg
  11. Worth getting a new PSU?

    Custom extensions would probably look better than any stock cables that would come with a new psu. If you're using a psu shroud and your objective is to improve aesthetics, just go with extensions.
  12. Which Case?

    The Meshify C is more compact, has better airflow, easier to reach dust filters, better cable management and drive mounting options, and better fit and finish. The same goes for the Define C but to a lesser extent for airflow simply due to the solid front panel instead of mesh.
  13. It depends on how the fan on the cooler is mounted. Many coolers use brackets to install standard case fans onto the heatsink. Others don't but zipties are almost always work. What heatsink and fans were you planning to use together and why?
  14. How do I tell which cooler is better?

    That won't tell you which is the better heatsink. Testing for cpu load temps would. If would help if you posted some photos of the cooler you're referring to. Chances are that it's better though since you've described it having heatpipes.