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    Asus Maximus vii Ranger
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    Kingston 8gb 2400mhz
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  1. Hello guys want to get a small form factor gaming laptop to carry around and do 3d modelling and rendering with it. So I did some research and stopped on the razer blade and the aorus x3 plus v7 laptops. The issue is that I live in russia and they don't have support for razer laptops but aorus does. But razer feels like a more premium laptop but aorus looks good in design. Your suggestions?
  2. might not look professional to people?
  3. Hello guys, i am finishing my final year at university and soon i will start applying for internships as a 3d artist or environment artist. i made myself a portfolio and a demo reel on wix.com but as a student the plans are quite expensive. so just want to ask you experienced guys is it fine to apply for internship with a portfolio with little ad banner and a free domain given by wix? FLAG
  4. Hello i have a menu scene where i have a mute button and a empty gameobject with audiosource and dontdestroyonload script attached to it. Here is the code from the gameobject. using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using UnityEngine.UI; public class Backgorund_Music_Manger : MonoBehaviour { AudioSource ads; public GameObject BackgroundMusic; bool play_sound = true; void Awake() { ads = GetComponent<AudioSource>(); if(SceneManager.music == true) { Destroy(this.gameObject); } else { DontDestroyOnLoad(this.gameObject); } SceneManager.music = true;
  5. there is a new bug in rainbow six seige where your teammate opens a wall but for you its still there and you get killed by enemies
  6. hey guys just wanted to ask should i do post graduate studies in computer games development focusing on 3d art and animation. if yes could you guys please point me to some good universities in US, canada or uk. currently i am studying computer games development in uk(under graduate).
  7. whats the point if it break down after sometime or the update fucks it up after a year?
  8. lolol don't trust the reliability i know its a better phone
  9. same here man i am also a android fan boy, my friends know me as apple hater but i want reliability
  10. same here dude not a fan of iphone i just want a phone that is reliable