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    Anime, Computer hardware, and gaming on my rig.
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    Gaming is a full time job. But when I have time I also work.


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    Intel i7 4770k OC 4.4GHz
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    Asus Maximus vi Formula
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    16gb G.Skill Sniper
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    Asus GTX 1080TI Strix
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    Corsair 760T
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    500GB 850EVO, 256gb Crucial M4, 3x 2TB WD Black's
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    EVGA 1000W P2 Platnium
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    Asus PB278Q, Samsung SyncMaster S27B350
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    Corsair H105 AIO
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    Cooler Master CM Storm Trigger, Logitech G15
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    Logitech G9, Logitech G600, Logitech G502
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    Sennheiser GSX 1000 Gaming
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  1. I'm currently upgrading my pc to a new Ryzen build coming from an Intel 4770k. I mostly game and edit videos. I had ordered some trident z RGB ram 3200 C16 that was only $75 USD for 2x8gb. I was going to order another set to have a total of 32GB. However I know that 3600mhz C16 RAM will help my processer run a bit faster but, for that RAM it would be about $35 USD more. Is the price difference worth it for the gains i will be getting?
  2. Is it no difference for using the USB cable or no difference in having both side by side or you mean all of the above?
  3. I just recently upgraded my original Logitech G502 to the new G502 wireless with light speed. It comes with the USB cable to charge the mouse as well as an adapter to plug the dongle into if you want it close to your desk (i assume) I also just bought the Logitech wireless G915 with lightspeed. (trying to go for a more clean wireless look on my desk) I first wanted to know if there is a notable difference between having the lightspeed dongle connected straight to the front or rear I/O of my PC or having it plugged into the adapter which connects to the USB charging cable. Secon
  4. Awesome thank you, I didn't even think about the part of it not having DRAM. I rather pay the extra bit for that feature.
  5. I looking start switching to using more SSD's for storage rather than HDDs like I mainly have now. I want to get a 2TB SSD for the bulk of my games as well as videos I edit. I was looking to get either a Samsung 2TB QVO ($229) or a Crucial 2TB BX SSD. ($199) Is the extra $30 from the Samsung a big difference for loading games and editing videos from that drive?
  6. Awesome, I think I know what I will order for the single fan then. Thanks alot! it was so confusing at first with so many types of HUBs included with different kits. haha
  7. Yeah, haha. That's why I am looking into getting maybe a splitter or something to have them all connected. Oh wow thanks thats super helpful. so I would just leave the fans that came with the AIO connected to the cooler pump and just connect the new fan into this fan hub and all should be good correct? I did have one more question since Corsair has so many hubs and it's a bit confusing to me since I'm new to RGB stuff. I do see that they have a ICUE Commander pro. is this a HUB to plug in any type of fan and LED strip by Corsair? I see it has 2 USB headers so I w
  8. I currently own a Corsair H115i RGB platinum 280mm which I have on the top of my case and those 2 fans plug into the cooler itself to be controlled through ICUE software. I have 2 200mm fans that came with my Coolermaster H500m which are on their own fan and ARGB hub. then I just purchased the Corsair RGB LED strips that come with 4 strips and 1 Lighting Node Pro. So now I only have to replace the rear 140mm fan. I did see that the 2 pack of fans comes with a lighting node core but I wouldn't have a use for the 2nd fan. So wanted to see if I was able to control that single fan
  9. I am currently upgrading my PC fans and LED strips to RGB ones (for better performance of course) ha I just ordering the Corsair RGB LED Strips that comes with the lighting Node Pro. I only need one 140mm fan for the rear exhaust of my case since my Corsair AIO RGB cooler fans get connected to the cooler itself and can be controlled through there. I see that the Corsair RGB fans come with a "lighting node core" and not a "lighting node Pro" Does this mean I have to buy a lighting node core as well or am I able to plug everything into the one that comes with the LED strips?
  10. I here alot of great thing about the Tomahawk but I will admit I am an Asus ROG fanboy lol. I have all Asus things in my PC so I just wanted to stick with an ROG board.
  11. I only have to buy a new motherboard, CPU and RAM. since I will keeping my Hardrives, SSD, AIO, Fans, PSU, GPU and Case from my current PC My budget is $1,000 USD. I was planning to get something with 8c/16t or if the rumored 10c/20t CPU is real I'd get that one. I gave all the time as well as edit 4k videos. my 4770k handles gaming fine but I can see it starting to show it's age when editing and rendering videos. my AIO is only a coupel months old and my Strix 1080ti still runs all my games fine with gsync. So I wont upgrade it until Nvidia releases a 3080ti.
  12. Yeah, I was wondering if it even made sense for AMD to launch a new board for a chip that they said will be the last to be on AM4, Also I was looking at B550 boards but, I would like to have the extra features like having Gen 4 CPU link instead of Gen 3. Also I wanted to have all the extra USB 3 gen 2 ports and a couple other features.
  13. I plan on upgrading my 4770k That I've had since it launched in 2013. I was initially planning to wait for the x670 boards to launch and buy both a Ryzen 4000 CPU and x670 mobo but, with all these recent hardware releases being sold out instantly by bots and scalpers (PS5, RTX cards) I was thinking I should maybe just get x570 since I can buy it now and it will work with 4th gen Ryzen. I also keep seeing alot of people say that there really isn't much at all that x670 can add feature wise that x570 doesn't already have since, DDR5, PCi e gen5 and USB 4 will be all on AM5 chips. Would
  14. Ah okay, thank you! I think I will be getting this one that way I can put my smaller one i take out of the laptop in here and just use it as a large external storage. https://www.amazon.com/StarTech-SM2NGFFMBU33-M-2-SATA-Enclosure/dp/B00T8F298Y/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1549562945&sr=8-3&keywords=external+m.2
  15. Okay, so I can use one of these and when i plug it in Samsung's cloning software should detect it fine and let me clone everything? I just wanted to make sure before I buy it.