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About TubsAlwaysWins

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    WRX Club
  • Birthday August 3

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    Computers, YouTube (watching it), Interwebs, Computers
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    Got into computers in 2014, built my first PC in 2015
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    EVGA Z170 FTW
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    Corsair Vengance LPX 16GB
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    EVGA GTX 1060 FTW / MSI Radeon R9 270X 2GB HAWK
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    NZXT H440
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    2x Samsung 850(?) Evo 500GB in RAID 0, 1x 2TB Firecuda Pro
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    EVGA SupernovaNEX 650W
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    ASUS VC279, Dell E156FP
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    BeQueit! Dark Prock Pro 3
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    Corsair K95 RGB
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    Logitech G602
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    HyperX Cloud 2
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    Windows 10 Home Edition
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  1. TubsAlwaysWins

    Software vs Hardware RAID

    KK Thanks
  2. TubsAlwaysWins

    100$ headset?

    Big fan of the HyperX Cloud 2s but idk if they are still relevant. Super comfortable and sound great
  3. I like my puter. There are many like it but this one is mine


  4. TubsAlwaysWins

    Software vs Hardware RAID

    (Please dont tell me its a bad Idea. I know its not smart and I keep no valuable info on my SSDs) Right now I have 2 Samsung 850 Pro SSDs that are in a software Raid 0 (Motherboard RAID) because speed. Is it worth moving over to a hardware RAID setup? I have a spare Dell JW063 RAID card out of a Poweredge R610 that I could use (I have a battery for it and everything). Would it be worth moving my RAID setup over to it for the sake of reliability or speed? The only thing is if I did I would have to buy cables for it, as the only cables I have are for a R610 SAS backplane. Thanks
  5. TubsAlwaysWins

    HP Omen Laptop (15-5110nr) wont boot

    Must be the SSD. I popped in the M.2 from a laptop I forgot had a M.2 SSD in and it fired right up. Put the Omen M.2 in said laptop with no boot device available
  6. TubsAlwaysWins

    HP Omen Laptop (15-5110nr) wont boot

    Just tried that with an Ubuntu ISO with no luck. Downloading Windows ISO now but not looking to hot...
  7. TubsAlwaysWins

    I have gpu death?

    Cheaper minus the part of buying an AMD GPU I imagine, but I guess if you have one lying around. That is really cool
  8. TubsAlwaysWins

    I have gpu death?

    Oh thats dope. Definitly didnt know that was a thing. Never even thought about laptops using it that way
  9. TubsAlwaysWins

    I have gpu death?

    My you? [Someone correct me if im wrong and Ill delete this and learn something at the same time] - And unless some black magic fuckery has released in the last year that I havent heard about, no you can't pass though one card to another (Graphics cards render for the displays you have plugged in to each individual GPU.) I have a GTX 1060 and a R9 270X in the same system, the 1060 drives whatever monitors you have plugged into it and the 270X drives whatever is plugged into it. Can't pass one through the other unfortunately. Your best bet would be if you had some sort of wireless streaming setup that the 7970 could render and then be sent to your streaming device (Like a Steam Link), but I doubt that would work either. (If the GPU is dead, its dead. There is no rendering to be had) What steps did you take to determine your 7970 dead? Edit: I was wrong, Props to @Saksham for correcting me and teaching me something new today.
  10. TubsAlwaysWins

    HP Omen Laptop (15-5110nr) wont boot

    My friends got an HP Omen NR-5110nr that he got a year or two ago. He said he wants to get it working because ya know its a laptop which is nice (he has a desktop too) Last night I was at his house and took a look at it. When you power it on, it goes to a BIOS screen that says Boot Device Not Found, please install an OS (etc.) Below that it says Hard Disk 3F0, and below that a system diagnostics option and a link to HP support. Running the System Diagnostics, the SSD passes both SMART and the other test it runs. (I removed the SSD to make sure the laptop isnt tripping balls and it states there is no drive installed, so I know its at least seeing something) I moved the SSD into his desktop to see if it would show up, and as a bonus let us recover data off of it. It showed up just fine and we got his pictures and everything else he wanted off. When you plug a Windows 10 USB install stick into the back, it auto boots into it and looks normal. Its only when you go to actually install Windows that it says there is no storage available. (I used the diskpart command to wipe the SSD and reformatted it as (if I remember correctly) NFTS). An attempted Ubuntu install gives the same results with no location found to actually install an OS Any clue why it would be doing this and how I can fix it? Havent found much on Google, but I also didnt have a ton of time. Thanks!
  11. TubsAlwaysWins

    Boot loop, can't access bios after psu switch flipped.

    Yeah its probably a jumper. Just look up what the manual says or use google to make sure you do it right As for the BIOS update, you should be good
  12. TubsAlwaysWins

    Tips for remote troubleshooting

    I was just riding on getting reliable known brands haha. Like if anything my desktop should be having the issues since its a nutcase down there (2 SSDs in RAID 0, a GTX 1060 and a R9 270x, and a 4.7Ghz OC on a 3.5Ghz processor) Thanks though. Ill try and keep updates going if I remember
  13. TubsAlwaysWins

    Tips for remote troubleshooting

    Thats probably what Ill do if theres time haha. I know I get ahead of myself though and ill be throwing out technical terms... Still on my list of things to work on
  14. TubsAlwaysWins

    Tips for remote troubleshooting

    I had him move one of the sata connectors on the motherboard when he first contacted me about the issue. I wonder if its the end attached to the drive...
  15. TubsAlwaysWins

    Tips for remote troubleshooting

    Does anyone have any tips for remotely troubleshooting a computer? One of the main things im after is something like a small linux ISO that can be downloaded by a client (or whatever you like to call the end user) that will alow a live boot for me to remote into, and Im not super up to date or familiar with Linux ISOs. If anyone has any they like please let me know, Thanks (I have access to GoToAssist Expert, and any of the free remote software available) If anyone wants to get more involved, I built my Uncle and his family a PC a year or two ago as an upgrade from their probably 8 year old desktop. A week or two ago I got a call from my cousin and my uncle because it wouldn't boot into Windows, and instead just went straight into the BIOS. I said I would get back to him if I thought of any solutions to the problem. I texted my uncle today and asked if he wanted me to look at it, and he said one day it just fixed itself. Maybe an hour after I texted him it went back to the same issue and some prompt about a Disk Read Error Occured. Im not sure whether to hope for a hardware or software issue, as I am a hardware person but that is difficult when you live 11 hours away from them. Any thoughts as to what it would be and why it magically fixed itself one day? It has 2 hard drives (a SSD for speed and a HDD for storage) that are both detected just fine. From the BIOS pictures ive gotten, the RAM is also being detected just fine (2x4GB of Kinngston RAM). I dont remember the exact hardware, but it has an Asus Motherboard and a AMD A10-7850K. tl;dr - uncles computer broke, fixed itself magically, and broke again with the same issue and read Disk Read Error Occured.