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    Got into computers in 2014, built my first PC in 2015
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    EVGA Z170 FTW
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    Corsair Vengance LPX 16GB
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    HyperX Cloud 2
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  1. Anyone got any good recommendations for a small laptop/tablet? Im thinking like GPD Pocket 2 size without the price tag. Im planning to use it as a information screen for my car, using a program called RomRaider (For ECU data). My requirements are 1. Can run Windows 10/8/7/XP, 2. Has 2 USB ports, 3. Is 64-bit and 4. Doesnt break the bank. I dont care if its a small laptop or a tablet. The current competitor is a 2011 Macbook Pro 13" that I have but im not trying to get my car broken into. Anyone have any suggestions? Im trying to do some research but not sure if anyone else knows anything
  2. I'm in love with it. Thanks! Yeah it's overclockable but I've gotta get steroids Yeah it can curl like 25 pounds lmao Idk I really enjoy technology and it's saved me in a way. But also a combo of the two I Dont think they are healthy by any means but they certainly aren't harmful thanks! Yeah I'll look into touching it up, thanks for pointing that out. And maybe I'll be fully tatted in 5 years, who knows (I doubt it but I'm sure I'll add more) Thanks! No I have not haha My gf claims to like it so
  3. Thanks for explaining lol. I didn't even think about the skull. I might have it added later (not in the center anymore so rip but)
  4. Got this today. I know it isn't the most accurate thing but I think it looks amazing. What do you guys think?
  5. So ive got some metal flakes in the speaker port for my Series 3 Apple Watch. Its my fault theyre there since I wore it while doing a bunch of metal work. Anyone have suggestions on how to get it out? Thanks
  6. OK I'll look into the settings. I just find it weird that it worked like new for a day or two
  7. Twas free and we are broke (I bought a 4K one but I ain't sharing lol)
  8. So me and my roommates have a Mitsubishi Wd-52327 in our living room that we (mostly they) play games on. The TV screen is really dark. We upped the brightness all the way with little success. I ended up replacing the lamp in it with a brand new one, and it worked great for a day or two (very bright), and then it went dark again. Any thoughts or tips as to how to resolve this? Thanks!
  9. Ended up doing a factory reset and it helped. Im aware the AP isnt responsible for assigning IP addresses, but it is responsable for letting devices connect to the network and it wouldnt give anything I connected a IP address. (I know thats a super dumbed down explanation but knowing that the fault in the network was the AP it was the easiest way for me to explain it)
  10. Factory reset and re-adoption fixed the issue. Thanks!
  11. So ive got a Unifi AP lite and an AP pro that are both relatively close in distance, but the AP lite is in a metal building and doesn't really let the wifi spread near the Pro. All of this information is pointless other than to say the AP Pro wont hand out an IP address, and the AP lite will. Both are managed by the same controller. I plugged my laptop into the LAN for the pro and it works fine. Thoughts on where to start? Thanks! The controller can see both APs perfectly and the Pro responds to all commands sent via the controller
  12. So Im trying to get one of my Unifi sites layed out all nicely and everything using the built in map tool in the unifi controller. When I add an image, it puts like a transparent white overlay on the image. Anyone know how to fix this? (I would use an API but im not paying for that shit. If anyone knows how I can pull the API key from another controller, please let me know as I have another site running a free API still)
  13. So I know proofing is hard, just looking to drop the sound (mostly out) as much as I can. I don't know them off the top of my head but maybe a 20'x20' room? Just looking to do one wall so my TV doesn't disturb my roommates and they don't disturb me. Listening position would be irrelevant I assume. And I don't know what to expect as a reasonable budget as I haven't looked into this. Not wanting to drop a ton (maybe $500+ is a ton?) but I don't need to keep to a strict "I have $100 to do this" if that makes sense Edit: I'm not gonna be blaring my TV or anything, our work schedules are just different and I'm trying to be respectful