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    Intel Core i7 4770k
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    Asus Maximus VI Extreme
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    16Gb Corsair Dominator Platinum 1866MHz
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    2 x Asus Geforce GTX 780 SLI (reference design)
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    Corsair 900D
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    Samsung 830 256GB SSD + 6TB WD Red
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    Logitech G710+
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    Logitech G602
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    Asus Xonar Phoebus + Beyerdynamic DT 880 (600 ohm)
  1. Ramzez

    Finland declares broadband a legal right

    This is direct quote from ministry of transport and communications in Finland: By the end of 2015, the goal is that virtually all permanent residences, business offices and permanent offices of public-sector organisations - in other words, over 99 per cent of the population - are located within no more than 2 kilometres of an optic fibre network or a cable network that enables data connections with a transfer speed of 100 Mb/s. The "Broadband for all 2015" project, set up in accordance with a government resolution, is being implemented under the leadership of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Outside built-up areas telecom operators are expected to build fast data connections on market terms. This will achieve a population coverage of approximately 95 per cent. Making fast connections available to some 130,000 households in sparsely populated areas requires public funding. This will raise the population coverage to over 99 per cent. Provision of mobile broadband in terms of both speed and coverage is promoted by transferring frequencies from television operations, for instance, to mobile broadband. Low frequency bands (including 800 megahertz) and demanding building requirements (95 per cent of the population in three years and 99 per cent of the population in five years) will bring fast, as much as 26 Mb/s, mobile broadband connections quickly available to almost everyone in the country. I would like to correct some misinformation here. Firstly, the plan to bring 100Mb/s Internet to virtually every finnish citizen is probably going to be delayed. Secondly, the government will only ensure that every citizen has the ability to get fiber but nobody automatically gets it. And here's the catch: If you live somewhere in the rural area and the fiber happens to locate further than few hundred meters from your house, the cost to bring the fiber to your house can be high. Anything up to 10.000€. Even if the fiber is near you, the ISP could ask big money just to connect your house to the fiber. That's why this hasn't been such a hit in Finland. If the fiber was cheaper to get, then more people would surely have gotten it already.
  2. I would like to point out a couple of things: As far as I know, the N1 is rebranded Foxconn tablet. The same company makes the iPad as well. So it doesn't amaze me that N1 looks somewhat similar as iPad. Nokia has just survived from major economic downfall. If the company leaders have any sense, they wouldn't push the boat out at their first consumer electronic device after the mobile devices sell off. Doing some research and getting the idea of the market is never a bad thing. Considering the N1 being the first launch of independent Nokia (Microsoft not involved), the N1 doesn't really look that bad if the price is right. If this is the debut that Nokia is coming back at the consumer electronics, I would be exited what they introduce next. And don't forget: Competition is what makes our devices better. More competition = better devices for all of us despite the brand.
  3. Maybe this isn't as important as something else, but I would like to see the ability to change title bar text colour. In Widows 8.1 you can't change the black colour into white (or something else) and if you want to choose a darker theme, the title bar text becomes unreadable.
  4. Well, let's see. Once iPhone 6 and 6+ has been released and they have been available for some time, then we should be able to see which model has sold more.
  5. I think iPhone 6 was made only because it makes the 6+ seem more sensible. Just like what 5C was for 5S. 5C never sold as good as 5S and I've heard many people saying that you get more for your money with 5S. Now with iPhone 6 and 6+, many people think the same thing. Not worth buying the 6 and go straight for the 6+, not realizing they are spending even more from their iPhone than before. I'm not criticizing, just an observation.
  6. Ramzez

    Do you think a person can be happy alone?

    Answer to the OP's question is somewhat complicated. Some people manage very well without having multiple friends and a relationship. BUT, I haven't met anyone who truly would want to be alone for years to come. Sometimes this might indicate the person have had some setbacks in social relations and now feels like he/she could do without them, since they only seem to cause harm and no good. People like this should still remember that we humans are social in nature and we need some interaction with other people. There are also people who think that everything they need, is a healthy relationship. Someone to love. No friends needed. However this could turn out to be disastrous to the relationship. Relying someone so strongly can not only destroy the relationship but can also make you very depressed if the relationship ends. And if there's no one to listen and support you, it's that much harder. Unfortunately some can't handle it. I would strongly recommend having at least some type of relationships with other people. You don't have to be best friends with everybody but having good acquaintances can't do any harm. And I would also deeply think about being voluntarely "forever alone". You don't want to wake up some day and realize that you have lived your whole life without ever loving anyone.
  7. I think the best feature is the possibility to remove the back cover and the battery. Plus the G3 is surprisingly small considering it has 5.5 inch screen. I would have liked to see the speaker to be located at the front though.
  8. I don't know why some people here are so negative about Wendell's review. Maybe he is not 100 % correct all the time but as far as I know, he hasn't done a lot reviews. Give him a chance to develop further. Also if I was considering to buy the Surface Pro 3, I would watch more than one review just to be sure that I have covered all the angles before deciding to pay more than 1000$ for a tablet.
  9. +1 Microsoft is going to get rid of the Nokia brand from the Lumia phones because Nokia is still an independent company which didn't sell its name to Microsoft. I guess MS could rent the "Nokia" name but it's unlikely. I'm not surprised that many american users never thought about Nokia being anything special since even back in the golden days, Nokia was never a hit in the US despite it being the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. When it comes to selling the mobile phone business, I think it was really clever move from Nokia. They were on big trouble with the mobile phone business and the entire company could have gone bankrupt if it hadn't sold the business. Now Nokia is once again making good profit but obviously we are not going to see new Nokia handsets anymore (not in the near future at least).
  10. Ramzez

    More Mass Effect teasers

    Yeah, the original ending that was supposed to feature in ME3 never made it to the final release. The indoctrination theory would have been epic ending for the trilogy. For me it could have been the best ending to any game or movie ever released. It was so fantastic and intriguing.
  11. Ramzez

    Your Top 5 Most Worthwhile Purchases

    If it has to be tech related then: 1. Second monitor (makes working so much more efficient) 2. Mechanical keyboard (I write a lot so it makes a difference) 3. HTC phone (my first HTC was the legendary HD2, after that I've stayed with HTC and it has never disappointed me) 4. Good quality office chair (when using my desktop) 5. My new Sony ultrabook (before I was carrying heavy 17" laptop when I was studying at university. Having this ultra light and compact ultrabook with good battery life makes a significant difference)
  12. I have never used Facebook and neither any other social media before and after FB. I'm only using Whatsapp which is not really related to social media. After FB acquisition, I might move away from that as well. I'm not sure about other people but it's likely Facebook will stay with us for at least 2-6 years. So many people have joined FB that it makes leaving much more difficult. If your friends are still using FB they are likely keeping you from leaving. I think that's the biggest reason why we have not seen dramatic decrease of users in FB. The biggest reason for me not joining Facebook or other social media services has to do with my personal preference. I like the idea of being a "bond villain" who's information is not widely available and not much information about me can even be found from the net. If somebody needs to contact me or I need to contact someone else, it can be arranged.
  13. Here's a screenshot of the problem: As you can see, some of the folder icons do not show correctly. When I go looking for the contents in any of those folders the files inside work but their tumbnails do not work correctly (not show up). After approx 30 seconds everything seems to resume normal. This happens only after reboot or logging out. If I don't reboot or log out, the thumbnails work normally every time I use them. When the problem occurs, the metro interface stops working as well. If I log into with my Microsoft account, these problems do not exist. There's really no simple explanation why this is happening. Reinstalling windows and not installing anything else except the windows updates will still cause this problem.
  14. Yeah, this has left me scratching my head. I've not seen other people having the same issue and there's really no logical reason for the problem existing. I've tried reinstalling everything but that didn't fix it. The only reason that comes to mind is that the iso file is somehow corrupted and causes all of these problems after updating to Win 8.1 but that's really unlikely scenario.
  15. I'm having this weird issue with my desktop where the file explorer becomes very slow if I use my local account instead of Microsoft account. The problem is somewhat hard to explain but I try my best: - The problem occurs only on computers which have multiple hard drives - Thumbnails do not show for approx 30 sec in my secondary hard drives after reboot or logging out and logging in - Files can still be accessed in this 30 sec period (so the hard drives are not turned off), only the thumbnails do not show correctly - Metro interface might not show up when Win-button is pressed in that 30 sec period. After the delay, Metro starts working normally - If the computer is not used for hours but is left on, file explorer might become unresponsive and it needs to be refreshed all the time - This problem occured after Win 8.1 update and was not an issue with original Win 8 - Reinstalling Windows won't fix the issue - This is a problem even without any extra software or hardware installed - All drivers are the latest version - The problem occurs on my desktop (which has multiple drives) and one of my laptops which has SSD for OS and mechanical HDD for other stuff. Same exact problem occurs for both PC's so it's not a hardware issue. My other PC's which has only single drive don't have this issue. - Logging in with Microsoft account mysteriously fixes all the problems