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    Car and aviation enthusiast, gun nut and computer nerd!
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    Christian, piano player, gamer, car, aircraft, tech and firearm enthusiast.


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    Intel Core i5-4570
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    Windows 10 Home 64-Bit UEFI

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  1. Hm, unfortunately, no. I can try testing one stick at a time... But I'm not sure how I would know if something is wrong since I didn't get any errors with both sticks.
  2. So I ended up running both the windows and Memtest86 diagnostics and both came out with no errors. I'm stumped again. Any more ideas? Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, I've been plagued by something mysterious that causes my computer to crash and reboot every once in a while after I leave it idling. It does this almost every day at some point, if I just go and take a shower and come back, I've found that my computer has restarted, even if I leave for 10 minutes sometimes, I'm unlucky enough to come back and find that the whole system rebooted. Can someone please help? -Windows 10 Home 64-bit 1709 -Drivers are all up to date, as far as I know Here is an attached of my system event logs
  4. Guys try this, open the "type here to search" and click on the "notebook" button (the one that looks like a little Harddrive) and go to manage skills and scroll down to "pick up where you left off" See if that is turned on or not. I have turned mine off and yet this still happens, but I'm curious as to if turning it off for you guys will do anything.
  5. Happens on my laptop with windows 10 as well. It seems to only happen to chrome. I haven't noticed any other programs (that I haven't specified to startup) doing this thing.
  6. Hello, I have an issue where even when I restart the computer, or just shut down etc, Chrome keeps opening back up to where I last had open as soon as Windows starts up. I can't seem to find any settings, Chrome is not part of the Windows startup schedules and yet it still starts everytime! It is quite annoying. Please help! Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone, Wondering if anyone has experienced the same issue, recently reinstalled Windows 10 on a new SSD, updated everything to latest drivers/software, including Win 10 updates, GPU drivers, chipset drivers, all that sorts of stuff. However, I noticed a weird issue with my computer not idling out and going to sleep by itself. If I just want to turn off the screen, it won't let me do that too. I played around with many settings and found that as long as Nvidia's In-Game Overlay was on (doesn't matter if "Instant Replay" was on or not) then the issue occurs. The even stranger thing is that, if IGO was ON and I go to device manager to DISABLE my joystick (Logitech 3D Extreme Pro) then the computer sleeps and turns off the screen as normal! WTF? Anyways, if anyone has the same issue or has any solution to this I would really appreciate it. I wouldn't like to turn off my joystick or IGO every time. Thanks!
  8. Nope, that has always been disabled, and I checked and it was still disabled.
  9. Hello everyone, I installed the FCU not too long ago, maybe a month ago, and it seemed to be working fine for the most part, except I've realized that all my games have mouse acceleration turn ON even though the in-game settings has raw mouse ON and mouse acceleration OFF. Before the update, and ever since I've been gaming, I've used mouse acceleration when I'm not gaming (set the sensitivity and acceleration up using my mouse's software), but when in a game, the game's setting will override the mouse acceleration setting and allow me to play the game without acceleration. This doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Is anyone else is also experiencing this? Thanks.
  10. I didn't manage to get the phone to fully work, but by some lucky miracle, I managed to get the phone booted up and into the Android OS, except with no screen output (the screen was dead). I then connected a keyboard to my phone using one of those OTG USB adaptors and typed the password in. But after that, I didn't know how to navigate to all the stuff I needed with a black screen so eventually it didn't work. But mainly, I tried many many weird and different combinations of power, volume, and home button presses and holds etc. I really don't know how it worked, it was by luck that I got it booted into the OS without bootlooping.
  11. I didn't really pay attention to Chrome's RAM usage before, but I just checked now, after the update and just having 4 tabs open... i'm using more than 1gb of ram?!?! Has this always been like this?
  12. Hm, I really don't have any idea why it would reject the screen for you phone then... maybe some hardware lock?