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  1. Love it when they let Brandon go HAM with the filming.
  2. Look around local thrift stores, I found a set of these for $45. I already have a speaker setup, so gifted it to a friend.
  3. Hey guys! Pretty much what the title says. I'm looking for a program which can tell be the data rate and total data used by specific programs, for example: Chat client, video games, bit ttorrent client, etc. Anything you can point me towards? Thank you!
  4. Your normal speaker system plugs into the wall which is AC. He wants a system that runs from DC. What about getting a 12v to AC inverter? Is that an option for you? You can get a 300W continuous DC to AC inverter for less than $30 on amazon.
  5. Hey guys! So I used to have a 660Ti when I first built my computer, but I sold it because I needed money. And now a little while ago I picked up a used 7970 for pretty cheap so I can start playing games again. The card has a nice open cooler design so the fans are pretty quiet while gaming even with almost a 100% continuously. My CPU has a hyper 212 and the fan is always set to 35%, keeps the CPU cool enough. Case fans are a bunch of cheap NZXT ones, but I have a lot: 2x120 + 1x140 intakes 2x140 + 1x120 + PSU exhausts. I keep all the case fans on the low setting using my case's built in controller so they are super quiet. So with the old 660Ti, I never even heard the PSU, but now with the 7970 the PSU turns up quiet a bit and I can hear it over all the other fans in the system. Since the PSU itself works fine and provides enough power for the system(have had no problems even with max load tests), I don't really want to replace it, I just want to make it quieter. I have seen people doing PSU fan replacements, but I'm unsure what I would replace it with. Opening up the PSU and digging into it is not a problem for me. Any advice? Should I replace the fan? Will it help? If yes, what fan should I get for it? The PSU I am using is a Antec Neo Eco 520w. I made sure to get a good PSU for the system originally, this one is manufactured by Seasonic which from what I know are the best in the PSU market. If I can quieten it, I'll probably just have to live with the noise. Can't justify getting another PSU just for noise.
  6. The SMSL amps will definitely be better, but they are also more expensive. I think the cheapest one is $50 compared to the ~$20 of the Lepai. I would just get the Lepai unless you are willing to shell out $70 for the 50w SMSL: http://www.amazon.com/SMSL-TDA7492-Amplifier-Adapter-Silver/dp/B00A2QLGEQ/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1456203933&sr=8-5&keywords=SMSL+amp
  7. IDK Why people are saying those things. That amp will be fine. Putting 50W into those speakers would be insanely loud. Get the Lepai if that is all you want to spend. A better amp will be considerably more. The 50W speaker rating is just the max, you don't need an amp that can hit that wattage.
  8. I much prefer speakers. The sound just feels so much more natural from speakers IMO.
  9. I've used the Hyper 212 Evo and also the smaller Cooler Master TX3. Both are super quiet when the fans are low, but can get loud if you turn up the fans. I don't think I've ever seen the fans on my 212 ever go above 40%.
  10. How many bong rips do you need to kill a PC?!?!?! Not going to attempt that challenge.
  11. Never had this issue in my room, it does leave residue on my car's windows though.
  12. Looking through all of these, I think I need to change my lay out. Looks too old school. I just love the spectrum visualizer I have.
  13. I have the Shure SE215 SPE. I had the S4s before and these beat them by a long shot. At first the design was kind of annoying since the cable goes over your ear, but after a little while it feels so natural and its way harder for the earbud to fall out. From what I have read the SPE version is not too different from the standard ones. Supposedly the bass is a little better, but IDK if its worth an extra $30.
  14. That's true. I got my K95 when I RMA's my K90(for the 2nd time). They sent me the K95 instead. Probably because I sent them a pretty angry sounding email. I was pretty pissed when the keyboard I got back was bent..