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  1. so i am new to creating website so i have some questions on how to start. so i have my domain website i am paying to have it hosted on this website called gandi.net. my end goal is to create an e-commerce website but i have no idea how to get word press installed and working on the domain hosting site. there is this thing called "create instance" in the simple hosting part of the gandi site and under it it says i have to create an "instance" dont fully understand what that is.. here are some photos do i have to pay monthly for the instance and do i have to or is there anther way around
  2. this had nothing to do with this post but ur name "aleemageddon" contains my name aleem in it. idk why this is so weird because like aleem is such an uncommon name. so like ye.. no point in this comment. but some useless knowledge for u. my name is aleem.
  3. Willy Dijo thts the golden material for me haha 3mm or go home!
  4. nice build man i really like the material you use! i just really love metal haha!
  5. wow this is an extremely complex build... amazing.
  6. all u need now is a batman logo cutout and ur set
  7. the old layout was good but instead of adding features to make it better they changed the whole thing....
  8. it needs to be more simple. looks way to complicated.
  9. sounds like a good idea but cloths that have stuff like this doesn't last or sell to well. look at the hoodie with the headphones built in. they died out quickly. plus cloths are meant to send a message not be useful (sadly). look at heelies. they died out quick too. srry man.