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  1. sorry for late reply. thank you for this details. do you really think risc-v has a shot at taking down the big guys? intel/arm/amd?
  2. also one thing to note: that inwin case i have is an updated version of the d frame mini which allows me to have mount a micro atx board in there but i have to give up the hard drive mounts but it doesnt really matter because i am using a nvme ssd so i wont be having a harddrive that i need to mount. Also, i have to go and buy motherboard mounting screws because they only give you 5 when you need more for micro atx
  3. finally filled out everything that i got. the total is about $800 which exceeds my budget but thats alright. once the parts start coming in ill show some pictures.
  4. I know that the fan is broken i have to replace it lol
  5. Simple build for myself because my last computer blew up lol, i no longer game so i am not going to be spending money on a new graphics card. i mainly program so i am going to be using linux mint for this rig. The parts i am going to be using is: Motherboard:Asus TUF B450M-Plus Case: Inwin D Frame Mini CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2x16GB) 3200MHz C16 DDR4 DRAM GPU: gtx 660ti PSU: EVGA 110-BQ-0500-K1, 500 Bq, 80+ Bronze 500W, Semi Modular, Storage Device: Samsung 970 EVO SSD 500GB Budget: 500-700 USD
  6. This is my 2nd post about Blockchain, still curious as to what you guys think about it. DeFi, DCC, and other Dapps? what is yall opinion on it all? which projects is exciting? non fungible tokens? interesting games like cryptokitties and gods unchained?
  7. i was just like you, but start with linux mint. eventually you get use to using the terminal and slowly you will start to think linux is better
  8. just like the title says, Intel and AMD all have a backdoor in them which are potential vulnerabilities. my question is does a raspberry pi have one? obviously their are different chips for different rasberry pis but in general do they? thank you very much
  9. i had a small misconception that the blockchain becomes the computational resource provider. this is not true. the decentralized computing i should have been referring to is ran off chain. but a marketplace that allows computational resource providers is decentralized. this is a github project that is working on that as we speak. https://github.com/iExecBlockchainComputing/iexec-sdk what i think is happening and correct me if i am wrong, is that the blockchain becomes the middleman between applications seeking for computational resources and the providers.