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  1. I totally understand. But I did clearly state in this post that my main focus is gaming. Besides, I don't really use my pc for much else except for web-browsing & once in a great while creating a personal document or 2. My main concern is what would be the best method(s) of getting Origin & my Origin games to run- Lutris, WINE, PlayOnLinux, Proton, etc. You recommended KDE Neon- is it better than Manjaro overall or do you know? Also, I'll provide my system specs just in case you missed them: PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price
  2. From what I've understood, it seems to be easy to setup. But nonetheless, I'm sure your exact hardware config may or may not affect how easy it is to install & setup properly. Did you try it on a custom pc or a laptop by chance? Just curious...
  3. I've definitely considered it since it's a great choice for gamers & it seems to do a lot of other things right. I'm mainly concerned if it will eventually "break" my system though. Wendell from Level1Techs actually discusses Manjaro in general as a choice for gamers as found in this link: BTW, I was wondering about you- are you running Manjaro on a laptop or are you running in on like a custom-desktop...?
  4. I have been thinking of switching from Windows 10 to a Linux distro to try out for a while & at the moment, I'm not sure if Manjaro Linux would be the right choice for me. I've attempted to narrow my choices down in my research, but I don't know everything there is to know about Linux. Esp. given the fact that I have NEVER tried it out yet. [To be clear though- this will only be as a trial sort of thing & I'm pretty sure I'm bound to switch back to Windows later on at some point.] For anyone who is curious/interested, I made a post a few days ago on the Level1Techs forum about this. Yo
  5. I've definitely considered Deviantart before, but wanted to save them for sort of like a "last resort" type of thing. But I guess I have nothing to lose by trying there...
  6. But I never said it would be "impossible". Also, just for clarification, with regards to what I was talking about earlier, I didn't mean regular art; more like fan art I should have said.
  7. I totally understand your point, but not everyone (like me) can actually afford to pay someone for something like this. I mean, being young & unemployed is bad enough; try to see my point...
  8. Not to sound too demanding here, but do I have any free options if I can't pay? Surely there are some free options out there. Afterall, I'm just wanting some recommendations for artists who might be willing to do this for free.
  9. The last time I made a post here, I was asking for some opinions/advice/suggestions about some tracks to use for my video project & the responses I got were pretty good overall! BTW, thanks for the replies on that topic! But now, I feel like I'm stuck again. As the title states it in a nutshell, I'm wondering if someone here knows of any artists [art creators; not bands] who would be willing to create some custom pieces of art upon request for my YT video project? As of typing out this topic, I've only managed to find 1 artist on Instagram whose art I liked, but he said he doesn
  10. Wow! Thanks for the extra replies, everyone! :) I totally didn't expect anyone else to comment, but I guess I was wrong! BTW, I posted a topic just yesterday on the fandom site regarding the Sonic 2 soundtrack. Only received 1 response on that so far, but I would highly appreciate it if someone knowledgeable could help me out with that! This link provides the full details as well as the response I got back so far: What Is The Length Of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Soundtrack & Where Can I Find The Complete Tracklist? | Fandom
  11. @Mutoh BTW, do you happen to know if Emerald Hill Zone is part of 1 of the other soundtracks by chance? (Doesn't seem to be part of the soundtrack from the 1st game after searching it on Youtube.)
  12. Sorry about that. Would appreciate if you spread the word for me! Just someone who's knowledgeable!
  13. This is a rather odd issue I've encountered since setting up my Youtube account, but I haven't yet figured out how to fix it or why it's acting up. Long story short, for my social media links on Youtube account, I have Twitter, Instagram & Discord all successfully linked, but only the Twitter link shows up when I click on my YT banner to view it. For anyone wondering, I just want Instagram & Discord media links to show up, but I'm not sure what I need to. If anyone needs a few screenshots to better help, ask away & I'll provide them! Same thing in case you have any additional quest
  14. Well, thank you for the suggestion! (TBH, I didn't expect someone to comment a day later, but hey, I'll take what I can get!)
  15. Not a bad start. I also posted to the Fandom site & I'm getting feedback there as well. I'll bear the suggestion in mind.