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    Core i5 3.1Ghz 3350p
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    asus oem
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    16gb 1600mhz ddr3
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    GTX 660
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    Asus Oem Case
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    2x 1tb raid 0
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    850 watt Corsair 80+GOLD
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    Asus 1080p something something
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    asus oem
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    asus oem
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  1. Rate the Photo Above you

    Nice Family photo 8/10
  2. Replacing k40 keycap

    Well looks like I have a new excuse to go with a k70
  3. Replacing k40 keycap

    Hello LTT, long time no see..., As I was cleaning out my more than overdue k40 of all the gunk I managed to slightly bend the left control key. I searched around but was wondering if I could be able to find replacement keycaps for my rubber domed k40 as most seem to only be replacements for mech switches.
  4. I'm not dead, may get back on the forums a bit more

  5. Resident Evil: Revelations

    I just wish that the series could die and we could still have some good untainted memories of it. And that Capcom could move onto new property's as aposed to re-inventing and re-capturing this old franchise.
  6. Raptor M4 Driver Issue

    I can't get corsairs software to work to hone in my dpi, it doesn't launch when I install it. It just gives me some error like microsoft gamemouse then some random symbols and such.
  7. Tech Confession Time!

    whoopdy doo... I shoot raw now
  8. How old were you when you first started gaming?

    I was 5, we had a psone small console from new old stock back in 2002, I started playing it around 2004. Spyro, and GTA 2 oh and I would watch my cousin play Sarge's heroes and resident evil. Which is still the shit
  9. Waiting for M-ursu to play arma 3 with me

    1. TheDoubleYGamer
    2. coolkingler1


      Holy shit you still are on the forum? :o thought you were eaten by a sealion

    3. TheDoubleYGamer
  10. I shot a bag of weed because hoes keep stealing my tacos

  11. What is your most random impules buys?

    I once bought combat fatigues that were from operation desert storm that were from a National Guard unit that was never even deployed in the conflict for $120
  12. Slow claps* Glad to see a company I practically grew up owning doing things right for a change since jobs left.
  13. Like if I get a plan that is 500 gig on and 500 gig off peak for internet what does it really mean.
  14. Would you buy from APPLE....

    I use my ipod nano I bought a little while back love it to bits.