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  1. I hope you... Paddled him. Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. That actually sucks though
  2. I actually know someone that wouldn't waited for cop shenanigans and just told the cops he shot the intruder. He actually beat the gu y down but cops still took 30 minutes to arrive
  3. Ac units are cabaple of cooling 2x the space and run extremely low during event. Its not that bad
  4. When people dein to touch me. Not like the bumping while walking or the hug, when they touch your hand, or shoulder. Americans are fucking weird
  5. I just assumed you to be another angst ridden teenager that had that one teacher that made you see the world for what it really is... To;Dr I always thought you were a nobody?
  6. I for one will call out Jake for lying. I can't remember a time where any plasma had bad color, or terrible cooling.wording makes me think fanboy
  7. The funny thing is, I could destroy most dots and most sc2 players, and I'm female. Gg mysoginistic fucks
  8. yay for fake news articles that are nothing more than click bait.
  9. Idk about that. My clans twitch channel has about 140 viewers everyday at minimum. When 3 of us are using the same channel it risess to about 180.
  10. I.... I mean technically you're wrong. But you're still wrong. Everything is magnetic in some form or another. ferro dia para anti And the magnetism of iron ions are the same of metallic iron: paramagnetic. metallic iron has six 3d electrons, two paired and four unpaired which means it is paramagnetic. the iron in your blood is found in the heme protein iron (II) with six d electrons, two paired and four unpaired (though it's missing both of its 4s electrons) Both forms of iron exhibit the same form of magnetic susceptibility as each other. So if you did indeed have a b
  11. fake, thats an old ass quadro card.
  12. Tl:Dr White knight philosophical rant calling everyone a fan of airtight an asinine individual, and no one should care about entertainment industry because it isn't something op is interested in.
  13. Actually you'd find it does, as dilution plays an important aspect in magnetic force/electrical force.
  14. If you diet like an american yes, but you'd die from iron poisoning first anyway