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    quebec, canada
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    RMA at INSO Solutions Informatiques


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    msi z390 ACE
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    Gskill trident Z 2x8gb 3200mhz
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    MSI Sea Hawk 1070
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    Fractal Design S2
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    Samsung 970 nvme 256GB, 2x intel 730 ssd 256GB, WD Blue SSD 500GB
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    Corsair ax860
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    Asus PG279Q
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    Custom Loop EK
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    Corsair K65 RGB
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    Mionix Castor, Logitech MX master 2S
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    Kanto yu5
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    Windows 10, Linux mint

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  1. I need a small amp for 2x Canton mx3 plus. just got those speakers for free where i work and i want to use them ! I dont know much about amps, is there something good for more or less 100$ ? I would like to buy on Amazon since i have a prime account.
  2. if you have the money sure, get some noctua fans everywhere. you can also just start with the stock fans and see how it goes. there is 3 140mm fans included
  3. from what i see they are pretty much the same thing. i would say just use the one with the colors you like the most
  4. Hello, recently i realized there was some kind of coil whine/electrical noise coming from my pc which wasnt there before. It comes from the cpu socket/pcie slot area (I think at least). Since we are getting close to new year I did a clean windows install like almost every year and when i booted first time, i listened closely, no coil whine ! I installed drivers and windows updates, still no coil whine. Then i installed Msi Dragon Center to control the leds on the motherboard and BAM, coil whine is back ...! I changed the leds to the color i wanted, uninstalled dragon center and the coil whine went away. Did this happen to anyone else ? Anyone knows what could do this ? Motherboard: MSI Z390 ace CPU: 8700k RAM: 16GB TridentZ 3200mhz GPU:1070 MSI/EK Seahawk
  5. i have full custom watercooling EK, i7-8700k, msi z390 ace, 16go ram, 1070 msi/EK with the waterblock(its kind of old i know :P) , 2x 250GB nvme ssd, 2x500GB SSD, PG279Q(1440p144hz) and i play dota 2 only 3-4 games a week XD
  6. chen57

    1080p or 1440p

    1440p 144hz is the best if you ask me
  7. for me it works almost 8/10. where i work when people leave computers for recycling, i always take the windows license when its windows 7. some dont work, maybe because they are specific to some computer parts. what i mean is that sometimes the license will have a brand on it like 'Dell' and it might lock the license to dell products. Im really not sure
  8. dont you get 1 splitter with every noctua products ? EDIT looks like im wrong since its a single fan cooler
  9. hey man, when its done can we get a picture and some temps updates ? That would be cool !
  10. unplug the hdd and turn on the pc to see if the noise is still there
  11. i got the fractal s2 to get a front usb c but i never use it lol my cable is plugged in the rear io. it just gives me a port for my usb key which i almost never use either. what i mean is do you really think you will use it enough for it to be worth it ? if yes then sure get the h510