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    Gaming, Tech, Basketball, Maths
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    I'm 14 and i'm edgy
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    Ryzen 3 3100
  • Motherboard
    ASRock B450M-HDV R.40
  • RAM
    (2 x 8) 16GB 3000 MHz Viper Patriot Steel
  • GPU
    RX 580 PowerColor Red Dragon
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    Phanteks Eclipse P300
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    240 GB Kingston A400 SSD
    1 TB Seagate Barracuda HDD
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    Corsair CX550 80+ Bronze
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    HP x20 LED
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    -Stock Wraith Stealth Cooler
    -Phanteks included fan
  • Keyboard
    HP KM100
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    HP KM100
  • Sound
    Sades sa 708
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
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    HP 820 Elitebook G4

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  1. Before i start, i want to note that im still a beginner at programming, i can barely get a grip on while statements. But from what i've read, the best way to train is to just make projects that helps on your daily activities, so i decided to do so. So everyday, i record my class' zoom meetings and upload those video files to google drive, copy the drive link, then i post the link on a whatsapp group according to the subjects. I'd like to make a program where i can paste the drive link, define the subject and then the message sent automatically I'm wondering how can i achi
  2. https://www.tokopedia.com/rexngo/lenovo-ideapad-slim-3-g4id-ryzen-7-5700u-8gb-512ssd-w10-ohs-14fhd
  3. weight wont be too much of an issue for me, just looking for bang for the buck i guess
  4. Good question tho, idk the dorm asked for laptops, and im pretty sure we'll also do alot of field studies there, and i dont think there's any room for me to setup.
  5. It was my parent's its been ages since i used it, im going to a dorm so i kinda need something for me without interupting my parents work
  6. So i've been searching for a laptop under 700$. and i got the ideapad slim 3, it has a ryzen 7 5700u but it only has 8 gb ram. I dont know if there are any additional ram slots due to the lack of reviews i can find about the product Should i just go for it?
  7. In terms of usage, i'll only use it for online schooling, basic editing, and basic programming. So a decent cpu would be appreciated (Preferably amd) and i'll also need a decent battery life and when it comes to gaming, i wont game on the machine too much, even if i do, i'll problaly just play some simple games like csgo, TF2, indie platformers, and emulating old consoles. So a good gpu isnt really necesarry, but a decent one would be appreciated (im fine with playing on low res)
  8. ay man sry for the late reply, i had something to do, but it worked, tysm man
  9. So i was having some usb issues so for troubleshooting i decided to delete the usb root hub and restart the pc Before i delete the usb root hub there was 2 of them, i deleted both, then i restarted the pc. After i restarted, 2 out of 6 usb 3.0 ports did not work at all, so i opened device manager and found this: Any idea how i can recover the 2nd root hub?
  10. Hi, im just looking for a pair of handsfree for around 10$, im using it for general use, like media consumption, music, and games. For music, i listen to all kinds of music really, rock, classical, etc. For games, i don't really play competitive games like cs and such, but i'll play it like once in a week with a friend or somethin. I mainly play games like doom and team fortress 2 It would be appreciated to have more than one suggestions just in case if the suggested model isnt in stock or isnt even in my country. My previous handsfree that i us
  11. So today, when my buddy opens chrome on his laptop, he notices several visual glitches. Whatsapp web chat messages appears like this: There's a giant black box on the search predictions: And youtube thumbnails are just red pictures (Some loads, some dont): (its not his internet connection i checked that) At first i thought it was a gpu issue, but the glitches appears on a specific element of a site, the glitch placement isnt consistent, thats why i ruled out the possibility of a gpu issue (btw he's using a laptop with an intel i7 7700hq and a
  12. So one of my gpu fans are broken. i decided to swap it with another one but i tseems like nobody is selling a replacement in my country, the gpu fan have a sort of unique mounting holes. Here's a picture from aliexpress for reference: Are there any way i can make my gpu cooler? Currently my pc only have one exhaust fan, so i think it should help a bit if i add another one Plus, if i were to use this card at the temperature limit (The limit is 90c) over a long period (4 hours max). How quick my card will be dead.
  13. I'm someone who normally consumes 1080p content on my phones so i can distinguish a 720p with a 1080p video, but how good is this resolution? The aspect ratio is 21:9
  14. Im going to open up my gpu and fixe one of the fans, its just that i dont know the screw size. I have some couple of questions: 1, Do all GPUs use the same screws? 2. In a single GPU, are there multiple screw sizes? or they just use one type 3. What is the size