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    Gaming, Tech, Basketball, Maths
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    I'm 14 and i'm edgy
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  • CPU
    Ryzen 3 3100
  • Motherboard
    ASRock B450M-HDV R.40
  • RAM
    (2 x 8) 16GB 3000 MHz Viper Patriot Steel
  • GPU
    RX 580 PowerColor Red Dragon
  • Case
    Phanteks Eclipse P300
  • Storage
    240 GB Kingston A400 SSD
    1 TB Seagate Barracuda HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair CX550 80+ Bronze
  • Display(s)
    HP x20 LED
  • Cooling
    -Stock Wraith Stealth Cooler
    -Phanteks included fan
  • Keyboard
    HP KM100
  • Mouse
    HP KM100
  • Sound
    Sades sa 708
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Laptop
    HP 820 Elitebook G4

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  1. Hi, im just looking for a pair of handsfree for around 10$, im using it for general use, like media consumption, music, and games. For music, i listen to all kinds of music really, rock, classical, etc. For games, i don't really play competitive games like cs and such, but i'll play it like once in a week with a friend or somethin. I mainly play games like doom and team fortress 2 It would be appreciated to have more than one suggestions just in case if the suggested model isnt in stock or isnt even in my country. My previous handsfree that i us
  2. So today, when my buddy opens chrome on his laptop, he notices several visual glitches. Whatsapp web chat messages appears like this: There's a giant black box on the search predictions: And youtube thumbnails are just red pictures (Some loads, some dont): (its not his internet connection i checked that) At first i thought it was a gpu issue, but the glitches appears on a specific element of a site, the glitch placement isnt consistent, thats why i ruled out the possibility of a gpu issue (btw he's using a laptop with an intel i7 7700hq and a
  3. So one of my gpu fans are broken. i decided to swap it with another one but i tseems like nobody is selling a replacement in my country, the gpu fan have a sort of unique mounting holes. Here's a picture from aliexpress for reference: Are there any way i can make my gpu cooler? Currently my pc only have one exhaust fan, so i think it should help a bit if i add another one Plus, if i were to use this card at the temperature limit (The limit is 90c) over a long period (4 hours max). How quick my card will be dead.
  4. I'm someone who normally consumes 1080p content on my phones so i can distinguish a 720p with a 1080p video, but how good is this resolution? The aspect ratio is 21:9
  5. Im going to open up my gpu and fixe one of the fans, its just that i dont know the screw size. I have some couple of questions: 1, Do all GPUs use the same screws? 2. In a single GPU, are there multiple screw sizes? or they just use one type 3. What is the size
  6. Solved the issue btw, i cleared the cmos and it worked, in case someone with the same issue searches this
  7. i have no displays with dvi ports in it, sorry for the long reply, your reply isnt being showed up for some reason
  8. Quick disclaimer, this shit is long... There's a lot i need to cover So i was just turning on my pc like every now and then and boom, no display. First, let me tell you the condition of the pc: 1. One of the GPU fans is broken (I'm waiting for the parts to come) 2. I use a dongle for my display (HDMI To VGA) Second, during the timespan the fan broke, i stopped playing heavy titles, i try to use lower settings in order to get below 75 Degrees, but during the setting process, the gpu does hit above 85 for a short amount of time Third, i did some check
  9. Increase the resolution, this should put less weight on the cpu
  10. Its an rx 580 powercolor reddragon (8gb variant) The right fan just wont spin, and its too easy to pull out, someone says that i just need to replace the fans but i cant find a replacement and this fan system seems different then the videos i watched. Thanks in advance for everyone helping Here's a vid of me spinning the fan and pulling out the broken one:
  11. No, its the fan on the top of the gpu
  12. My gpu have a dual fan setup, one of em just doesn't spin smoothly, it wabbles and it always hits the heatsink I do have some ideas why this happens: 1. The fan needs some more grease 2. The fan doesn't sit properly Which one of those is the cause? Or is it something else Btw, thanks in advance
  13. yea, the wifi is working on every single thing except rockstar launcher
  14. This problem is kinda complicated considering how bad my english is so i don't really expect anyone to response, but if you did, thank you. So for a couple of weeks i can't open gta, because the rockstar launcher isnt identifying my wifi, resulting me unable to open the game (GTA V) because i can't connect to the launcher, but when i use my phone's hotspot, it worked. I have a list of some possible problems that i checked: 1. IP Banned I tried reseting my wifi multiple times. i turned it of and waited for 10-30 minutes several times, still the same thing 2. Fire