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  1. kinda, if i flashed a custom rom i could get the phone to boot, but things like bluetooth and actual phone function where fucked. cant remember much else sorry
  2. just gaming, ended up ordering the one i linked since i wanted to order it that day
  3. https://www.ebuyer.com/989508-asrock-b550-pro4-atx-motherboard-b550-pro4 what about this?
  4. max budget is around £200 but dont want to spend all of it if its just unnecessary. ill take a look at your suggested b450 and b550 boards thanks
  5. ok, it was just the first thing i saw around the pricepoint i was willing to pay for a b450. ill take a look at the pro 4 and msi max boards thanks
  6. i should have been more clear. i was just talking about like the rough pricing of the chipsets on boards, like which has better deals if you get me
  7. ok thats a good point, lets say something around this for b450 https://www.ebuyer.com/856472-asus-rog-strix-b450-f-gaming-am4-ddr4-atx-motherboard-rog-strix-b450-f-gaming?_sgm_campaign=scn_8714e1eb7e000&_sgm_source=856472&_sgm_action=click compared to something around this price for b550 https://www.ebuyer.com/983104-asus-rog-strix-b550-f-gaming-wi-fi-ddr4-atx-motherboard-rog-strix-b550-f-gaming-wi-fi-
  8. so i have a 3700x and am not sure what motherboard to get. b450 and x470 are a lot cheaper but do they compromise on that much compared b550 and x570?
  9. Yep it is, doubt they will accept a return as it wasnt a business it was just a guy
  10. No spare board or cpu and goodluck rmaing something from ebay. (It was new but just bought from an ebay seller)
  11. Everything 100% plugged in I'm just confused as fuck with these ez debug leds. No cpu lights up the cpu debug led. My cpu causes no post and no led light up
  12. Nothing whilst trying to post although a 1060 is going to be used
  13. Also the board had flashback + which is supposed to let me flasha bios without a cpu so I'll try that
  14. Mentioned within the other post but I put too much paste on and it seeped out onto the board and CPU, from what I can tell I cleaned it off