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  1. That's why I'm trying to switch
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew a way that I could set up email forwarding form my shitty AOL account from way too long ago to my work (outlook.com) address. I have been told that AOL has removed the forwarding feature, so I was wondering if there were any other (probably 3rd-party) solutions to this. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys I'm Jeteroll on HoTS as well feel free to add me or something. Race: Protoss. League: Silver (bow down). Server: North America. Mouse: I used to use a Logitech G9X, then I got a Steelseries Sensei so I could have an extra for my laptop and I have since switched to the Sensei for no other reason but that it is newer. I honestly don't feel any difference between the two mice, they are both nice smaller sizes for my fingertip grip style. The Logitech software was a bit more fluid and reliable, however the Steelseries software is more customizable. Keyboard: DasKeyboard Professional with Cherry MX blues. This was my first mechanical keyboard and I am loving it so far even though it's not a gaming keyboard. However, I haven't used any other mechanical keyboards so I couldn't tell you what features I am missing out on.
  4. Hey guys, as most of you know Windows 8.1 was released today and you can download it for free (provided you already have Windows 8) from the app store. What are your thoughts on this? Is it better than Windows 8? Do you like it at all? Is Windows 8.1 in just as bad as Windows 8? Who's still sticking with ol' faithful Windows 7? I've found that Windows 8.1 is surprisingly buggy. I also think that the whole metro app environment is not well integrated with the regular desktop environment, and that the metro user interface is hard to navigate. I am still left with a desire for a more consistent experience so that I don't feel like there are two different user interfaces.
  5. Jeteroll

    Case Fans

    Just as a side question, what are the best 120's or 140's that are not too expensive?
  6. Jeteroll

    Case Fans

    Unfortunately, I don't have enough fan headers on my motherboard to do so, and trust me I would love to use 140's or 120's all around.
  7. Jeteroll

    Case Fans

    Hey guys! I have a Cooler Master HAF-X and I am looking to upgrade some of the stock fans that come with it. I will need the following: - A 230 mm fan for the front - A 200 mm fan for the top - A 140 mm fan for the back Now, I don't know much about case fans but I do not have any radiators or anything, so I will not be needing pressure optimized fans or anything like that, unless of course those would be ideal for me. I am mostly looking for high quality fans that will be quiet, but will also have good airflow. Price is really not of a concern to me, and neither are LED's. I would like to know your recommendations on which fans would be the best for my needs.
  8. This needs to happen! Such an interesting game dynamic, I can imagine this would be a hell of a lot of fun! I've never seen game like this and I'm certainly not buying an Xstalks One for this one game. I can see myself playing this like an a Fallout MMO, so amazing!
  9. <p>Personally, I use ESET Smart Security 6, although it is a huge resource hog and consistently takes up 100 MB of RAM. This isn't too much of a problem for me, and I love ESET's level of control and detection rates. There are more settings than you could ever need, even for an advanced user like me. Another downside of ESET is that it is very expensive compared to other security suites. See the comparative chart in my signature for an easy but detailed comparison.</p>
  10. It most certainly was not discontinued, although it was buggy as hell.
  11. EA you now have one job in my mind, don't screw this up or I will take it personally.
  12. Unfortunately, my Grandma fell for this one a few months back. She won't trust Java to fix security issues, but she'll allow some random Indian guy from a site called "exxcel outsourcing" to take over her computer, install free anti-virus software, and then charge her $100 for it.
  13. Well, I really suck at taking selfies and I had a late night last night, so I look like crap but here's my best shot.
  14. I would go with Bitdefender, F-Secure, or Bullguard if your not a knowledgeable user when it comes to viruses, all are decently fast and have great protection. Webroot is by far the fastest and uses the least system resources, but doesn't have top-notch protection. Avast is great but half of the entire program is ads, even in the paid versions. AVG and Norton geared towards average users, so they have features I don't really care about like backup and parental controls (although many other products have parental controls also). If you are knowledgeable and know your way around viruses and Windows, go for MSE or no anti-virus at all. My personal favorite is ESET, although it eats RAM. Check the chart in my signature for more info, it compares almost every anti-virus product in many different ways, and includes tons of statistics.