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  1. Favorite thing about the phone is that nice IPS screen. Favorite thing about dbrand is that they made a LTT case!
  2. I would be terrified if I saw Slick that pissed in real life..
  3. I like how it's faster than my current PC.
  4. The sexiness of the phone is what I love about it! Looks really sleek.
  5. Favorite thing by far has to be the speakers. Can't even stand hearing music out of an iPhone anymore!
  6. None that I know of, sorry! I occasionally go on Reddit and do some reading, that's enough for me haha. I personally don't do any type of mining. Maybe I should start... I think that's what I'll do (minus the CUDA mining ) and just get a 780. A lot of people speculate this "shortage" will be up until Christmas even, and I kind of need a GPU sooner than that. If the 290 ever gets an aftermarket cooler I'll get it in a heartbeat. LOL, some deal that would be, huh?!
  7. People have been buying them for mining. The card is OOS now anyway. Even the 7970's have gone up to $400 now, that's crazy.
  8. Sweet, thanks. I'll definitely ask them that. It just seemed odd how nothing look bad with the slots. I also do remember having to use standoffs from a different case, maybe that has something to do with it. I'll post some pics today just so you get a better picture.
  9. ZeVo


    Lot of people still have performance issues with 8.1 (including myself), but if you said it started happening a week after, maybe it isn't the reason. What driver version are you on? I know with a lot of people the newer Nvidia drivers cause many problems, especially for the 400/500 series cards. I consider 314.22 to be the "last" good driver for 400/500, but that's just me. I have zero problems using 314.22 (using a 550 Ti at the moment.)
  10. Woah, you didn't have to be mean about it. Maybe it isn't a crazy deal and the price hike isn't official, but if someone can't find one anywhere else, then they have a couple in stock at TD. And if you really wanted one now, especially before Christmas, are you going to buy one that some person on eBay/Amazon lists for $500+? Sorry for trying to help I guess..
  11. ZeVo


    Have you changed anything recently? Any new programs installed, new hardware, new drivers? Odd it just happened out of nowhere..
  12. If only I had GTA SA on Steam I probably would have been at 1000+ hours, but on my actual Steam list it's TF2 at 160 hours.
  13. Considering how crazy 290/290x cards are now, this is a pretty good deal. Hopefully TD doesn't increase their price like Newegg has. LINK
  14. The stock heatsink should be fine. A little loud, but it's not too bad. And the pre-applied paste on the stock heatsink is actually pretty good. I would buy some thermal paste though regardless because if you ever plan on changing coolers or just replacing the paste you'll need some.
  15. Hmm, maybe I should try cutting off the bracket to see if that'd do anything. I should have gone for the R2 when it was $49. :angry: