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  1. no worries, if you got the time im definitely still curious. Mainly interested in its performance mining something like Monero (cryptonight alg so usiing a program like XMR stak.
  2. 100 Gbps Network Speeds

    Using the internet at these speeds is probably unreasonable at this time, but datacenters and niche scenarios like NASA can have some pretty insane speeds, but primarily these speeds are used locally in something like transferring massive amounts of data to and from servers.
  3. Bytecoin

    Think there is a typo there but i get it. Monero is worse than bytecoin? The first coin of a certain Alg is usually not the best, others take upon the first and build upon it. 3 mil a day is traded in bytecoin. 24 mil a day in Monero. Those numbers speak for themselves.
  4. Bytecoin

    Unless you wanted to take some risk and make a ton of money. Which is a LOT of investors/stock traders. I took AP micro. I've invested in crypto, traded it, sold it, made money, lost money, ect. I've watched the markets, crypto and stocks. Volatility and swinging markets can make you a lot of money if you know what you're doing. Did you take some of those classes? This is a pretty easy concept of trading and making money. Entire day trading methods exists solely off the fact that a stock or crypto is volatile.
  5. Bytecoin

    Why do you despise crypto? Is this coin new? Hasn't it been out? I don't see anything it offers that makes it more sensible then something like already established Monero. We don't have any crytocurrency threads, just one specific for mining coins and its mixed in with Folding@home and BoinC. I asked for one and was told its not happening. Volatility is what most investors want. Thats where you make big money, quick. For everyone who wins though, others lose. If you know what you're doing, volatility certainly means profits. But with any investment, winning is not guaranteed.
  6. Why buy the overclocking binned model (2700x) if you aren't gonna overclock. Just get a 2700. And just because its stock is faster, you can overclock it to be even faster. Thats the entire point. You could buy a 1080ti over a 1080 for performance, but that doesn't mean you can't get another 15% performance on the 1080ti if you overclock. Just because its faster than the 1080 doesn't mean its not worth overclocking.
  7. Pretty much any Full ATX board these days are pretty feature rich. It my honest opinion It comes down to aesthetics. For me it comes down to its ability to overclock (cheap ATX boards will lack in this way) and its visual appearance. If you specifically wanted something like 2 M.2 slots, you would look for that specifically as well. I bought an ASUS STRIX X370 and it works great, and looks awesome.
  8. Sounds like you would love any of AMD's Ryzen CPUs featuring 8 cores and 16 threads. That means a Ryzen 7 1700, 1700x, 1800x, 2700, 2700x, and 2800x will all be great for you depending on your price point. I find the 1700x or 1800x are great bang for the buck, if you really want the new ones then the 2700x and 2800x are a little more expensive but a little faster. AMD is definitely where you'd want to go as what you need is high multi-threaded performance and that is where AMD has an edge.
  9. How to properly check a wire for 12V?

    Update: I was able to catch the signal when the bed switched from working and not working. I saw that the 12V dropped off the outgoing lines from the MOSFET, while it remained present going to the MOSFET. I just replaced the MOSFET, and now the printer is heating up and maintaining very high heat like a champ.
  10. Will my CPU be a bottleneck

    I was CPU bottlenecking my EVGA 1070ti FTW2 on a 4690k overclocked to 4.6ghz in Battlefield 4 (all 4 cores pinned at 100% with occasional stuttering and GPU not going above 90%). I would say yes, dependent on the game.
  11. So I am using a VPN, on my phone or pc which are logged in on chrome to my google account. Encryption is on, quite high. Say I visit superillegalwebsite.com while connected to my VPN. Wouldn't it not matter if the VPN is on because I am also logged into my google account, so everywhere I go is being tracked and matched to me anyways? Or does the ISP not see this and cant? Essentially a VPN anonimizes you, dissociating what is being done to a person/address. Isn't by being logged into an account like a google account de-anonymize you and your internet traffic even if the VPN is on? Or is this data not exchanged or something on a VPN or it is but can't be read.
  12. How to properly check a wire for 12V?

    Even when the machine is not set to heat the bed, Im getting a 12V signal properly when I probe the end of the plug (unplugged from MOSFET) thats coming off the mainboard into the MOSFET.
  13. How to properly check a wire for 12V?

    So the source of the power from the mainboard is the circled "1" , when reading this Im getting 12V here when using the screws at the top of that green connector the cables come off of. Im not exactly sure how to read the wires on the connector on the MOSFET, but sticking the probes into the plug where I believe im making contact with the wire, Im only reading around 0.4V, when the machine is not properly heating. Havent been able to get a reading with the bed working yet. Do you think this is an issue with the mosfet or do I not have enough info yet? Would replacing the mosfet solve issue?
  14. How to properly check a wire for 12V?

    This was exactly my issue! Thank you. With this info i was able to properly probe the points in a working and non-working example. I am uncertain to specifics about MOSFET upgrades like what was performed on this printer, other than its highly recommended for safety. I got 12V readings steady from the mainboard and on the receiving positive and negative on the MOSFET board (the cable labeled 2 is the positive and to its left the negative). The issues appears to be on the outgoing end. When the bed was dropping temp and not properly heating (this might also happen when its working?) If I grounded to the negative left of "2", I got a 12V reading from "3" (even when bed was dropping temp and not working), which is the outgoing power to the hotbed. However, When grounding with the negative to the left of "3", I was getting no readings at all from "3". So this means the ground coming from the hotbed is bad. Im not exactly sure what this means (break in cable on the way to the hotbed or something? What does this point to considering Im having on-off issues where it will work but as soon as it starts to reach temp it loses heat and drops off to never return. How could a bad ground lead to this? I have now made sure its not the mainboard not sending the signal to heat, its something in between.