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  1. I have a z9a-a motherboard, with a 4690k (16 pci-e lanes). I will have two GTX 1070s, which will run at x8 each. I have also purchased a m.2 SSD. I have a slot for it . I'm pretty sure it will still run fine as it will use pci-e lanes off my chipset , correct ? Can I add more nvme drives? I was thinking of adding 1-3 more drives using m.2 nvme to pci-e adapters. Am I going to bottleneck stuff (would it only bottleneck if I say use all the drives at once)? Will it affect the GPUs? Thanks to anyone who takes time to read and give me a reply.
  2. how do i get high speed internet in my rural area

    Pay your ISP tens of thousands of dollars for a personal connection or try and get your neighbors together to pitch together to get said connection. Thats really your only options.
  3. Which HB SLI bridge size do I need?

    Long story short I got a free 1070 so I decided to spice things up a bit and purchase a 2nd 1070. I did not want to sell the 1070 I have and deal with the downtime to get a single faster card.
  4. Which HB SLI bridge size do I need?

    I was confused by the naming schemes and found a video online (I had looked around for 5-10 min before posting this). Counting the PCI-E brackets made the spacing clear to me. One of my issues is I didn't have a tape measure to measure the gap. I will need a EVGA 1-slot HB SLI bridge it seems.
  5. Which HB SLI bridge size do I need?

    I have a Z97a mobo, looking to SLI 2 GTX 1070s (air cooled EVGA FTW). I would be plugging in my first 1070 in the first full slot, and then the second one in the next available full slot with the locking clip (its black). Is my understanding that I need the 3-slot bridge correct? or is that a 4-slot gap?
  6. Of course it does. Thats literally the purpose of a hotkey pretty much. Having a button that does a function rather than having to navigate through a UI to do something or get somewhere will ALWAYS be faster.
  7. No system post after installing GTX 1070

    Thank you for your suggestions. System worked fine with a 390X, but 1070 is newer I guess. I downloaded and updated ALL motherboard apps like LAN, audio, ect. Most importantly I updated BIOS. System posts after updating BIOS and gives display through the GPU. Now windows locks up during boot, thats another issue im now trying to resolve.
  8. Having an issue with a system if anyone can help: Asus z97 motherboard, i5-4690k. System booted fine with no GPU. Installed a EVGA 1070 in first PCI-E slot, GPU lights up (has power cables plugged in) on system on. All fans turn on and stay on. System does not output a display either on integrated graphics or plugged into GPU (using HDMI to DVI cable). the red LED next to "TPU" is on. 1000W PSU. Again, worked fine and booted to windows without GPU. The 1070 is from another PC that would not post either (haven't checked integrated graphics or even if FX-8350 has that). GPU is in perfect condition visually and gives off no scent of a failed component. What could be my issue?
  9. If anyone is curious of what im using my several Opteron servers for, this is it: 


  10. One could argue those fans aren't worth it either, however it will certainly improve airflow. for me $90 is a steep price for very marginal airflow improvement depending on what fans the case will come with.
  11. Looks like a solid build that will do what you want it too very well. However a CD reader for $89 is quite un-needed unless you have a library of old games and movies you need to watch off a disk. Im a "power user" of PCs and have been for like 4-5 years. I have not ONCE needed to use a physical disc, ever. And If I needed to do something with it, I can do it with a USB or CD player emulator (free).
  12. How far will a 1g tube of liquid metal go?

    I've done like 15+ CPU installs off a 4G tube of regular thermal paste, and that was on very large server chips, I think a 1G tube would be more than enough. Like you said, you don't need as much liquid metal compared to regular thermal paste as you only need a very thing coat.
  13. Corsair H100i v2 pump fail

    If the piping was only hot around the pump area, it sounds like a failed pump. You'll need a new AIO or a replacement one if yours is still in warranty. Same thing happened to a friend on his 4-5 year old budget AIO and he actually fried his 4790k from the heat because he kept turning it on over and over wondering why It was shutting off (it was shutting off the protect itself from heat).
  14. well then i'm sorry to say that you're just the type of person a hacker preys on and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Two scenarios, your password was not secure, and you got hacked because of it, or you made it info someone who knew you would easily know and they took advantage. Both cases would be to you not taking proper measures to secure your account. My experience with my incident when some of my accounts got taken over luckily didn't end badly because I always have my phone, but had I been asleep it could have been differently. That incident was wake up call for me to increase my security on everything. I hope this is for you as well and that you get your issue resolved with Paypal ASAP. If you want your accounts secure, then you have take action to do that. If you can't do that, then you shouldn't be using a paypal account linked with your payment method because you can't properly monitor and/or secure your accounts and you're asking for trouble.
  15. should i wait for volta gaming laptops

    As far as a quick google says, no official release date, and we can't predict the future. If the last gen just came out weeks ago, then you aren't missing out on much just buying them unless you want the latest tech right when it comes out and you don't need/want a gaming laptop urgently.