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    PC Hardware Enthusiast
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    New Hampshire
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    PC's,overclocking, astronomy, aerospace engineering, aeronautics, computer networking,cars


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    Ryzen 7 2600X 3.7ghz OC
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Strix X-370-F Gaming
  • RAM
    4x4GB DDR4 2666
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    Red Devil Vega56
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    Enthoo Evolv ATX TG
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    256GB M.2 SSD, x2 128GB SSD, 1TB WD black, 2TB WD black
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    Corsair RM1000
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    x2 Viewsonic 1080p 50hz
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    x5 120mm Fans, Corsair H110 GTX
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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    Corsair Sabre RGB
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    Astro A40 (headset)
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    Windows 10

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  1. Flashing a phone and wireless are not two things that people like to go together And this give the manufacturers probably an easier time to lock it so you cant
  2. If all phones adopt, with no port, how will you do something like unlocking the boot loader or rooting?
  3. Picture of the system? You're sure the small 4 pin CPU power cable is plugged in (top left of motherboard usually)
  4. it is not brand new but it was an expensive model at the time of purchase. Ive had it for a couple years.
  5. I did make sure any kind of QoS was off, tomorrow im gonna swap routers and see if that one performs better. Maybe the switch on the router is bad or something.
  6. Im trying to get my gigabit internet working, I have a Comcast gateway I've put in bridge mode to pass through the connection to my Nighthawk R7500. the Nighthawk will send 300mbps to my laptop (100% cpu load bottleneck) over wifi, but no matter what the connection, I cant get the nighthawk to send more than 20-150mbps (sometimes as long as 4mbps!) through the ethernet cables. Any idea why im getting such abysmal performance through only the ethernet ports? almost 4 hours of troubleshooting in and im beginning to think its a dead router. never seen it happen only other ethernet ports though. I did try other ethernet ports on the router and got the same results. I was trying different cables, switches, through my patch panel, not through, hardlined, ect. Pretty frustrating when I have 1GBps internet and my gaming PC is getting 30mbps... If the wifi can do 300mbps, the router is clearly receiving speeds in excess of my old 150mbps, why isn't it making it past the ethernet ports?
  7. Pretty sure the motherboard for the threadripper would cost you a lot more and so it would be better to go for the ryzen 5, and the ryzen 5 will do way better in gaming too
  8. Microcenter near me was selling Ryzen 2700x for $129.99 and $30 off any mobo. 16GB of RAM for $64.99. You could get a system thats twice the RAM and about 10x+ faster CPU (way faster than even a 8350 by more than 100%) for <$300, but i understand youre on a budget and i dont know if you have a microcenter near you. You are on a pretty dead platform ideally you need to get off.
  9. Pretty sure you are severely CPU bottlenecking. Im guessing you look at CPU usage during gamings its pinned at 100%, which is causing the stuttering as it cant keep up with the GPU.
  10. You probably need a driver specific to that phone, my Pixel 4XL would not show up until I downloaded specific USB drivers for google phones. Given the relative rarity of that phone it might be a bit difficult finding quick answers
  11. When you're getting poor performance use something like MSI afterburner to check temperatures of GPU/CPU and their usage. Make sure GPU drivers are installed/updated.
  12. Without knowing what kind of settings you screwed up, I'd just factory reset the router if possible. This will clear all your settings, so you'd have to do stuff like rename your wifi and reconnect your devices to it. Why go further than following what people instructions online were and start changing "other things". Very vague on what you changed. Not to mention messing with certain settings could drastically reduce network security.
  13. My other project, getting my Evo X back in road worthy condition (from the previous owner), is also coming along nicely. Last weekend I taught myself how to work on brembo brakes changing out fresh brake rotors and performance brake pads. Had an issue with the front right brake squeaking after install but after doing all 4 rotors, I started the first rotor taking around 2 hours to figure out how to properly disassemble/reassemble it, taking apart the front right rotor again I had it apart and back together and not squeaking in under 20 minutes. OEM parts with labor at a dealer would put this job around $2500-3000 according to forums. I put on a better set than OEM and did it for $490 in parts and a long weekend. And now If I ever need to work on Brembos again I know exactly what to do. When my friends ask how I afford all my nice things, this is a big reason why. Same things applies to pretty much everything, and with me loving to learn new things, I've saved myself thousands across all my hobbies while vastly improving my knowledge.



    fresh rotor and pad on the front right                                                     Car temporarily in the air to solve the squeaky brake


    To me there is simply nothing more satisfying than putting something together yourself, saving a ton of money, and then enjoying the fruits of your own labor. Whether that's building a computer, keyboard, or car.

    1. handymanshandle


      Hella rough Evo. Is it an automatic or a manual one, by the way?

    2. suchamoneypit


      It is a manual. I don't think I could ever bring myself to buying an automatic performance car after experiencing it on my Speed3 😂


      Might look a little rough right now, but the cars got fantastic "bones". Mechanically, its fantastic, and has $8000 in mods on it. Underneath the car, its like its never seen a winter (which is an absolute gem in New Hampshire). When Im done with it, its going to be a very nice example, and I intend on keeping it that way forever.