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    New Hampshire
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    PC's,overclocking, astronomy, aerospace engineering, aeronautics, computer networking,cars


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    Ryzen 7 1700X 3.7ghz OC
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    ASUS Strix X-370-F Gaming
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    4x4GB DDR4 2666
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    EVGA 1070 FTW2
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    Enthoo Evolv ATX TG
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    256GB M.2 SSD, x2 128GB SSD, 1TB WD black, 2TB WD black
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    Corsair RM1000
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    x2 Viewsonic 1080p 50hz
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    x5 120mm Fans, Corsair H110 GTX
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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    Corsair Sabre RGB
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    Astro A40 (headset)
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    Windows 10

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  1. I have a pair of XFX RX 480s. They are used, so its probably pretty obvious they were mining GPUs. Upon first installation, a clear CMOS was needed to post. Upon getting into windows, I tried installing latest drivers. After install ( DDU wipe done beforehand) it said it couldn't find my graphics cards (would show up when I tried to open software) and device manager showed error 43 on both GPUs. I tried multiple driver versions, no luck in getting my displays working properly or them detected in msi afterburner. I figured they may have a mining specific BIOS which may be interfering, so I use ATIflash to flash the stock XFX 480 4GB BIOS. After doing this, I finally got the drivers to properly bring up, but I was running a Crimson 17.xx version blockchain compute specific AMD official driver (tried using that in previous troubleshooting). I then installed the proper latest drivers for RX 480, and they are working in the sense I can actually open up the driver software and both cars are detected properly in device manager/msi afterburner. However, whenever I launch a game, as soon as it gets past some splash screens, or immediately, I lose display output and it never returns. A few times it happened randomly when just using desktop too. I was however able to run Unigen Superposition for a good 20 seconds, I stopped the test to see if both of my GPUs were running, however only GPU 1 was running at 100%. I closed the test and relaunched and lost display output Not even sure if I have crossfire enabled right. GPU 2 never sees a load. Every time I launch 3D Mark I just lose display output. So Im kinda confused on the issue here. Seems like it isn't BIOS as I seem to have fixed that. And the issue seems to be random, some tests ran, some didn't. I can even spent 15 min writing this forum post without issue. Is this maybe a crossfire issue? Dying GPU? Anyone got some input on this?
  2. suchamoneypit

    Bent CPU socket pins

    Well hopefully you don't ever make that mistake again. You can usually very carefully bend them back into place. Bend them too much and it'll snap the pins though, and then its definitely broken.
  3. suchamoneypit

    could i solder my IHS to my CPU cooler?

    I for one, want to see this man go through with this.
  4. suchamoneypit

    Pc keeps restarting

    All your fans are working on the radiator? These temps just shouldn't be happening. You shouldn't hit 90C even under an intense overclock nevermind just running a game. You able to test another cooler to see if maybe the AIO cooler has a blockage or something that would prevent it from cooling? Its firmly mounted down on the CPU, so its not able to even wiggle?
  5. suchamoneypit

    HDD is really slow?

    Yeah those are still normal boot times too. The system will boot kinda quick, but once it loads windows, windows immediately begins utilizing the HDD 100% to load all of the stuff in the background. Anything you do like click to launch chrome will take forever in the beginning because windows is hogging all of the HDDs speed and its tasks have priority. An SSD is WAY faster at this than an HDD and this is probably the most noticeable effect of using one. I went from it taking minutes to respond to it being instant by switching my boot drive to an m.2 NVME drive.
  6. suchamoneypit

    HDD is really slow?

    That seems to be exactly what you're supposed to be getting. I have used WD blacks for boot drives before, and extra drives. HDDs are just slow.
  7. For a mere $15 in difference, the actual gaming gtx 1060 will more than pay for that extra $15 in resale value in the future (like 400% more). That no display output card will be useless to resell quite quickly.
  8. suchamoneypit


    The fan fits into a groove in the heat-sink which is already taken up as each fin tower has 1 groove, and each groove would be already securing a fan. Maybe it could still clamp on. But it would really not give you much more performance, not worth attempting imo. if it were me making this post though I'd be like "Whats the guy on about, screw him im putting on a third fan because I can".
  9. suchamoneypit

    Worst Tech mistake you have ever made?

    Got a little ahead of myself and pulled out a GPU on a live system. Immediately saw what I did and facepalmed. Nothing bad happened though.
  10. suchamoneypit

    Is this okay to ship a CPU in?

    Put a layer of bubble wrap around it and tape to make sure nothing opens, and then you're fine. They are actually quite durable.
  11. suchamoneypit

    i need games for my upcoming build

    If you want horror get Aliens Isolation. Its been on sale many times, probably very cheap in G2A.
  12. Another throwback to when I didn't have a compatible case but I was determined to get that Xeon server working that night because I was so excited to test it. I cut apart the server motherboards box.


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    2. suchamoneypit


      @Windows7geseems like you got a server with those as well with a pretty sweet SSD array? Awesome.



      mmmmm what are those processors? specs? 


      i love it

    4. Windows7ge


      Nice. And yep. I have begun the slow process of upgrading the server to LGA2011-V3. I haven't fully decided on a processor but I'm leaning towards the E5-2670v3. 12 cores 24 threads. And yeah, the SSD array was rough to get started. Like a down payment on a car.

  13. Throwback pic to when I was teaching myself about crypto GPU and CPU mining. Pictured is my old dual xeon server and a handful of GTX 760s, 750tis, and probably a 970.


    1. suchamoneypit


      And yes that white fan was crucial to keeping the Xeons cooled while they mined because I was too lazy to attach fans to the CPU coolers.

  14. Im going full team red. Bought two RX 480s to crossfire to replace my 1070. Every game I play supports crossfire. Looking at 22% performance increase in those games with crossfire, with the dual 480 setup being $100 cheaper. It will also be around 100% more efficient in mining crypto, which will pair nicely with my 1700x which also mines quite well. Slightly superior gaming performance, significantly cheaper, and significantly better crypto mining performance. And it'll look cooler. Whats not to love with that? Gonna have to do all sorts of comparisons before and after.

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      It's a 2600 with a 240 mm cooler. I just pulled the CMOS battery out and put it back in (yes, stupid, but the CMOS reset jumpers were really hard to access due to the clearance between my 1060 and the PSU. Each component is working (fans spin, HDD makes non-explodey noises, radiator gets warm, etc.)

    3. suchamoneypit


      I let mine (1700x) run at 1.45V for quite a bit I would be quite surprised yours died from 1.4 volt. Can you try and use the jumpers to do it?



      Will do tomorrow. Thanks for the tip though. The mobo is an Assrokc AB350M.

  15. suchamoneypit

    Good Temps with OC?

    lol no thats just increasing the degradation on your CPU for no reason at all. You increase voltage to increase stability of the overclock. Idealy you get as high a clock as possible, at as low as voltage as possible. Eventually you hit a barrier where you can't clock higher with significantly more voltage. For me that barrier is when I go from 3.9-4ghz.