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    Computers, Video Games, and Basketball
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    I've grown up in a small farming community my whole life, its been hard for me to pursue any type of electronic entertainment just due to the fact of where i am located. The internet speed is abysmal and i am one of the few people who enjoys electronics and video entertainment. I make the most of it in hopes that one day I can move somewhere more accommodating to my interests.
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    Staples Easy Tech Associate


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    Intel Core i5-6500
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    MSI Z170A SLI
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    Corsair Vengeance LED 16GB
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti
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    Cooler Master Master Case Pro 5
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    1 Samsung 850 EVO 1TB, 3 Western Digital Blue 2TB, 1 Hitachi Deskstar 2TB
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    Corsair Builder 600W 80+ Bronze
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    3 ASUS VN247H-P 23.6-Inch Screen LED Monitors
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    Corsair H100i v2
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    Corsair STRAFE RGB
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    Logitech G402
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    Steel Series Arctis 3
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    Windows 10
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  1. But i also have no idea what processor would be supported, or another way of being able to find out which processors are supported, if any
  2. Yeah, the CPU upgrade "should" be possible, from what ive seen the processor can be removed. but why would it be harder? just a harder teardown to replace it? i dont have any problem with that if thats the case.
  3. Okay, so i have a big battlestation that i sit at normally and do upwards of 80 percent of all of my computing and gaming on, but i also have this laptop laying around. I would love to know what, if any, upgrades i can do with the machine, and would love input on what would be a good option for it. The laptop in question is a HP Pavilion DV7-1451nr. I like it for alot of reasons. one its a laptop that was bought for me by a family member a while ago, and it has some sintemental value to it. For two, it has ALL of the I.O. that i could ever want. I love how much i can plug into this thing and what i can use it for. Currently the machine is running the latest version of the Elementary OS flavor of linux, and it does very well with the older hardware, but leaves alot to be desired in the processor department. It has a AMD Turion X2 dual core processor in it now, and the computer is really struggling to even just do things such as watch youtube. the low amount of memory installed (4GB) hasnt really been a problem, but i think that the spec page says that it can support up to 8GB (https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01753033) and would love to know what memory i should be looking for to upgrade this thing. I have no idea if the processor upgrade is even possible on this machine, but i would love to know your guys input. Thanks for the help!
  4. Tithonius

    Antec S10 Custom Glass

    yeah im hoping your right about the bolts. and yeah, ive tried to get ahold of antec a couple times now, but they dont seem to be very willing to even respond at all. im gonna keep trying, but if all else fails, ill buy the aluminum side panel one before they go out of stock on newegg... hopefully
  5. Tithonius

    Antec S10 Custom Glass

    Yeah but my worry is that I dont wanna damage the aluminum panels when i take the hinges off. i may have to drill out rivets is they are rivets. but again, i would MUCH rather just buy one with tempered glass factory. but THEY DONT SEEM TO EXIST!?!
  6. Tithonius

    Antec S10 Custom Glass

    Yeah, but what i dont believe is that the case just dropped off the face of the planet. i cant find it ANYWHERE. ive looked overseas, ive looked on ebay, like it almost seems like the tempered glass ones dont even exist.. and it kinda sucks. and yeah, that was a thought i had for sure. ill have to get the hinges off the old side panels, which is something i just am not sure about since i dont have the chassis yet
  7. Tithonius

    Antec S10 Custom Glass

    Bump? Anyone have any input?
  8. Okay, for a long long time now ive been inlove with the look of the Antec S10 computer case, and I really like the Tempered glass version of the chassis, but this is where I run into a problem. I cannot find the chassis anywhere online for purchase in the tempered glass variant. So i decided to contact Antec support. After i reached out to them they got back to me with a simple one sentence email. "We are sold out everywhere, and do not have plans to produce any more of that chassis" Well... Okay, i mean that was up front and direct i guess, but i was still looking for a bit more. I want to get this chassis! So I did alot more research. It looks like i should be able to just get a regular version of the chassis with the aluminum side panels and change the aluminum out with some Glass myself. But this is where I run into another problem. I have never done glass myself, and I have never really done anything this drastic for case modding. This will be the first time that I have done anything in this realm of this passion. I know for sure that I want to cut both of the left side panels out of glass, and I know that i want them to be a darker smoked glass because I will be using ALOT of RGB componnents and strips inside, and I am going to need the smoke to make it look as I want it to. Both side panels are held on to the chassis by hinges, and as far as i can tell, this is going to make the task ALOT easier. All i have to do is remove the hinges off of the aluminum panels and attach them to the glass that is cut to the same size as the panels. The panels are held to the case with a magnetic strip, that i can just install to the inside of the glass panels after i get them cut. So i guess i just need advice. I should be able to remove the hinges from the aluminum panels. cut copies out of glass. then attach the hinges back to the glass panel. To me it looks pretty straight forward, and it shouldnt be too complicated as far as i can tell. but as i have said I have never tried anything like this before. any advice? and ideas? I would love to get more imput on this mod and if its even feasable.
  9. Yeah no, its a ongoing project, i made that clear in the beginning. I'm glad to have the help I have gotten, and I am very excited to come back to it now. Its going to be a journey, and I hope that your willing to take this journey with me!
  10. Yeah real life really kinda got in the way for a long time, but i'm back to it, and am very excited to see where this can go now that i'm at a different stage in life!
  11. haha this has been a project for almost 2 years now, i encourage you to read through the entire journey and the updates. there is alot here! Its a truly amazing journey!
  12. Update #8 4/19/2017 Holy cow this is an old thing to come back to. I guess I should give a bit of an explanation on the status of this project, and what exactly has been happening. So very recently I moved to the Seattle area and have picked up a new job and place and so alot of my life has been taken up with life. I recently found all of my old CPU gear and reminded myself of this project. So to start, i just want to apologize to everyone who sent me chips, and then i kinda disappeared. I promise i still know who you are, and i'm still very very grateful, and back at it! I got very very excited about the project again, and have been loving actually getting back into the process. I've managed to get all of my processors together as well as building a spreadsheet for everyone that has been generous enough to send one over to me. Now that I am living in the city I have much better internet and so I have been able to really do alot more work on the project and able to do more research on each chip. I guess all of this is to say that I am so sorry that I've been absent from the project recently, and I am very excited to be in a place in life that allows me to do more work with the project! Expect alot more updates more frequently, as I now have more access to ALOT more processors every day. I have also come up with a new way of displaying the chips themselves. I came across another collection online, and I had an idea. I think what I want to do is use a Scrabble tile holder that has a few rows to display each family of processor. If i can collect enough, it could look really really cool, to see the progression over the years for each chip. It will be much easier to display then the mounting them flat on a board, and way easier to keep clean and nice. With all that being said, I still need ALOT of help to collect alot of chips. I'm pretty much to a point now where I am accepting all processors regardless of quality. Even if its broken, I want it! Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any laying around and we can talk about details. I am very very excited to revive this project (even tho the post is Sooo old, sorry ) I am very excited to really finally get all of these displayed and set up in my new place. Pictures of the collection as it stands now are found below for your viewing pleasure I have a new roommate now who has a really really good camera, and i'm working on getting some really cool glamour shots of some of them, and hopefully will have that up soon. But for now, i'm just glad to be back to this project!
  13. Tithonius

    Avermedia C127 Drivers even exist?

    yeah, i have the card, i know its ac127 but i cannot find a driver anywhere.. i know the driver exists becuase i have downloaded it before, i have found it in my download history, but cant download it again as their website has changed
  14. Tithonius

    Avermedia C127 Drivers even exist?

    Welp maybie no one knows, awsome...
  15. So ive updated my computer and have found all of the drivers for everything except my C127 Game Broadcaster HD Capture card. it doesnt seem to be on Avermedia's crappy web site anywhere, and i cant find a reputable download. Help?