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    Brain says yes, Wallet says NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • Birthday Sep 28, 1981

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    Tasmania, Australia
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    Golf, Cricket, Moto GP, F1, anything fast enough to something stupid on / in/ around. Oh and maybe computers a little
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    being planing with PCs since I was about 9. Done a bit of Hackintoshing, cas gamer. First PC Intel 386 16Mhz with 2meg of ram, 200mb Hdd, on board graphics, PC speaker, and a 14 inch B&W monitor. Oh how times have changed
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    I build boats....... big ones.......


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    Intel 5930K
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    Gigabyte X99-UD3H
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    Hyper FuryX 4 x 8 Gig
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro
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    Intel 520SSD 240g, 2x Hyper Fury X 120g SSD, Seagate 4TB, 2 WD Black 1TB
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    Corsair RM650
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    31" Asus
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    ST30 420, EX240, EX360, UT60 240 , EK blocks, Pump, fittings and PEGT tube
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    Thermal Take Challenger Pro
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    Madcatz 7 w/ Sargas320 deck
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    On board with 5.1 logitech speakers
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    Win 10pro

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  1. With choosing rads, Standard 30mm rads will do fine. Something like the EK Coolstream, Alphacools ST30 or even the XSPC EX240/360 etc. As long as the number of Fins Per Inch is low like 8-15 or so, any kind of fan will be ok. As for how many, I would recomend 1 280 / 240mm and a 360mm rad. I personally put a rad in every available spot that a rad can fit it, where practical. My case is the Enthoo Primo, and I run 4 rads in that. Your budget for the build will dictate what you can do. More is always good, less, not so.
  2. There really isn't a guide. Honestly this would be a good place to start -> Primochill Tube Bending Guide The guide is pretty much the same for PETG and Acrylic. Jayztwocents does a good explaination between the types on the Build log with Pauls Hardware. Having built a number of Hard line acrylic and PETG builds, Buy plenty of extra tube, so when you make a mistake, you have bit extra tube to have another go. Jayztwocents and LTT have good build guides and build logs with hardline tubing on their Youtube channels. Get into it, and have a go. You'll be making a awesome build i
  3. hello, Young male gamers staring at Pretty girls!! Sex sells people..... Hello!!??!!
  4. Ok, So new is way off the table. ebay it up. Or even gumtree... And i say that because at PCCG, a New lower end 970 - $469
  5. @spwath Couple of questions for you: 1. As dumb as it sounds, is you cpu block in the loop the right way around? even after adding a gpu block. 2. Did you add and more rads to the circut? or anything that may cause any kind of restriction. 3. Does it still leak if you take the gpu block out of the loop?
  6. Yeah, For use on a LAN or for use over a dedicated Internet Connection.
  7. Using a dedicated PC for hosting online gaming over a dedicated connection. That way when you can have Zero impact on the gaming for the other users connected to it. Down side is that you require a seperate PC for daily use. This is not really down anymore since most ISP's run gaming servers and there are companies that will host servers at a monthly cost etc. Was mainly used pre 2004 or earlier, when people had to make thier own servers for gaming, and LAN parties was still a real local community thing.
  8. I'm gonna get flamed for this, but here it goes..... Xeons: Pending on the model / version / core count etc, it will perform as good as any of the Intel i series of cpus in most cases. The difference, well, I'm not sure anymore due to some of the later Q2'15 Xeons like the Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1265L v4 which has on board Iris pro 6300. The only difference I can see is higher memory bandwidth up form 25.6 GB/s to 29.8 GB/s for the Xeons. i3/5/7: hyperthreading for the i3/7, i5 with out. Lower cost, lower bandwidth cpus compared to the Xeons, not much to say really, pick the socket,
  9. plug it all in, and then turn on the psu, then boot. If no on / off switch, install psu, then plug it in, power on then boot.
  10. Wow, is this build log still going. Not trying to be rude, but, I thought it may have been finished by now. I do understand that quality takes time, unlike my builds......
  11. Um, how the hell do you "break" PVC tubing?? It kinks, or stretches at best, but break??? Acrylic tubing breaks......... But back to the question, I'd look in your own country, EK waterblocks Predator 240?? Or the Swiftech H220x?? they would be better options IMHO.
  12. If your thinks of doing a hard line setup, PETG is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better to work with over acrylic. PM and Ask me why

  13. @AdamPinnock Awesome Bud there bud. It would be cool if that gauge was a functioning temp gauge for your coolant, but out side of that, Really nice work!!