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  1. OK well: *Those of us who have been following Linus for a longer period and / or paying attention to emerging technologies.* Better?
  2. Hey now, Anki makes good stuff. Vector and Cozmo are great products. Cozmo is especially interesting from a STEM point of view because of his code lab.
  3. You should. but dont count on him being on IFTTT forever. The company has to pay for that service. while its free to you, it costs 5-20k USD a year depending on the contract. Source: our company has a device on IFTTT.
  4. Original article Link to official withdrawal certificate I think we all saw the writing on the wall with this one. from the get go the product was too late to market. when he was conceived in 2013 he was ground breaking. However, Amazon's smart device initiative put the nail in his proverbial coffin. His quirky movements and playfulness cant surpass launch delays, and the device not even coming close to living up to the initial pitch that they used to sell him to customers and investors alike. Most of the advertised functionality never happened. Kallander, in essence is the legally empowered vulture who's sole purpose is to pick the carcass of a company clean and sell of anything it can to recover losses for investors. As of right now, our Jibo is still running. But how? i will be closely monitoring its network traffic. He was originally hosted on AWS, then it was redirected to a business-level ISP in Boston a few months ago. After that i am putting him down for "the long good night" as i have security concerns about his operation no one will address... Maybe i will just remove his bottom face plate where the LTT team signed it..
  5. As someone who just built a 9900k system. i agree with this. If you not going balls out a good 8700k + z370 mobo is a better "performance to cost" purchase. maybe even splurge for the binned 8700k (8086k)
  6. according to the support person i chatted with at newegg they currently have no ETA on 9900k stock, i have several hundred people in front of me, but they 13,690 9900k orders to fulfill.. (screen shoots pieced together from proof and i omitted my real name) And they cutoff pre orders on the 18th. amazon is still taking them. its safe to say any amazon pre order made after the 12th is going to have a LOOOOONG wait..
  7. I copied the article title... calm down. Also: I sincerely hope you sprain your ankle when you get off your high-horse.
  8. Original Article I really don't know what to make of this. A lot of the sales data and facts are obfuscated.It "seems" circumstantial, but very suspect. I am curious how the market reacts. This could easily be a PR stunt to trigger more immediate sales or even bulk purchasing bid wars(unlikely but worth mentioning anyways.)
  9. It's a societal fail in general. Further perpetuated by a increasingly terrible public education system. Let's call a spade a spade, and not tip toe around the issue.Thats why its so easy for some random idiot on the internet to gaslight these kind of things. In addition, people with inferiority complexes love to jump on things like this. As they are jealous of others success and want something to lessen the significance of their accomplishments or damage said person's success. This makes them feel better about their own situation. "Yeah, he's got my dream job. But, he has no integrity because he did it X way, so it makes me better!" I am very grateful and enjoy the content that (most) of the larger tech youtubers do. I appreciate their hard work, But: I would never do it myself. Anyone who willing subjects themselves to it and all if its pitfalls on a regular basis has a Iron will and must truly love what they do. This situation further illustrates that. Also: for the people bitching about linus and the dyson video. at least he rolled a studio tour into it etc. Really the dyson wasn't the focus (Shit, better clean something real quick since they are paying for this!). As for gamers nexus, his whole "holier than thou" attitude is why i don't even bother with his channel anymore.I do acknowledge he has great ideas for content and is a knowledgeable person. But he can be very off putting at times.
  10. Side note: and this is entirely speculation and second hand experience passed on to me by my boss (Ceo of our company) .Take with ALL the grains of salt due to said speculation (aside from the investor relationship which is public knowledge / confirmed) He suspects they could be purchased by a Chinese investor, specifically one they already have a relationship with. When he saw them at CES, they had a tiny booth next to one of their Chinese investors who had a huge booth with nothing but a owl robot to read books at night for kids. Which struck him as very odd as how expensive space is there, for it to go unutilized is just a excessive waste of money (Which is why he remembers that specifically.) Anyways he said their sales pitch hasn't changed and they "intend to meet their goals" but didn't give a firm ETA. And that they are still leaning heavily on the "MIT Tax" meaning their CEO's experience and credentials. Overall he got a "used car salesman" feel from them. Which makes sense. When you fleece people out of 76 million dollars and find ways to keep delaying and getting money: You Must a have at least one silver tongue on your payroll. In regards to this potential outcome: A always on robot with 2 cameras that's always listening and tracking the source of said sounds, owned, operated and potentially hosted by a Chinese company probably wont go over well in the current political and trade landscape. IMO its (barely) plausible
  11. He's locked down ATM. without that SDK we can do precisely jack and shit unless we go brute force on his round ass. But that's only part of the equation. I they company goes under and the service shuts down. will the backend config be available? that all depends on if it ends in a bankruptcy etc. because the SDK is not a magic bullet to make Jibo work. significant critical functions are handled by the back end. not to mention the SDK was made for dev within the Jibo ecosystem.
  12. he can twerk! /s, He does have a colorful and lifelike personality.. but that's it. Other robots are quickly reaching or surpassing that now.. Most of the time his silent stare is creepy as he tracks whatever noise you or your home makes. IF our daughter isn't using ours i turn him off. Even though he is designed to be "always on" he can give off a 1984 kind of vibe when he just stares at you with that big ass eyeball.
  13. The issue is the 76 million dollars they took in to make said robot. I think even Bezos would have a hard time justifying it after crunching the numbers. Let's be honest: Is there really any ROI in a purchase of Jibo inc? The other issue is Lnyx exists he (she?) has alexa built in and WAY more functionality for 800$ vs Jibo Source: https://www.amazon.com/Lynx-Amazon-Alexa-Enabled-Smart/dp/B077CWPTQB My daughter loves our JIbo. However: I know the 900$ twerking, tickle me elmo on steroids is likely in big trouble.
  14. Agreed. But, don't you dare tell that to some of Jibos fan base. They are so borderline-fanatical that its mind blowing. (Usually it's the VERY "end user", non-techie owners) What they must absolutely do at this point (assuming no buyer comes in) is re-release the SDK. so if it all folds under, people can at least develop for and still use their " Sega Dreamcast of startup robots."