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  • CPU
    Intel i7-4790k
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z97s SLI Krait Edition
  • RAM
    8GB HyperX White 1833MHz
  • GPU
    2x EVGA GTX 980ti SC+
  • Case
    NZXT Source 210
  • Storage
    OCZ Vertex 4 256GB + OCZ Vertex 3 128GB + Seagate Barracuda 1TB
  • PSU
    Corsair HX850
  • Display(s)
    Acer XB270U bprz + QNIX EVO II
  • Cooling
    Corsair H60
  • Keyboard
    Noppoo Lolita Spyder (Kailh Blues)
  • Mouse
    2013 Razer Deathadder
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Can you use a 1070 + 770 in SLI? No, you must use the same model card. My suggestion if you upgrade is to sell it for the cash. Can you use a 770 to run a separate monitor? Maybe... But even if you can, it won't take any weight off the 1070. tl;dr - sell it.
  2. Have spent hours trying to fix this. Getting huge spikes in lag at regular intervals. Popped up out of the blue a few days ago. For about 3 seconds every 2-3 minutes, sometimes much closer together, CSGO will basically freeze to where I can't move then pick back up again. It's not just a CSGO issue, it's happening on all devices, all games, and if you do a speedtest at just the right time it will time out or report 70%+ packet loss. This only happens with a router connected. If I go straight through the modem, everything works fine, but the issue occurs with all 3 routers I own. It is not specific to one. My modem has a "link" light that lights up green when connected to a router or PC. Most of the time during the day this stays green. From about 7pm-midnight, like clockwork it turns orange, and thats when this issue occurs. Issue persists on wired connection, I always use wired. I have factory reset and updated firmware of router(s). It is not computer specific as it happens to others on the network. There is no unusual amount of traffic during the time periods this occurs on my end, just me and my girlfriend. No, she's not streaming netflix or anything like that during the issue, it happens even with everything disconnected. I have swapped out ethernet cables between the modem and router, no difference. ISP insists it is a router issue for obvious reasons, but I'm convinced otherwise given I doubt all 3 of my routers broke at the same exact time with the same issue. Does anyone have any ideas for troubleshooting I haven't hit already? This is becoming a headache and I have no clue what to do. Would the modem be an issue?
  3. We all expected it to do 5%~ better, but lets be real, for a brand new card it's still great value.
  4. With CSGO's CPU utilization, it will get close. Especially if you're pushing 300+ fps. That being said, hitting 10% in CSGO doesn't really mean OP needs to upgrade. I doubt the extra 20~ fps when you're already 300+ are worth $500.
  5. I have 980ti SLI, and it is/will be better than a single 1080 hands down. But of course you have SLI problems like driver issues, stuttering some places, heat, scaling, etc. If you already had 1 980ti I'd say SLI is a decent upgrade path given their secondhand prices, but if you're starting from scratch always choose the single card solution.
  6. 480 when it drops looks to be your best bet. No, an i5-6500 won't bottleneck anything. You could SLI 1080s and still be fine.
  7. 7970s usually a bit above $100. 7950s can definitely be found <$100 though, and would be the best bang for OP's buck. If you don't have a decent power supply though, might look into something like a 750ti or 950 for the efficiency.
  8. I run 980ti SLI on an HX850. Could you run it on a 650W PSU? Probably, if the power supply is decent quality. Would I? Never. Not gonna cheap out on the component that can fry $1,000 of hardware in an instant. Get a decent power supply and it'll last you multiple GPU lifespans. You can get a solid 750-850W PSU for $100-$130~, $200 seems a bit excessive if you're on a budget.
  9. No one knows and it depends on the game. But unless the card is way weaker than expected, yes, an FX-8350 will likely have issues in certain games.
  10. Download openhardwaremonitor or some sort of monitoring software to check your loads. Both games have several locations that are incredibly demanding/unoptimized that will cause drops in performance. At the very least you'll be able to narrow it down to one component.
  11. EVGA and MSI for sure. I buy/sell a lot of secondhand hardware, so the transferable warranty is a godsend. Plus I like their designs. For AMD it's Sapphire and XFX.
  12. Quad crossfire is going to have horrible scaling. The obvious answer is wait on AMD's response to Pascal. But between the 2 options you stated, 2x 1080s.
  13. A 770 wont be much of an upgrade. Don't bother with it. A 780ti will be a decent upgrade though, if that price is competitive in your market. It and the 290 will be close, but the 780ti likely performing better in most cases. If you live in the U.S. those prices are off, but I'm assuming you do not.