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    I'm a networking and PC Geek! I've started getting into PC's at the age of 13. Got my first PC at the age of 15.
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  1. uninstall and reinstall the CAS role?

    Checked them. All valid and working from Comodo. renewed in December. Ending in 2020
  2. uninstall and reinstall the CAS role?

    Nope, Separate. Internet connection is shared and goes throught a Cisco ASA 5515-x Firewall could be the issue. They use a Cisco ASA 5515-x could be a problem.
  3. uninstall and reinstall the CAS role?

    I asked them If they wanted to keep use the secondary server, turns out they have to 2 but one is for different departments. So they are one different domains.. Both are the same versions. I tried to fix it for a week, they bought another guy, he could find why it wasn't working. Now, I'm hoping it'll work and I won't need to reinstall the whole server
  4. I have a customer who is on Exchange 2010 they have 2 Servers, 1 server, the CAS was working for a month and a half. Everything has stopped working. OWA, Autodiscover. I tried everything to get to work. Now I have no option but uninstall the CAS role and reinstall it. Would it work?
  5. I've got 2 Exchange Servers on-premise, I created an SSL request and completed by using my Windows Certificate Authority.. I completed it and added it. Now I cannot access OWA: The error I'm getting is this:
  6. Is it possible to fake Computer's Specs?

    No you can't
  7. Looking for an EV SSL certificate, wildcard would be a good. No more than £200 per year. Cheers.
  8. CAT-6 Ethernet questions.

    Wut? It's called a LAN party for obvious reasons...
  9. It's like he's writing his dissertation. Also, Welcome back.
  10. Pfsense email spam?

    Looking for any packages I could use on my Pfsense VM as a spam filter? Anyone got any packages in mind that I could use?
  11. ESXi 6.0 networking help

    I got it to work. I removed the 3 NICs from the management side. Created 3 separate vSwitches. One, is DMZ, outside and inside.
  12. ESXi 6.0 networking help

    Hello everyone. I've got ESXi 6.0 running and I want one of my VM to be on the 2 networks. Network 1 has an IP subnet of and network 2 has IP subnet of I'm trying to add secondary network card, but when i do, it uses the network and not the How would I go about fixing it?