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    The name is techie, techie nerd
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    Harrow, England
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    I'm a networking and PC Geek! I've started getting into PC's at the age of 13. Got my first PC at the age of 15.
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    IT Intern


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    I5 4690
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    Asus Z97-A
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    16GB DDR3
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    Zotac Mini GTX 1060 6GB
  • Case
    Coolermaster K280
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    120GB SSD 1x 250GB and 1TB WD BLUE
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    24" Acer S240HL + Dell 19"
  • Cooling
    Hyper 212 Evo
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    Generic Dell Keyboard
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    Logitech G402
  • Sound
    Sound Blaster Audigy Fx PCI-E card
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. In terms of use at work. I'd say Dell is superior. We're currently using HP at work and we've had so many problems with laptops. Randomly losing power, touchpad stops working, overheating, fans failing. I'd rather stick with Dell..
  2. Take a look at PDQ Deploy. Useful tool for application deployment
  3. What software are you installing on the machines? Free version of PDQ Deploy is limited, you can't schedule deployments.. the enterprise costs around $500 per admin.. +1 I use it at home. Free Version has limited features.
  4. You can use Plex. It allows you to steam from outside your home, you'll need to port forward, I also recommend getting an SSL certificate as well for better security.
  5. So I have a Haswell build. Current CPU is an i5 4690 GPU is GTX 1060. I'd like to "upgrade" to the i7 4790. Do you guys think that the i7 is stil viable in 2019/2020? I use my system for mainly VMware workstation testing and some gaming.. at 1080p. Or shall I get a new Ryzen system? Thanks
  6. The CPU. Currently have an i5 4690.. most likely to update to 4790.
  7. Setup up a VPN from your house and connect to it from your parents.
  8. If I had $7K I'd be saving it or using to for investment..
  9. 4G Giffgaff London (uses O2 as the carrier)
  10. From the top (not pictured) Samsung Printer 8 Port Netgear Switch 24 port TP-Link Gigabit Switch Cisco 3750, not being used. I might sell it. ESXi "Server" Lenovo thinkcentre m82. i7 3770, 28GB Ram, 250gb and a 500gb It's running; DC 2016 Exchange 2013 PiHole (Ubuntu) Apps/SQL ASA 5505 for VPN access The R210 ii is my Deployment server Running MDT/PDQ Xeon E3-1240 16GB Ram 2x 500GB HDDs
  11. Sleep mode? You won't be able to connect to it if it's in sleep mode.. it has to be on in order for you to connect to it