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  1. Biggerboot

    Upgrade RX580 question

    Do you get less frame drops on lower settings? That will tell you if your bottleneck is cpu. But yeah, PUBG's optimization also isn't anything much to go on. I personally wouldn't pair more than an RX 580 with a 3570k. Not to say you can't see benefits by doing so but your goal seems to be framerates not resolution.
  2. Biggerboot

    NVMe SSD Raid 0 on Z390

    Yeah I agree. Maybe if you're thinking scalability (buy 1tb now and 1tb later). But I told him generally you'll just want to stick to 1 boot drive.
  3. I imagine all Z390 boards are bound by the same rule because the chipset drives it. Do z390 boards support native nvme raid 0 as a boot drive. (Not something I really plan on recommending to someone, just curious. I'm thinking it would only work on sata).
  4. Biggerboot

    PSU Tier List Updated

    Yeah, if somebody looks like they attempted research and have educated questions its more likely they'll find good help. But at the very least having other methods and resources (tier list) will ensure they get something safe. I don't even know if fallback was the right word for me to use. Things like warranty and efficiency are useful but not mutually inclusive with quality. But at least I would consider warranty something... tangible (or intangible)? Adds value regardless of the product itself? I totally understand if you don't agree with that, because we want to get the right part regardless. Even listing protections is sometimes suspect and be found lacking or poorly implemented during a review.
  5. Biggerboot

    PSU Tier List Updated

    Absolutely. I don't think the tier list takes value into consideration, which is good. A lot of Corsair CXM recommendations though, are mostly value based ones (in my neck of the woods anyway). It's easy to fall back on and I forget that sometimes we gots people from all around the world here.
  6. Biggerboot

    PSU Tier List Updated

    Not disagreeing with you on most of your points. As with any computer component in general it's best to research what you buy and listen to people who properly test these units. It's just irl not everyone has access to the same choices. Not everyone is going to be convinced by your suggestion alone (because seriously, power supply recommendations can be really subjective). So I think having some fallback methods are ok, depending on the build and builder. Haha, yeah it becomes harder to neglect certain things in a PSU that is hitting gold or better, but you can still get a bad value. I know it's hyperbole though.
  7. Biggerboot

    PSU Tier List Updated

    Sure, even that metric isn't 1:1 with a PSU's quality. No single factor really is- not even the specs on paper or the product page. You really need to research to optimize your decision. But personally if I had to tell somebody who is limited on time/choices/etc to make a purchasing decision, I find it to be a more reliable metric than most to look for at least 5 years of backing from a reputable brand. If the PSU did have a high rate of failure, they would have to fulfill those warranty at a pretty big loss. It's still not optimal, but I think a better metric than most. (Realistically I would refer them to this PSU list but just a hypothetical) At least I find it's more reliable than telling somebody to find at least a bronze or gold rating- which I have seen larger tech channels make this kind of recommendation. I have heard this before. I think at the time it was better than having nothing but community tier lists and PSUs in general have higher standards now. Don't mean to misinform anybody (the list doesn't really exist anymore). But I think at least when it came to the PSUs at the bottom they were usually right. They were more guilty of over rating than under rating.
  8. Biggerboot

    PSU Tier List Updated

    While higher rated 80+ efficient PSUs tend to be better made and more stable than ones without it, it's not the rule or mutually inclusive. These ratings can also be faked. Google search gave me a Tomshardware post saying it's not really a good unit: http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-3033398/sharkoon-wpm-600-bronze.html (And this was on an older list. Wouldn't let it touch a newer system)
  9. Biggerboot

    PSU Tier List Updated

    I just want to re-emphasis (because I like to do that sometimes) that watts really don't matter for most builds these days - sometimes across the same platform it'll matter but not when comparing platforms. You can calculate the theoretical limit of your cpu/gpu by the socket draw and pins on your gpu (75 watts from the board + 75 watts for every 6-pin or 150 for every 8-pin) - it's more conservative but I think it drives the point home even more. Most rigs these days are barely pulling 300 even under worst case scenario, even with an i7 and 2080 ti you may hit 400 at peak. Reputable reviews are your best source of knowing, and the warranty they provide can give you an idea of how much they stand behind the product. If this thread didn't exist I'd go by that.
  10. Biggerboot

    Ryzen 3000 Leaks

    Real or not, that Ryzen 3 sounds sick, and about the right price given the street price for 1st gen Ryzen 7s right now.
  11. It's good to see they found a way to extend silicon's life a bit longer (in a profitable way). The competition/intermingling from AMD can probably be thanked as well.
  12. Biggerboot

    Top 5 Black Friday VPN deals, Surfshark 83% OFF

    On their site it's a 5 year plan, but I think they hand them out in promos. I've read mixed things about them though. DNS leaks in this review from august: https://restoreprivacy.com/purevpn-review/
  13. Biggerboot

    PSU Tier List Updated

    I think the extra headroom does help the fan curve, plus I don't think you'll ever pass 490w draw. Not a waste imo, I'd keep it. PSU quality isn't judged by watts but there's also no such thing as too much wattage in this sense.
  14. Biggerboot

    Possible bottle neck with CPU?

    Personally I would pair a 1600 with something lower, but in most AAA games I think it would still hold up fine as far as using the card's full capabilities. There is always possibly bottleneck to some extent if you want to make the situation cpu intensive.
  15. Personally yeah. 2020 should be a really good year for cpus.