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    R7 2700x
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    ASUS Prime X470Pro
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    Corsair DDR4 3200 x 64
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    GForce RTX 2060
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    Cooler Master H500 ATX

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  1. Your problem is that you bought "Acer"... been burnt pretty bad by that company, never bought anything "Acer" again...
  2. That does not sound like typical PC error code "beeps" It sound more like a HD failing. If the sound is coming from the speakers, try and update the Sound drivers.
  3. A lot of these GPU's have been used for Crypto creation, and they are burnt out... hopefully you did not get that. Contact the manufacturer, it may have warranty still, or they may be able to fix it for a fraction of the cost.
  4. There are 2 power connectors, the 24 pin and the 8 pin. make sure you are using the right PSU connectors and not using the PCIe power for the Mobo. Some pics of your setup will help identifying the issue though.
  5. From another Forum: "You need to remove the onboard GPU drivers. Boot into Safe Mode,(F8) and remove the Video device drivers in system hardware. Turn off the comouter, and install the new GPU. Boot into Safr Mode with Internet and download load the new drivers. All GPUs support Safe Mode. You wouldn't be the first person to forget to move the monitor cable to the video card from the MB header. Your new MB is probably UEFI. if the GPU has a Legacy BIOS you will have to change some settings in BIOS. if you have a UEFI card, and UEFI MB then they should just work together. Ask your GPU tech
  6. There is a PCIe resource share issue I have heard about. Check the MB manual to see what PCIe rails are sharing resources. e.g On some MB's if you plug in a device in a certain PCIe slot, you cannot use one of the other SATA/PCIe ports/slots.
  7. @zebra67 Helping you resolve the issue gives me a chance to learn new things too... so this is all good. Remember, like a doctor, there comes a time, when all you can do is say a prayer after you have done everything to fix an issue.
  8. Ok, try the PCIx4 slot, see if that works. Another thing you can do is take out the NIC, and leave ONLY the 1050 in the PCI Slots and see if you get a different result. If I remember I had the same board for one of my builds a long time back, and I have a feeling I had some issue with a GPU, do not remember exactly what it was though... Other than that, see if you can get a different GPU and try that, sometimes a GPU gets cranky... I know... LOL... Windows GPU drivers suck, so see if you can delete any drivers for GPU, use DDU so that any drivers that are there get cleaned
  9. In the manual, look at Topic 2-5, it explains the working of the Internal Graphics vs Discrete Graphics card... Check that out.... Defaults may not work and you may have to change some settings.
  10. Check this out: https://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/a75md2h__a75ud4h_review/6.htm There is a Internal Graphics Option
  11. Guys ! If the CPU had a GPU built in, you need to go into bios and disable that, and set the 1050ti as the primary GPU. Have you tried this?