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  1. I would say wait if you really want ray tracing, but even if you got a slightly older card on the used market or something mid range to hold you over, it would be a huge huge jump from your 7850 (even a GTX 970 would be more than twice as good). If the rest of your rig is comparable to a 7850 you may want to wait and upgrade everything at once.
  2. I'd say save your money for a new rig. But between those two, the 5700. 1060 to 2060 isn't really going to benefit you.
  3. Yeah, some of this is subjective at the end of the day, but say if you're only gaming at sub-4k @60-120hz I would just look at your best price:performance ratio for achieving that (probably the 5700 xt). Don't bank on the future to justify what you purchase today - likely by the time ray tracing is a really big deal the 2000 series will be obsolete. It shouldn't dictate your purchase decision. Get RTX 2070 Super or higher only if you either need to be hitting a certain fps/setting or you're a dev/enthusiast.
  4. Well there you go, I succumb to the "judge by brand" syndrome.
  5. There are some PSU brands exclusive to certain regions that may not show up in the list. Or there just aren't any reviews of that platform. But iirc Chieftec generally isn't good. You may just get by with it depending on use case/luck.
  6. Sure, I can't share the link (rules against ebay iirc so I kinda stayed vague for that reason), but it's $45 after shipping I believe. It's "new" in the sense that it was never opened/used, but I know it's an old platform.
  7. Hey guys, so I know the old Seasonic X is an A-tier platform, but would you have any concern or apprehension about buying "new" old stock of a 560w Seasonic X? Is it a group regulated unit? https://www.newegg.com/seasonic-x-series-x-560-560w/p/N82E16817151098 I ask simply because I found a good deal on these.
  8. I get that there's not a direct correlation, but there does need to be different use cases separating the tiers. I think the tier "pre-built replacement" use case was actually a pretty good description but it also seems to cause confusion. So have a "gaming tier" if that's better. Then "server" tier, because it needs to be more reliable.
  9. I agree with @BigDamn about more explanations behind the tiers, maybe right on the original post itself. The number of tiers is ok. But I would rename them to: "Bomb" tier (D) "Won't catch fire" tier (C) Single GPU tier (B) Dual GPU tier (A) Mining Tier (S) I wouldn't weigh in value (since this is a regional thing). Warranties from reputable brands do have some weight imo, but I know the list put emphasis on the unit itself. If you did want to start weighing in noise I could see lambda ratings being added to the entries themselves, or mention t
  10. I wouldn't pay more than $90-100 usd. Skylake hardware devalued really fast, and the board is really basic.
  11. In your case the value proposition may not be as sweet for the XT if it's 40 pounds more. They should be priced the same. But I would also keep expectations subdued on the raytracing side of things. I think it'll be a very situational benefit unless maybe you're a developer.
  12. Sorry if this is slightly offtopic but does anyone know why PSU stock seems short/prices seem higher than normal? At least that seems to be the case in the US. Maybe those trade tariffs are kicking in?
  13. Personally I would wait for the custom cards, but also it's probably less of a factor on the non XT version. You could probably tweak your fan curve or underclock/undervolt slightly to get better acoustics, but there's always a give and take. Your case/airflow will matter too in terms of how hot and loud the card gets.
  14. Just your ram specs. Ryzen can be picky with it if you're carrying ram over and get a lot of benefit out of high speed ram.
  15. I may actually just end up going for an RMi on my main rig and use the psu from that in another PC (currently running EVGA GQ). Good excuse to upgrade and peace of mind for 10 years psu wise.