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  1. Are you planning on purchasing a brand new 4790K? Those look like they are on eBay for like $200ish. The rest of your build looks pretty good so I personally would hold on as long as you can, especially since you have to ditch your RAM when you upgrade.
  2. Something to note is that you could hackintosh a custom build if you want to continue using macOS. This will require you to get specific hardware (Intel, and I think gigabyte boards have best support for hackintosh). I would 100% get a different power supply.
  3. zlolslavez

    Need help choosing phone(2 Options Only)

    Sorry for late reply. Yes it is atm but that can change at any moment.
  4. zlolslavez

    Need help choosing phone(2 Options Only)

    I think the Mate 20 Pro is a better phone but I wouldn't want to RNG my phone not working because of the US government, so probably the A70. Even tho you're based outside of the US it seems, Google not supporting the phone would still be an issue.
  5. zlolslavez

    buying used pc

    I don't think that's super great at 500 but the 1070 is pretty redeeming and you could definitely do worse. Honestly with all those accessories it's probably worth it but I don't really value those at anything. That build is certainly better deal than whats in my area.
  6. zlolslavez

    b350 motherboard and 3rd gen ryzen

    You'd have to update BIOS but MSI is supporting Ryzen 3000 in that mobo source: https://www.msi.com/blog/the-latest-bios-for-amd-300-400-series-motherboard I don't think AMD is recommending it but if MSI has drivers then why not I think.
  7. ?????????????????????????????????? I don't know whats occuring exactly but I just wanted you to know your address is on there.
  8. zlolslavez

    Monitor Recommendations and Native VS Downscaling

    There's no reason to downscale to 1080p normally; trust me you can run desktop at 1440p. I'm sure even a older card like a 750TI could run 4K desktop and be fine. You could probably get a decent framerate 1440p playing CS:GO. But otherwise, I think we would need a budget to give a good answer as you could go 1440p or 1080p for 144HZ.
  9. zlolslavez

    What pc is right for me?

    If they aren't a gamer isn't a 580 probably a bit overkill? Perhaps a 570 or maybe even a 2400G/3400G (with appropriate memory) suffice? Maybe that isn't cost efficient but I don't think that game is particularly demanding.
  10. zlolslavez

    upgrading my cpu is it worth it

    With 3770K's looking to be around $70-80, I don't think so. The only real improvement you'll get is hyperthreading, but a lot of games won't benefit from that anyway. A 3770K isn't a horrible value in a vacuum but considering you already have a 3470 I would just sit and save.
  11. Have you tried moving the RAM to A1/B1?
  12. Please wait a month to build your PC for the new Ryzen processors to come out. A lot will change by then to the point where I can't really recommend anything (definitely different power supply and ssd though, that's a pretty good price for RAM though I would consider even buying that now and waiting for everything else later).
  13. zlolslavez

    Need help on $750 CAD build

    Apparently AMD isn't recommending you to use older mobos with their new CPUs, so the only thing you could really pick out is case powersupply and memory.
  14. zlolslavez

    Future thoughts for my build?

    It's hard to say without any benchmarks or tests with the new chips yet. You do have a high end board but I wouldn't really try out the new chips on that board until someone else does. The only upgrade I would consider is CPU/mobo maybe, everything else is completely fine.
  15. If they're the same price then I'd personally grab the 1660. Trades blows but the 1660 is slightly newer.