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  1. i have Spectrum and they do care. i was seeding a hbo show then one day they cut my internet until i hit a i wont do it again thing. got a letter in the mail a few days later also.
  2. ill go with jon, the rest of you should just quit and give it all to him.
  3. more or less all you did was tell people to go watch a video, you didn't even tell us which the best even is.
  4. take the magnets out and stick them to some spinning hard drive and see if the drives still works.
  5. try this sub forum
  6. went there for games after school with friends, we found porn folders when randomly digging around.
  7. i live in new york city and i been too internet cafes in chinatown. all i have to do is make a account with the cafe and give them money and i can use the computer for whatever i want. i can play games, browse the web, watch the pre-downloaded porn, did tell you about the gaming part?
  8. you could just ask jay on his own forum you know.
  9. well dont the headphone suck? and why the fuck would i want a selfie stick?
  10. both works more or less the same imo.
  11. they are new hires.
  12. should have just RMA it with the laptop manufacturer, they would have a lot more knowledge on whats wrong, and have the part to replace it with. get a refund if you paid for it.
  13. spray paint it pink then sell it as art. tell your friend you took it to the dump for him.
  14. i will gladly watch it as soon as they release the blu ray for it i have streaming videos.
  15. if you can't see the poll hit f5. i have 200/20 which is great for all my downloading.