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    asus z170-e
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    G.SKILL Aegis 32GB DDR4 2400
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    Cooler Master HAF XB EVO
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    960 pro 1tb,850 500gb,mushkin ECO3 480gb, TOSHIBA X300 6tb, seagate 10tb
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    EVGA SuperNOVA 850 GS
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    BenQ BL3201PH, ASUS PB238Q
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    Noctua NF-A15
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    Logitech g710+
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    Logitech g900
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    win 7

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  1. no i have two 65 inch tv in my home one is 4k.
  2. How to pack a desktop computer for shipping?

    https://www.amazon.com/EcoBox-Inches-Instapak-Temperature-2032-1/dp/B00KAFU2SK/ref=pd_sim_328_3?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00KAFU2SK&pd_rd_r=RMKZEB5PENV07RDCQXP3&pd_rd_w=CN79g&pd_rd_wg=OOCU6&psc=1&refRID=RMKZEB5PENV07RDCQXP3 10 USD the ones in a can would just stick to everything inside the case and would be annoying to get off. i think homedepot sell the can foam for like $10 too
  3. Shipping situation that I'm stuck in

    if you made that case your self, break it down and ship it flat.
  4. WTF IS THIS?!

    use system or reinstall windows problem fix. why is this happening?? well some website or ad on a website you was on installed it on your system with out you knowing about it.
  5. Companys with the best parts?

    go to other pc building sites and see what they have to offer for parts and copy them, odd are they already did the research in whats good. then you pick from there. while your at it find someone who knows what they're doing and hire them, do you really think randoms on a forum can really help much for free? far as you know everyone of us here are all 13 year olds in a basement.
  6. just re-post it and call it a day. if linus wanted to he can delete this thread and ban you cause he can and dont have to tell you or anyone why. facebook can do the same and there's nothing you can really do to change that.
  7. What to add to my setup?

    pornhubs twerking butt no clue where to get one but yea
  8. gun control, trump is taking away all the guns.
  9. Hacked eBay how to protect yourself?

    well theres your answer of how you got hacked.
  10. how accurate is this graphs ?

    more things need memory these day so less to go around.
  11. Running 2 WMR headsets off a single machine

    if you already have two just try it and you'll find out.
  12. Linus's next computer!

    might as well carve out a piece of rock and put a pc in there, even better then rope and wood
  13. Motherboard pricing

    mobo's might just break faster then cpu/gpu and would be harder to find a replacement. odds are you can keep the cpu and just replace the gpu for a newer one if your just gaming. so gpu will get resold while rest of the rig and kept.
  14. unless your trying to buy it, dont waste your time explaining it to him. if he cant sell it, he'll drop the price on his own until it sells. that or he is trying to rip someone off with the whole "i paid 3k for this rig" and hope someone is stupid enough to buy it off him.
  15. if the 1 star people tell me what they dont like about a product it be fine, but nnooooooo all we get is "bought the wrong thing dont work with my shit", and people trying to use stuff for something it wasnt made to do. still i cant be fucked to read anything but the 1 star reviews, likely if someone didnt like something they would go back and tell you how shity it was. if they liked it odd are they wont say write anything.