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  1. Hi! Here are the specs: MB: Asus ROG B450-F gaming Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x Video card: Gigabyte RTX 2060 SSD: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500Gb RAM: HyperX Predator RGB 8GB/2 PSU: Cooler Master MWE Bronze 750W I got this error again, and it looks like a simple boot error. The LED lights are working in order. Yellow - Red - Yellow - Red - White. On normal boot, the white should turn off and the PC would start right after that. Now it's just frozen on the White LED, with every RGB component working and the fans spinning.
  2. Hi guys! I hoped I wouldn't need to post here again about my PC, but sadly, that is not the case. I had problems in the past, but ever since I bought a Samsung SSD, everything was perfect. About one hour ago I turned off my computer, and now when I tried to turn it back on, the RGB lit up like a christmas tree, but the monitor, keyboard and mouse didn't. The motherboard was stuck in some error state (It's ASUS, the white LED was glowing non-stop). I managed to fix it for now by turning off the PSU for a minute and turning it back on, but I'd like to know what happened exactly.
  3. Hi guys! First of all, this is not really my problem, I'm just trying to help a friend. In the beginning, I thought he was joking about it, but turns out, when he starts playing with platformer games (e.g.: Cuphead, Duck Game, etc.), his screen goes dark, with a "D-SUB" notification. He used a HDMI-DSUB Cable, but according to him, he tried it with a new monitor, with a simple HDMI-HDMI cable, and the issue still persisted. I made sure his Game Ready Driver is up-to-date, but I still did not manage to fix it. I never even heard about a problem like this. Could someone help us
  4. I have a SilentiumPC SG1 TG, so the airflow shouldn't be a problem.
  5. The problem is, I'm scared of ruining it. I built the PC, but I would never dare to dismantle a component, let alone something this expensive. Custom watercooling price is high for me, too.
  6. Indeed. I just don't understand why it is so blurry on 100%. It looks like it's on 70%. I never played a game where you couldn't change the sharpness level, let alone you need to change in order to have clear lines.
  7. Hi guys! I'm not sure if my PC is the problem, because this issue doesn't happen during any other gameplay, but I thought it would be the best if I ask around about this. I started playing No Man's Sky again out of boredom, but when I first played the game, I never had any issues with the graphics, even on older hardware, but now I have an RTX 2060, and on ultra settings + resulution scale 100%, the game is total blurry on a fullHD monitor. Due to this, I changed the settings to *enhanced* (second preset, probably medium settings), and changed the scaling to 150%
  8. Hi mate! Sorry for the late reply, I had a breakdown moment a few days after my post, and since then I forgot I even asked it. However, this was exactly the problem I needed to fix, so thank you for pointing it out for me Cheers!
  9. Okay then, here's the code: html: <!DOCTYPE html> <head> <title>Website</title> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, shrink-to-fit=yes> <link rel="stylesheet" href="bootstrap.min.css"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="website.css"> </head> <body> <div class="container"> <div class="row"> <div class="col-1"><a href="placeholder1.html" class="left" class="text" role="bu
  10. Hi mates! After the last topic, I started searching the web on how to use bootstrap, but no matter how hard I try at my button-row, the responsivity doesn't work the way I'd like it. It's just a few lines of coding, but I'd be very grateful if someone'd help me fix it. Thanks!
  11. Hello guys! I've started programming a new project that I have to finish before Tuesday, and since I only have about 1 year expertise in basic coding, I tend to fail, and I need a little help. Here's the problem,: I'd like to make a front page to my site, with BOOTSTRAP buttons, and I'd like to fix their size on the page, so they can't be manipulated with Zooming-in or out. I managed to fix everything on the page so far, using percentage-sizes, but at the buttons, I can only fix the box, the border and the font size can be manipulated. I know that the border can't be sized with p
  12. Okay, I think I understand. My IPv4 IP's first block is 192. I have two routers, because we have a coffeteria, the first (the one I use) supposed to be the main one, and the other is plugged into this main router, if I know correctly. However, I tried to turn this secondary router off while troubleshooting the problem, and it did not fix it. I hope you have another idea. Thanks for the help! EDIT: If I gave you the wrong first block, let me know.
  13. @Master Disaster Can you help me then?
  14. I'm not sure what you mean with "first block". Could you specify? Do you need the Router one or the the default gateway? EDIT: I actually have 2 router, I tried turning off the one I don't use, but I don't understand, because 1 year ago I had the same two router and there was no problem with my OPEN NAT.
  15. Hello guys! I stopped playing this game about a year ago, and then, the game was fully operational, I had a nice green NAT word next to my character name. Now I wanted to reinstall it, but I can't really play it, because it says my NAT is "UNKNOWN". I tried everything, I spoke with the Ubi Support, they told me I have "Double NAT", and one of the IP could be a Private one from my ISP, so I called my Internet Provider, and they told me that my IP is not even a NAT IP, and I certainly don't have two. I spent 3 days for this, please help me fix this! Thank you!