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  1. Are you using an M.2 SSD as boot drive?
  2. Hi! I reinstalled my PC some days ago, and my Nvidia ShadowPlay suddenly stopped working accurately. It says "Recording started", and in the same second it says, "Recording Saved" without saving anything. I have the latest driver, and this has never happened before the reinstall. Please, help!
  3. It seems fine. Actually, I checked the official site, and It says that both of the SSD slot has limitations. The first one locks sata5 and sata6 port, the second needs the PCIe to run at x8 mode instead of x16, so that might have caused something in the system. However, I'm not freezing yet, and I hope it stays this way. Thanks for the assist!
  4. So I tried to change the M.2 Slot, It might work or I'm going to turn my MOBO into an origami
  5. @Radium_Angel I froze again, while I just started playing. That's it. I'm pissed.
  6. I'm going to download Apex again, and I'll notify you if the BS returns. Until then, take care, and thanks again!
  7. 2 actually. Quick update for you, because I'm so happy about this. I believe I managed to download everything I used to have, and looks like I spared more than 80 GB-s of space on the SSD, which is both cool and scary.
  8. It can't be a SATA port, It's an M.2 NVMe SSD
  9. So, I did a clean install, and I noticed that my PC always finds the SSD on first start, but after a reboot, It says that I need to plug in a boot device. After a turn off, and a turn on, the PC can find it, again. Does this match the description of a bad MOBO?
  10. Thank you for the help you provided to me. I'm going to wait a few days, test it a little, but if the problem still persists, at least I know what to change. Have a great day mate!
  11. So, I have an update for you. I'll reinstall Windows today, because I need to write a test online, but this doesn't look good. Now, with D.O.C.P OFF my PC desktop freezes many times, and if I reboot, my SSD can't boot, only if I shutdown, then turn on. I managed to get another BSoD, but I didn't got a dump, for whatever reason.
  12. @Radium_AngelSo, I decided to reinstall Windows this weekend, because this Linux one doesn't really match my style. I'm gonna create a new boot USB for the Media Tool, to make sure It's not corrupted or old. I mean, a clean Windows is a happy Windows, right? It should help me troubleshoot if I have bad hardware if I crash out of a fresh install?
  13. Could you send me a link to download it?
  14. Wait a second. So you think that reinstalling the Windows could solve my problem, if I don't have bad hardware?
  15. That one happened once, during Netflix. However, freezing is actually common, with the cursor moving laggy, or not at all. I should point out too, that my Motherboard picks up some sort of current, which plays in the headphones as a static noise, but that shouldn't cause the problem, because this happened recently, and this BSoD started WAY before.