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  1. Still rocking the CS Storm combo .
  2. I would like to have 1 of these cards for my i3 4160, 8 gig of ddr3 1600 and replace my R9 270x 2 gig because 1 its newer and it be 1 heck of a Overwatch L.A.N tower. Witch it already is but be more awesome. 2 Get it away from Luke and Linus the Nvidia fan boys =) 3.Just because I have loved AMD/ATI products for years and well I would be proud to fly a team red banner also.
  3. Oo Pretty. Shiny!! like all the options it has also.. NICE!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ATM using a CS Storm keyboard and mouse combo. I cant afford a new 1 yet . lol Oh well
  5. FINALLY!!! I have been wanting to see a build like this. All the time see reg build, Reverse, Upside down. never the logical build with the IO on the top of the case .. GL to you. So excited to see final build
  6. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/drone-apparently-crashes-into-plane-at-heathrow-airport/vi-BBrS5Wk?ocid=iehp Going to be a huge stink I think.
  7. http://www.techradar.com/news/computing/intel-radeon-graphics-chipmaker-may-switch-from-nvidia-to-amd-1317364 Something to read. Don't know if it is true but Uhh yea...
  8. Build: As follows Core i7 4790-k , ASRock Z97-E ITX/ac , Corsair Dominator Platinum 2X8 16gig at 1600 , EVGA 780 Calssified.. (The CPU is OCed at 4.7 the rest is stock) Cinebench score: open GL 137.63 ref match 99.6% cpu 836 cpu single 172 MP ratio 4.87x ASRock Z97-E AC Just posted this for fun. I don't see myself going VR for at least another 3 years. IMO it wont be nearly ready till about then even if then. Meaning that the bumps in the road will be a lot smoother around then than it will be this year and the next. Me personally I don't want to spend a good chunk of change every 6-12 months on say a new 980ti , then the headset , then a new board and cpu, etc etc etc...I rather build 1 and have it last 3-5 years then upgrade. Just my opinion on the VR. GAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. http://www.engadget.com/2015/12/21/lawsuit-over-fallout-4-addiction/ I hope you find this funny as I did. So sad people blame other things for there own decisions in life. FYI someone already posted . So sorry I didn't know.​ ​
  10. The term thinking outside of the box is so propper here. Amazing !!! Can't wate to see more masterpieces.
  11. I also would do EVGA psu and GPU .. other than that ... Should be sexy
  12. This build and layout is confusing me but if that is what you want then go for it ... GL!!!!!!!!!
  13. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/7GzJrH This is how i would go for that case. IMO
  14. Looks like someone wanted a bigger version of Skunkworks. HEHE JAy wont mind . LOOKING GOOD MAN!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck
  15. OMG DUDE ON CLASSIFIEDS is selling 2 780 Classified SC's for $425.00 TOTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Sorry guys and gals i been super sick this past 10 days. I'll be back to par asap

  17. Asus is working on my baby.. She should be home in time for MGS5 Phantom paines.

  18. SIGH1!!! I have never had to RMA a Motherboard till now.. I am sad.

  19. Same here that is why I asked.. Thanks again fellas
  20. WELL time to RMA this Sabertooth.. im not going to lose this baby. Not by a long shot
  21. Talking about the CPU area???.. I think I see 1 or 2 . Man The MSI board I can live with it but the Sabertooth.. Makes me sick. I love a Armor board. Sigh..
  22. Hey guys. got 2 boards that I think I fried Ram slots 3 and 4 on both(witch im sick as hell over) but anyhow need some info for testing them to see if yes they are dead or no they aren't. Boards Z97 MSI Gaming 5 Z97 ASUS Sabertooth S RAM Corsair Dom's Platinum 1600 DDR3 Here is what I did .. I Wanted to test out and see how far the ram could go. Did small oc to 1866 and then 2133 then backed off all in a span of Oh 30 mins on each . Aprox. Now I tested the Sabertooth ist and then the Gaming 5 Anyhow I went back to the sabertooth and as most of you ASUS owners know I when starting the board it goes through a test boot phase of ram then PCI-e etc etc... Ram failed.. Started doing the basics etc .. Put 1 stick in the 1st slot . Start then 1 and 2 slot . Worked . 1 and 3 . FAIL and 2 and 4 fail. I also tested every stick to see if she start. She would. Did a Bios rest , Booted bios and went back to factory sets. Still 3 and 4 wont respond. Even took out the old battery and reset it. Now I never known or even heard of a slot going bad unless it kills the stick of ram with it. is it possible that I killed the slot and the ram survived? Anyone have any other test suggestions? Thanks
  23. LOL its ok bro. I did have a old setup that did.. Remember them magma bricks the 4670's back in the day. Crossfired them to a old Phenom chip . ANYHOW that 500 wat PSU I was using 1 day I noticed some heat hitting my leg.. Looked at it was running something.. Walked away and SNAP!!!!!!!!!! like some fireworks going off. yea was happy that thing died
  24. Let me Re define what I was trying to say in the 1st place . 650 will run it but I wouldn't depend on that PSU lasting too long. It will be hot enough to pop popcorn at the exhaust shortly after any load hits it. Then youll hear a crackle and pop and then no power at all to the tower.