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    I'm a goldsmith and have a passion for casemodding :)! I have a tiny workshop at home where I can work on my ideas and designs!
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  1. Thanks :D! DIY building package to make the foot for the PSU Tape is very useful ;)! Drilling holes in the frame to attach the foot to Test fit for the power supply, big one that Cooler Master V1200 And wrapped it up with foil Just as important as the Casemod, a case for sending it! It will be send through Europe and should be able to withstand a lot!
  2. Now the final pics!!! enjoy! It arrived safely at Computex ☺ Hope you like it!
  3. Yes, try it, its very effective! Let me know if it worked ;) !! The frame is ready now we don’t need to weld anymore. So we can drill some holes for mounting. and ofcourse…making thread again !…. The panels we use to cover up most of the case are made of wood. They all be covered in black self adhesive foil with a kind of 'sandpaper look’ texture. These are the panels under the lasercutter. the first parts glued together. Luckily we have enough steel ;
  4. Thanks a lot! Last update before the final pictures! We wanted the outside of AIO to blend in with the inside details. To do that we cut out patterns of adhesive foil: First black textured foil And then details with white Also on the front where we couldn’t mod much because most of it is glass sneakpeak Cutting all of the foil made me dizzy.... And ofcourse the crate!!!! Very sturdy with a hinge for the lid. Hopefully it will protect the ai
  5. Thanks Guys ! Good to read your comments ! Another update on…. Hardware it is! For the cooling of the build we used a Nepton 240 from CoolerMaster. Ofcourse we had to tweak it before it could be used in the build. The space for the cooler is quite limited. Thats why we choose a AIO so you don’t have to add a separate pump and reservoir. The tubes on the AIO are positioned in a way that they stick out to the front which is not really convenient in this build. So we decided to upgrade the aluminium radiator with a copper one and adjust the position of the tubes !
  6. Another update! First the result of the new base: And next the plexiglass details that go on the inside of AIO Quick preview Much more details in the next update!
  7. Yes, just a few posts left! I'll try to upload them this week
  8. Super long update coming up!!!! But first… Took me some time to post a new one, I’ve been working on my jewelry collection. I had a big jewelry exhibition and everything worked out very well! here are a few pic’s of the jewelry and presentation! (the casemodding skills came in quite handy with the presentation) ! that said…. lets add some pictures :D! Here you see how the corner pieces are attached to the frame. First we drilled holes in the steel and made some thread….again…. In t
  9. Aaaand another update! The new stand needs a nice finish ofcourse, so we decided to cover the sides with skye leather: Cutting out the sidepieces En glueing on the leather In the meantime I installed some red LED’s from bitfenix. These are magnetic, best invention ever!!!! And the very important finishing touches!
  10. Thanks guys ! Ok, After welding trying to fit everything together again! The on/off switch Ofcourse we tried to testfit every component, so that you have a good idea of the size of the frame in total. On the right of the motherboard there will be a 240 radiator and below the GPU. The powesupply and the SSD will be placed in the foot at the back! The frame, sanded and ready for painting. The corners of the frame are made of POM (acetal) a very tough
  11. In this update you will see the style of the mod. It has to go with the msi-gaming style with ofcourse the dragon. Pixel is always such a great help so we brought him with us to the workshop for the first time! He liked it but stayed very close with us ☺ The ‘other’ half of the dragon cut out in red plexi: And if you then cover the transparent plexi with a textured black foil it will look like so! Pretty classy me thinks
  12. Yes, they do indeed! That was one of the reasons we wanted to open this thing up ! Aaand another update! Last update we cut open the back of the aio but also lost its foot……☺ So we make a new one! This was a bit tricky as there is very limited space and you cant just drill a hole for a screw for example. The whole thing is also pretty heavy! Luckily we had some steel lying around that has roughly the right shape already. Step one is cutting it in pieces: Folding the corners and edges This is the way it’ll be fixed to th
  13. Thanks!! I totally agree, but the Full HD works out nicely. It is an IPS screen and it looks very good! QHD would of course be better, but well... you can't have everything ! The touch screen BTW is super handy for work related stuff for gaming it is less interesting, but maybe in the future it will add an extra dimension to gaming ... Thank you ! Thanks Dutchie ! Haha I didn't know there was a dutch talk thread !
  14. An urgent one for Computex!!! Not a normal case this time but the Gaming 27 6QE all in one from MSI Inside is a desktop i7-6700, GTX 980M and a Full HD touchscreen link: https://www.msi.com/All-in-One-PC/Gaming-27-6QE.html#hero-overview Very exciting and challening because there is not much space inside and it all needs to be finished within 2 weeks.... So quickly start cutting!!! And the plastic cover also with the help of Dave Now you can see the hardware! Almost lik
  15. Ok, this is how the prototype was build. We welded the frame with brass welding rod and a propane/oxygen torch but we quickly decided to switch to simple electrode welding. This worked out a lot easier and quicker! After the prototype we also adjusted the design of the frame so it became lighter and more sturdy! This is the outer frame welded and sanded, already looking good (if I say so myself ) Tenzin did the drawing for the backplate in illustrator and lasercut it out of wood. Fits like a puzzel :D!