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    Ohio, USA
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  • CPU
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    msi gaming 7
  • RAM
    8gb gskill sniper
  • GPU
    evga 970 sc
  • Case
    cm storm trooper (with window)
  • Storage
    Small ssd and hard drive for now
  • PSU
    evga supernova 80+ gold 750 w
  • Display(s)
    just some 23 inch hp (1080)
  • Cooling
    stock for now
  • Keyboard
    cm storm devastator for now
  • Mouse
    cm storm devastator

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  1. leguminote

    LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    looks amazing would definately use for nerdfest * my local private lan
  2. leguminote

    Battleborn Drops to $40

    I agree, I don't care for battleborn and am currently hyped for overwatch, but it seems that battle born is really trying too hard to compete with overwatch, when in reality they are very different games in a broad hero shooter "genre".
  3. leguminote

    Battleborn Drops to $40

    On the day of Overwatch's release Battleborn drops the price to 40 dollars (PC), even with Blizzard's Overwatch's initial Price (60$ edition also available). Seems like a quick turn around, considering it was released at 60 dollars only a few weeks ago. http://kotaku.com/battleborn-drops-to-40-just-in-time-for-overwatch-1778167718 Don't know if I would be to happy to have just spent 20 dollars more a few weeks ago. Seems kinda desparate. What do you think? Google+
  4. leguminote

    Chromebooks make up more than half devices found in schools

    I am actually posting on one right now at school... lol... But i have a pc at home with a 970 that i use for gaming obviously. I just browse the internet at school. (google docs/ research/ forum) bought it myself though because our school just has two laptop carts for the whole school + computer labs.
  5. leguminote

    Acer a new desktop modular PC. Put the blocks you need.

    I think it is pretty cool, I don't know how many people will buy it though since most tinkerers will actually build their own systems.
  6. leguminote

    April 3 2015 - The WAN Show Livestream

    Just watch on twitch, it is in sync there. The vessel video wouldn't work on chrome so I went to youtube and the audio was out of sync, went to twitch and it was fine.
  7. leguminote

    New Platform Launch Feedback & FAQ

    Kinda input for vessel themselves and maybe you guys at LMG can contact them about these if you agree but I wish they had a few things: 1: A following (subscription) feed 2: Let us see how many people are following a channel 3: Space bar and "K" for pausing and playing the video 4: Being able to change your account picture 5: Integrated ChromeCast support without having to just Cast the whole browser. 6: when signing up atleast make us type in our password twice in case we mess up and then can't get in later 7: a watch later button I love the short little ads before the videos (don't love ads but i know they are needed and the length is great) Overall i just wish you could access more without clicking for the side bar and overall more customizable/ user configurable features. Love the free year by the way, didn't like the idea of Vessel until I saw that.
  8. leguminote

    Help with Pythagoras Theorem?

    They call it SOH CAH TOA state side Sin= opposite over hypotenuse cos= adjacent over hypotenuse tan= opposite over adjacent
  9. leguminote

    Americas Army Proving Grounds

    Yeah it is pretty fun.
  10. leguminote

    Help with Pythagoras Theorem?

    Its a 30 60 90 triangle so the ratio is 1, radical 3, 2 so A=9 B=radical 3 *9 sources, already took trigonometry and got 105% Edit, looked at your work, since you already got 18 and 9 you can do 18Squared - 81 or {(9squared)} also: cos(30)= radical 3 / 2 so 18/2=9, 9* radical 3
  11. leguminote

    Americas Army Proving Grounds

    I was just wondering if any other Linus Tech Tips fans also play Americas Army Proving Ground. This is one of my favorite free games; it is still in beta but should come out soon.
  12. leguminote

    LTT forum "banning" game

    Banned for unboxing said cat.