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  1. So basically that setup is a microcomputer with a display attached. That setup communicates via USB to AIDA64 installed on the host machine. It is incredibly customizable. I am still finalizing my setup but you can connect to an internal or external USB port and it will work.
  2. Its actually setup as a independent computer that pulls data via USB from your main computer.
  3. It should, but make sure you do quite a few test crimps to get the hang of it. The official molex one is obviously better and the correct tooling but the bellmouth profile has been around for ages and is replicated fairly well by iwiss and the other cheap tooling alternatives. In terms of wire, you can use any kind of primary wire that supports 12VDC loading. If you wanna be extra fancy, you can get mil-spec (600V or higher) off ebay for cheap. Connectors are Molex Mini-fit jr...there are plenty of resources on that out in the world. I would warn you though...if you dont have the expertise or patience, dont do it to cheap out on not having someone qualified to do it.
  4. To avoid this issue in this issue in the future, i would recommend reading Book 7 in the IT mastery series by Lucas/Jude. There is a very good description in there on how to name drives.
  5. The unfortunate thing is that its not quite off the shelf. Your only, cost effective, option is to build it yourself. If you have the money, someone with expertise and tooling could build that for you. PM me if you are interested and i could help you out.
  6. What you are looking for is a diffuser to get rid of the hot spots. You most likely will have to buy the strips and get diffused light bars from a vendor and assemble yourself.
  7. Something like this? https://www.ebay.com/itm/BeadaPanel-7-LCD-Display-for-AIDA64-USB-Single-Cable-Gadget-Monitor-w-Touch-/113404121186
  8. why not use point-to-multipoint wireless instead?
  9. Or can you create a motherboard cover that is painted. I would highly recommend against painting a motherboard.
  10. I wanted to pose this question out to this sub-forum: What is the level of interest for those of you who go the route of creating your own router or use a non-ISP provided router to have an enclosed 1U network appliance that has the following: DOCSIS 3.1 modem Mini-itx system (install PFSense or whatever your preferred router flavor) or even a built in router board or etc. 1U but quiet such that it can run in a living room or office rack without too much noise Single AC power inlet Personally, i usually have two racks: A short depth, baby 3U to 6U-ish rack near the point of internet entrance A larger rack in a garage, basement, or closet for the noisier and heavier servers Having used a lot of different gear, I have found the 1U Modem/Router appliance to be something of a necessity. I would love to hear some of your guys' opinion and commentary on this. If anyone is interested in acquiring a unit, feel free to PM me and we can go from there.
  11. No diffuser for the LED strip?
  12. Nah, he said it was crap and they dont want it to be released. You can easily create your own that would be better than what they came up with.
  13. That is one reason but also the rack is on carpet plus you have some nice gear in it, it just makes sense. The idea is to make sure the rack itself is on the same ground plane as all the equipment in it. My recommendation would be to create a simple harness that bonds the chassis to your house ground. There should be grounding studs on the rack itself. If not, you can punch a hole, create a buildup with a screw and washer, and run a ground wire from there to a an outlet plug ground or to your UPS or PDU, etc.
  14. kkpatel87


    I think the big thing to me is the platform you have your motherboard on. Frankly, the design is not the issue but the execution. Here is what i would recommend The pylons look to be different sizes and dont look square to the main platform. The white paint contrasts to the desk color in a bad way...I would paint it gray or black. You need to spend time sanding and making sure the surfaces are porous or rough. The white paint exacerbates the poor finish. Depending on your budget, you have a couple options: If you want to stick with wood, i would make a nice "n" shape channel platform with a dark stain. If you can swing it, you can create a platform from sheet metal and anodize and powdercoat.
  15. kkpatel87


    i would give it a 2/10 for the following reasons: Fit and finish look bad. Cable management needs a lot of work. Where is the power switch and other front panel items located? That being said, If you like it who cares what other's think?