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  1. This forum isn't so much a community of people who are together to have a laugh, chew the fat, feel like a part of something...but more a place where you can ask and answer questions, and read some tech news. Everything else is apparently a Status Update, which I doubt many people actually read, I am sure I will be contradicted there before the Mods shut this post too, but I haven't read any updates in the months I have been here and I doubt I ever would...why would you read what one person has to say, on a forum that is designed to engage the whole community? That has to be the d
  2. That is what I was saying, Quick Sync on that old a CPU can't do, for instance, 4k....at all, it isn't that it does it badly, it just can't do it. so yes depends on the media, just something to bear in mind that if you swap to a 4th Gen thinking the iGPU can pick up some of the slack, it may be the case that it just can't. Adding GPU's can also be problematic, FreeNAS has taken a beating, so let me beat that dead horse a little more...plex doesn't support GPU transcoding on FreeNAS. In fact, Plex supports very few GPU transcoding options, perhaps....again, Emby is better than Plex
  3. No, I made a post about it existing in 2 different adverts on two different websites and asked whether others had seen the same where they are - those are both in the UK. And whatever, you be a downer about it, feel free, it is a free forum, comment what you like.
  4. I just wondered whether everyone else is seeing the same thing I am in advertisements with this board? What I am talking about is this: Notice anything odd about that picture? This is taken from Amazon UK, selling the board. However, the same image appears on a full page blurb on Scan UK (a PC parts website). Is it the same where you are? Has no one realised the difference between a 1 and 2.5 yet?
  5. The 4770k isn't going to handle 4 transcodes at once very well, if at all, and there are issues with transcoding certain qualities on that old of a CPU as the Intel sync tech on that age CPU is probably good for 1080p to 720p transcodes at best. I say that, maybe emby is better at handling this than Plex, but my i7 4790k was using about 40% for a transcode so was limited to 2 at best.
  6. Ahh there you, I think in my head it was B450....dunno why.
  7. I think the Tomahawk is the same price as the Asus Tuf gaming x570 and comes with 2.5gb LAN. I am worried about Gen 4 though, who knows what is around the corner, and unless you are in a position to buy again, if something comes to light that is just a must have, then I think I would err towards an x570. At the moment, almost utterly irrelevant, but in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months? I dunno. Oh and just to add, this isn't some gimmick made up by a MB company to sell their product, this is PCIe lanes, they aren't going anywhere for awhile, so the opportunity
  8. Do you want the mouse on the second screen to behave differently or just repeat the movements from the game?
  9. You don't get the option to enable G-Sync without G-sync being there. Your problem has nothing to do with your monitor. Your monitor has told the drivers correctly that it is Gsync, your GPU drivers have recognised it as a Gsync monitor. If you have the enable G-sync button, then tick that button, it should be on.
  10. Grrrr, I lost the post I jsut wrote To OP: You can try testing it here: https://www.testufo.com/gsync If you can't see it working, then reinstall your drivers. You should have Gsync, there is no reason it shouldn't work that I can see.
  11. You don't get the option to enable G-Sync without G-sync being there. Your problem has nothing to do with your monitor. Your monitor has told the drivers correctly that it is Gsync, your GPU drivers have recognised it as a Gsync monitor. If something else is going on, it isn't your monitor. I didn't read your post, it was too much trouble, but the image alone was enough to tell me the above.
  12. "but i can still enable it but it wont work" How have you tested this? I doubt very much that GeForce told you to buy an AMD GPU when the GPU you have is FreeSync compatible on that monitor, as is the rest of their range after the 900 series. Can you copy and paste the email they sent you? Or are you talking about someone in a shop told you this?
  13. I can see why you may have had some difficulty getting responses before. What did GeForce say when you contacted them? This is a Gigabyte product, it is highly unlikely that they are falsely advertising their product. It is more likely a configuration issue that you need to address. Are you using a Display Port cable to the monitor?