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  1. Harry's Garage is one of my favourite channels. No fake drama, no clickbait, just awesome cars being driven properly.
  2. There is more to do and explore in San Andreas, plus the character is far more likeable. The graphics age the game really badly though,
  3. I enjoyed San Andreas more than GTA 4 when they were released. But I think going back to the GTA3/Vice City/San Andreas generation will be tough now, they have not aged well.
  4. Yeah, I nearly posted Frankie Boyle's Michael Jacksons children's hospital stand up, but thought better of it.
  5. Or you could do a UK and half convert to metric. So measure fuel economy in miles per gallon (UK and US gallon being different), but buy fuel in litres. Weigh most things in Kilos, but people in stones and pounds. Wine and spirits in ml, beer and cider in pints. Also, no one under 50 understands Fahrenheit, and no one over 50 understands Celsius. It's almost like we're incapable of making up our minds...
  6. Also, cyclists. Supposed to be on the road, looking forward, but need to know if some bus sized is coming up behind them. And of course blind, or otherwise sight impaired people. Even among those who should be able to see a bus coming, if they step off the curb in front of a bus they could easily be killed. Even if you take up the sociopathic position that is not a problem because it's their fault, there is still the bus driver who has to live with having killed someone. There is still all the witnesses, the emergency services who have to extract the body, the poor bastard back at the bus depot with the pressure washer, and all the traffic chaos a fatality causes. We should be doing everything we can to prevent such serious accidents.
  7. Yep. In the UK (probably applies to most of Europe, but I'll go with what I'm most familiar with). 90% of the decent and semi-decent jobs are in a handful of big cities, which is where most of us try to live. If you want lots of space you either have to be able to spend deep into seven figures, be willing to live in a borderline war zone, or live with a soul-destroying commute. Though personally I'd rather put up with a small house and live close to where stuff is happening, it's not all about access to work.
  8. Seems kinda harsh, especially for those times you've angered the arse fairies and they reek a terrible vengeance upon you. Amazon are going to be installing these aren't they?
  9. Surely the thing to do would be to remove it and drop it out the car on the highway. It must of just dropped off officer... Or get another car for dealing, and keep the tracked car for legitimate journeys.
  10. You won't be laughing at the drunk guy who pisses in his wardrobe then. It will be sound financial planning...
  11. That pretty standard for governments. Everything goes to the lowest bidder.
  12. And $100 per reservation, how many of those are serious? I bet a large chunk of those are people who coughed up $100 just for internet bragging rights, and have no intention, or the means, to follow through with the purchase.
  13. I believe smokers would get recorded as smoking related deaths, as if you're a smoker that is what has done the most damage. It will mostly likely be asthmatics, people with heart conditions and the elderly. Though indoor pollution is often worse than outdoor as many modern houses, and retro insulated older ones, are so air tight, so how much can be blamed on cars is open to debate... Cars certainly play a part, though some people seem to think that if we got rid of cars our city air would be as pure and clean as the Scottish highlands, and that is clearly bollocks.
  14. So they claim it's more female friendly because of it's colour? Wow patronising much? Also my XBone controller is red, my 360 controller was white, so this isn't new?
  15. That is close to impossible. Same applies to Amazon and MS because cloud services... What the actual fuck? Is that seriously one of the claims?
  16. Fucking with toy cars, probably one for the fetish category...
  17. At the very least you should have a corrosion inhibitor in the coolant, which will drop the freezing point. The big problem regardless of how your PC is cooled will be condensation.
  18. SUVs and similar are all pretty rubbish for pedestrian safety. The double whammy of being impacted further up your body, torso and head rather than legs, and a greater chance of going under the vehicle, and getting crushed. This does look designed for making absolutely sure you kill whoever you hit though. So many other questions; That roofline, is the peak really high? Or do rear passengers have little headroom? Is Elon trolling? Has he completely lost his mind? Or is it just a desperate bid for cash in the form of deposits, and they just wheeled out what ever they could find? The price seems wildly optimistic too. Considering its weight and claimed range, it's going to need an enormous battery.
  19. Yeah, subscription fatigue. And that's before you lose your job, or have a big saving push, for say a mortgage. It's nice to have stuff you've already paid for you can use whenever. Most of these amounts are small, but they mount up really quickly.
  20. Cars, House, Cars, Apartment in Paris, Cars, Invest around half for the future, just in case I don't stuff a Lambo into a tree on the fun side of 100mph.
  21. I second this. 10 days with little or no improvement, go to a doctor. You could try a pharmacist, but I suspect they'd point you to a doctor.
  22. And Gameboy players, other than black, were Japan only. With the small exception of Australia, which apparently had an indigo available too?